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Vaginal Pear

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Eva Inanna

It is a very cruel device and even as a man I can see how it must be terrifying for a woman. It must feel so unnatural as it is pushed in and opened up. I think its the fact the pear is so extreme of a torture which makes men and women curious about it. If torture was your job and it was a tool in your arsenal then I think being curious to see it work would drive me to select it. Then for the woman that curiosity would drive you to maybe see if you could take it in its closed state.

I wonder if it were done in a professional way how many women would be willing to be tied to have the pear used. To have it pushed in and opened very slowly but in a situation where she could say stop at any time and it be closed again. Not with the intention of tearing her but just stretch her a little. Then at the end loads of after care.
There are a few girls that have weared Pears of Anguish:
When properly handled, a pear is not as bad as it would seem

Claire Adamns Pear of Anguish.jpgHazel Hypnotic Pear of Anguish 01.jpgHazel Hypnotic Pear of Anguish 02.jpgHazel Hypnotic Pear of Anguish 03.jpgHazel Hypnotic Pear of Anguish 04.jpgInsex Pear of Anquish 01.jpgInsex Pear of Anquish 02.jpgPear of Anguish .jpg
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