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I had long been an admirer of a story I read many years ago on another story site called "Fashion Faux Pas" by the author Venom. At the end of that story he posted that there would be no continuation, no second chapter. Which disappointed me at the time, because the story seemed to beg for a part two. That story stuck with me, and I've re-read it several times, always wishing there was more of it. Then last year I discovered that Venom had his own website:

I started corresponding with Venom, begging him to write second chapter to "Fashion Faux Pas." He graciously consented, and the result, "Wardrobe Fail," is all that I was hoping for as a worthy continuation of the original story.

Venom is an excellent writer. IMHO he uses English more creatively and vividly than most native speakers. The humbling aspect of that to me is that English is not his native language! Not all his stories are BDSM oriented. He also writes some dark fantasy and science fiction. His BDSM stories can be uncompromisingly and imaginatively cruel, but he also displays a wry sense of humor that is highly enjoyable.

If you are a fan of the stories here I encourage you to visit Venom's site.


Thank you, Jon, for advertising my stories, and all you for showing interest in them.

Even after years of writing I am amazed that people would take time out of their days to read and even comment on my work. Therefore it means a lot to me to have my stories recommended, by another author no less!

I would like to seize the opportunity to suggest one story in particular, if I may: Khisara’s Last Walk sports a strong connection to CF, for it was this very site that brought me in contact with everyone’s favourite topic around here. The narration mirrors this with a rather extreme crucifixion, helping me exploring that rare fetish I had encountered by mere chance.

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