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Victim's Eye View

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I'm opening this thread with the idea that we don't see a great many images
showing a 'victim's eye view' (or, for HangingTree's benefit, 'malefator's eye view ;)) -
what a crucified woman sees - as she reaches her Golgotha, as she lies on her cross
to be nailed, as she's being raised, as she hangs there...

looking down, my slowly heaving, sweat-soaked, scourge-scarred breasts,
my nailed feet, blood trickling down the upright to the stony soil, the weeds, the bones;
looking to one side, my stretched arm, my poor, nailed wrist, my fingers clutching futilely;
looking up, the crows, the vultures, the blinding sun...

I know Crucificateur's given us some views like that,
I think I've seen some by the likes of Damian, Jedakk, Skating Jesus...?
There may well be more - please will anyone who's got any such images post them here? Thanks.

And if any of our brilliant artists are promptd to create new
'victim's eye views', that would be even better!

And, although this thread's in the Crucifixion area,
we don't rule out 'victim's eye views' at the whipping post, on the rack,
in the cage... any where a girl (maybe a boy) is suffering, or is about to suffer -
I think 'victim's eye views' in such situations are even rarer.

And writing too would be welcome - words that express not just what the victim sees,
but what she feels with her skin, what she hears, what she smells, the taste in her mouth...

It's an invitation to artists and writers to empathise, imagine yourselves in the suffering girl's skin,
and to image collectors to burrow in the picture-hoards and bring up exciting treasures.

:devil: :devil: :devil:


Possibly the greatest crucifixion painting ever sees it this way...Almost...


It's the finest picture in Scotland by a million miles. Easy. I wish it was a girl. Ha ha. That's just me though. But to be clear, that isn't to damn the rest of the Scottish collection - it's just that this is the best thing - a stunning painting. I would encourage everyone to visit the great galleries in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen (and maybe even Dundee - worth it for the Great Tay Whale...)... and definitely visit the art school exhibition in Aberdeen - I have and have bought some beautiful things there too. But to be honest, Scotland doesn't need art.... just drive north from Ullapool and you will never be disappointed.... or along Glencoe to see the Great Shepherd (Buchaille Etive Mor) or the bleak emptiness of the road beyond Tyndrum... country to make your heart bleed tears of love.


I did some renders from the victim viewpoint,they can be tricky to do: when you zoom the camera in,the shortcoming of the 3d models and figures show up and look too artificial for my taste.


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Crucified Amazon
I made this one, by the past, in a thread about my own'crucifixion ( telling how generally was my real crucifixion ...)
But it's difficult to do with PsP X4 because you do find in first a pic of a nude woman taken from her head ! ...and it's not really frequent !!:D


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here some old ones


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