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Very Willing Victims

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Wondering what the strange sounds she'd been hearing from her neighbor's house were, Chrissy entered the house while he was gone. She wished she had not discovered the fully equipped dungeon in the basement. He came home, found her, and quickly had her stripped and in chains.


A little strappado to start.

He left her there for what seemed like forever.

But, when he returned, he had a surprise for her. She mumbled objections through the gag and tried not to cum in his presence, but the toy was too persuasive. After she came, he'd leave her for a while and then return with the toy. By the fourth return, she was no longer mumbling objections. After the fourth return, he started using a light flogger to really sting her butt and back before using the toy. How in hell did she find that arousing also?

She lost count of the number of returns, and then, completely exhausted and more sexually sated than she had ever been, he let her down and then hogtied her. He said he was leaving for a few hours and that it was time for her to make a choice. She'd never been hogtied before, but found it highly arousing. But how did she have a choice? She tested the tie and realized it was loosely done, and soon she was free.

She headed toward her clothes and started to dress.

A hesitation and smile.

She knelt before the chains.

Time to choose.

...To be continued...
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Looks like a pretty good free site, Barabbas. My antivirus software says it's safe. Signup is free and, if you have a VPN (widely available now), totally anonymous.

There are a couple more pretty good Chrissy Marie movies on the free site.

Most of the very good ones are downloadable on the pay site noted in the pics. I signed up for one month several months ago.


So many ways to sell oneself these days:

Traditional auctions
3 (2).jpg903.jpg079A3F1.jpg

Kiosk browsing


The personal approach
Girl on the left has an always popular behind-the-back sirik.
Girl in the middle's body posture suggests, "I WILL obey."
Girl on the right is suggesting a fun activity.

Hey, it was a big gathering. She decided, "Carpe diem."
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Sirik, the "little black dress" of slave restraints.

View attachment 1061285

This chain garment is extremely versatile,
View attachment 1061287

impervious to the weather,
View attachment 1061288
the slave, not so much.

and attractive.
View attachment 1061289View attachment 1061295

But it should be used correctly and is adaptive.
View attachment 1061291

It's easy to attach permanently if desired,
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View attachment 1061292
View attachment 1061293

Sirik, the "little black dress" of restraints.
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Thanks @ledoux another new term for me, sirik! So when I go to my local slave supplies shop I can just request a new Sirik! Mmmmm…
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