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Like the girl, we wait to you and your pictures!

I'm interessing what now come in this thread!

All my thrats are delete from the admins, so I want Look, what's new from you here!

This time I'll look critically, I'll write something about the pictures where they come from.
It's hard do find new pics here,

I won't leave it like this.
That is not the way, I'm looking.

I see no humple works!


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Hello everyone. I decided to create this thread to publish the results of my humble work.
@Volod, are you going to post anything here, or shall I delete this thread and you can post some images in a new or existing thread when you have some?


Hello to all. Well, I apologize for keeping you waiting. Probably, it was worth creating this thread later, since I decided to publish this work first in it. I wanted to first create it completely, and only then publish it, but I did not calculate my strength a little) So I decided to publish this series in parts when they are ready. More than half is already done, so I think I won't keep you waiting long.


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Great start! Looking forward to more! :popcorn:


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