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Volunteer girls to the cross

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Apart from the new cross sluts on the web, as every executions day, I am sure new volunteer girls will be presented. Many women want deep in their minds to go through this painful experience and although at first they are not corageous enough to sign the contract, their innate curiosity makes them come to the island. Those who can afford it enter the amphitheater and see the torture live. Then they can see those beautiful women naked and nailed to the crosses in front of everyone suffering unbereable tortures, humiliated and tormented relentlessly by sadistic psychopaths and rapists. Then they feel a great envy and regret being so coward,… .. they feel themselves dragged by the lust of the public for what they see and give themselves up as slaves to the guards.

I can't believe it, said Count Salvatierra. Do they give themselves up just seen the savage tortures the volunteers endure?. It is incredible.

Yes some women, the most masochistic must be crazy, anyway, most of them are delivered to the executioners the days before the executions during certain bondage show through the streets of Santa Marta.

Which one?

Two days before the execution in the arena it is customary to take all these naked and handcuffed condemned girls out for a walk and “play” with them bondage games in the town square.

Oh yeah?

Yes, I also have an agreement with the local police,..... it is not very expensive, ...you know. So in these days Cabo Florido cops are ordered to arrest all the gorgeous young girls they can under any pretext. Once in the dungeon these girls are given a choice between being sentenced to a six months in prison or participating in a sado show.

I can imagine what that show consists of. Coming to the fortress this morning I have seen dozens of crosses on both sides of the road, said Count Salvatierra.

Yes, I have seen several tourists who sunbathed on the beach in top less or totally naked arrested by local cops. The police have told them when handcuffing on that topless or nudism is forbidden. Then they have taken them to the police station thus naked. Your island seems a sadist´s dream dear Mr Smith, ha, ha.

Yes General tomorrow your dream is coming true, very early tomorrow many of those beautiful girls will be crucified with ropes fully naked in front of hundreds of people and will remain on the crosses for several hours.

And those girls agree to be crucified?

Mr Smith shrugged as if he didn't know the reason.

Yes, most of them do.
beach-bondage01.jpgb6d662d2325b2dada02d0728f9e46b9b.22.jpgukraine-soccer-uefa-euro-2012-femen-protest-jul-2012-shutterstock-editorial-7691838g.jpgimages (22).jpg3479777-t6-enh.jpg
The rich magnate did not explain those "crux bondage shows outdoor" were very popular and that many masochist girls who came to the island already knew they could be arrested if violated the laws, for example sunbathing naked on the beach.
cagedtushy-model-8.jpgimages (24).jpg17741983_2.jpgcb3f0f0d70b0ec5744ab02929b07ab53.8.jpg
Many other girls as arrived on the island voluntarily presented themselves to the police and confessed any wrongdoing, even if it was a lie, hoping to be arrested and crucified.
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One of the arrested ones was a gothic girl who called herself "Axphysia" because she liked gallow games in her bdsm sessions.

This girl had already sent the photo and the crucifixion contract to Mr Smith a week earlier, but she was not able to wait for becoming one more volunteer on the Cabo Florido island.

Thus, as soon as she arrived on the island, provoked two policemen undressing on the street in front of them to be immediately arrested.
3370807_3_o.jpgimages (4).jpg1287443_6eb4449.jpgimages (3).jpg7f63cdd8f0aaa997f34f087ac06e5f7c.jpegth.jpg
The young masochist remained naked in her cage and asked the police to tie her up before raping her.


She was then returned to her cell with restrictions and hours later the night shift police continued to enjoy her anus.

Many of those girls are already bondage slaves and after experiencing the "pleasures" of the cross and the public exposure in street punishment for a couple of hours they are eager for signing the crucifixion contract in the same police station. Next day, in the arena, in the middle of a cruel snuff show those stupid girls really realize what they have done means and even regret it, but they cannot back down and become true volunteers, ha ha ha, what a fool bitches!.

Ha ha, you are machiavellian Mr Smith.
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Dear Mr Smith, said the general, you are an excellent host and today you are surpassing yourself by promising us this show outdoors but what I see makes me want to ask you for another favor.

Tell me what you want, General, it is a pleasure to share the torment of these whores with men of your category.

The wails of those girls who are being tortured on the breasts are like heavenly music in my ears, said the military sadist.

It is also for me, I believe that in the pain these whores find a certain pleasure.

I think so too, to celebrate that it is the last time they are milked, I think all the volunteers must be tortured right now in their very sensitive boobs. It is the same if they give a lot or little milk.
Some slavegirls who were close to the group, perfectly heard the sadistic general's suggestion and dared to look up at the men for a moment.
A few prayed that Mr Smith would not agree to the sadistic suggestion while most ardently wished him to say yes. The idea that the next day they were going to be walked naked and handcuffed all over the city in front of thousands of people had made them very horny.

Seeing the expectation raised, Mr Smith delayed his answer a little, but then smiled with sadism and raised his voice so that all the girls could hear him.

Jimmy, call all the executioners who are not busy right now and come here.

Yes sir.

Sánchez, take care that when the milking machines are removed the volunteers are completely restricted so that they cannot move. All the girls must be tortured on their breasts.
images (3).jpg


Do not do anything very destructive in their nice boobs, and try not to leave marks in their soft skin. Tomorrow they must be shown to the public and gorgeous girls will attract the public. Do not use whips or rods,.... but needles, pliers, pliers and electric shocks.
Leah had the milking machines pulled out of her breasts in a way that hurt her. Minutes later, she was tied with her arms raised to receive torment, and when the torturer approached her, he saw that her nipples were hard as stones and her crotch was wet with her own fluids.

Of course, ordered Mr Smith the executioners do not rush or be passionate, they must do it slowly without paying attention to girls´ screams or pleas for mercy, we must use every minute they have left.

Thank you very much Mr Smith, Castro said.


ariel.jpgCindy_Dollar_on_the_goat_milker_hu002-800x450.jpgDaisy_full_power_hu005-800x450 (1).jpg
Meanwhile, the men inspected how the volunteers continued to be milked non-stop. Now that the doomed girls knew that after milking they were going to be tortured, all those masochists had more frequent and intense orgasms than before.
Darina_in_a_new_milking_position_hu094-800x450.jpgHucows+15+01+10+Cindy+Dollar+on+the+goat+milker+P+Ri+M+E+wmv.jpgimages (15).jpg
Most of them no longer had a drop of milk left but their nipples had grown two and three times their normal size and the young women felt as if those vacuum cleaners were going to be pulled out at any moment, it was really painful.
images (40).jpglove-bondage.jpgpetite-teen-strapped-on-milking-machine-8(m=eaAaaEPbaaaa).jpgpreview.mp4 (2).jpg
The men smiled excitedly and spliced at this exciting spectacle, most of those masochistic whores could barely hide when their bodies shuddered from orgasms and then they drooled and could not even repress their pee.


Come on bitch, Judge Varela said introducing Mallory a dildo from behind. It seems incredible a whore like you no longer enjoys being milked.

Mallory had no fucking machine.


The girl screamed uncontrollably as the dildo forced the entrance of her anus. Despite all the times the executioners had sodomized her in the past few days, she still ached when sadistic executioners raped her in the ass.

You will still scream louder when the carnifex start impaling you bitch. If you don't give any more milk I'll have those useless tits amputated right now with a saw.

th (3).jpg


Seeing her daughter's torture, Ann Marie protested loudly.

images (5).jpg

Always defending your puppy, eh mom? Said Mr Smith. You don't have any milk left in those meat sacks, let's see if two slaves motivate you more than the machine. Then the sadistic executioner gave instructions in his ear, Sánchez was untying Mallory's young mother only to tie her with his arms behind his back in a shawl.

unnamed (11).jpg

Then he took two slaves with leather caps and forced them to suck both breasts at the same time.

descarga (9).jpg

At first Ann Marie resisted sucking the tip of her breasts because she was very irritated but soon she began to close her eyes and moan with pleasure at the effect of the mouths, tongues and lips of those two women that she did not even recognize . This was much more pleasant than the milking machine.

Meanwhile, Judge Varela continued to fuck Mallory in the anus.

Are you jealous that your mom breastfeeds other girls ?, ha ha.

And Anne Marie continued to enjoy the double sucking of her nipples by the hungry tongues of her fellow slaves.
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Dear Mr Smith, excuse me for bothering you again, the general said again . At that moment he had the mobile phone in his hand.

I just spoke with the warden of the San Mateo women's prison and you will like to know that the judicial authorities of the Republic are going to send you two new candidates to be crucified,… ..ah! and another woman to be impaled. Perhaps there is no problem if you order to crucify this one before impaling.


The general seemed satisfied and proud of his gift.

Yes, it is a surprise, a few weeks ago Judge Varela and me spoke with the Minister of Justice and he agreed with our request. Thus, several dozen women sentenced to death have been given the choice of the method they wish to be executed. Fifteen of them chose the cross, four the impalement, three the electric chair and two the bonfire. Of course they were warned that there were faster and more pious ways such as hanging and lethal injection

I am astonished, General, said the count, have they really chosen the crucifixion and the impalement? Don't they know that they are slower and infinitely more painful ways of dying than a lethal injection?

Yes, of course they know, but apparently the fame of Cabo Florido Island has reached our prisons and has been successful among all those masochistic criminals. However, I have only chosen three volunteers because they are the only ones gorgeous enough for your show, tomorrow they will bring them by boat.

Thank you very much general you are aa true friend
images (9).jpg
One of the girls is called Krista and she is a very beautiful Russian redhead with beautiful breasts. As soon I saw her nude I was interested in her case myself.

Apparently, as soon as she arrived in the Republic of San Mateo by plane, the police received an anonymous tip that she was a dangerous terrorist who intended to attempt the life of our beloved President.
9a201b4f949c6a6e735da37186acea36.5 (1).jpg9a201b4f949c6a6e735da37186acea36.5.jpg2234604-t6-enh.jpgimages (2).jpg
Logically, they went to arrest her in the hotel room, but the police could not hold back when they saw she was so beautiful, they stripped her naked and raped her right there in the hotel room.
I think they spent twenty-four hours with her alternating rapes and torture and questioning her.
descarga.jpgimages (6).jpgimages (7).jpg
Then they tied her up and took her thus naked in her van to the police station and there they interrogated her for several days to confess the name of her accomplices but she said nothing. Despite that, she was tried and sentenced to death. When the judge gave him the choice of the execution guy, he chose the crucifixion without hesitation and begged the court to be taken to the island of Cabo Florido to have her sentence carried out.

images (9).jpg

What a beautiful bitch, and she looks like no more than eighteen, look at this photo.

Oh my God!

The best is that later I found out that it was she herself who had been denounced for what is surely completely innocent. Anyway, I did not say anything to the judge so he has not reversed the sentence. Likewise, the President has recommended that the execution not proceed yet and she continue to be questioned every day more ad more to see if she denounces her accomplices.

But it is allis a lie.

Who knows? You can't disobey an order from the president anyway, so I trust the skill of your executioners.

I hope you like my gift Mr Smith, it is the best way to pay your kindness and the pleasures that you provide us.

Judge Varela, Mr Smith added, we should do something to avoid so much paperwork.

What do you mean?

Perhaps the Republic could include crucifixion and other forms of public execution in its legal system. For example to punish prostitution or theft. I am very morbid that one of those beautiful masochists pays a slight fault like a simple theft with a penalty as disproportionate as dying slowly on the cross.

Yes, it had already thought on it, but then I am sure that the number of whores and thieves in the republic of San Mateo would increase, ha ha.

Many foreign masochists will come to commit their crimes here to be punished in that way, ha ha.

Extradition can also be offered to other countries to bring their convicts here, Judge Varela said. I am aware that many judges disagree with the excessive smoothness of their penal codes. I have dared of inviting several colleagues from the nearby republics to attend the next execution.

Excellent idea, judge Varela.

I'm afraid, Mr Smith, you'll have to expand the number of dungeons in the Cape Florido fortress, ha ha.

Yes, I have already reflected on it, and I also want the volunteers' sentence to be much longer and that the girls remain in the dungeons of the fortress for much more than two weeks ... I don't know......perhaps six or seven months before the crucifixion.


Little by little more executioners had arrived at the milking parlor. Jimmy even brought in some guards assuring them that it was just a matter of applying some light punishments to the volunteers and this time they would not be charged anything to enjoy their bodies. Used to paying every day to enjoy the volunteers in their dungeons, the promise that it was free convinced many perverted guards.

1rct00612jp-5.jpgKaede ichiro 1.pngKaede ichiro 2.pngKaede ichiro 3.pngKaede ichiro 4.png

They were even joined by Ichiro, the Japanese executioner, and some of the Japanese guests from Mr. Kobayashi's company who would of course take care of Reiko and Kaede. So nipon girls would suffer at the hands of their own executioners.

Come on little Kaede, savor this delicious dish, you will need all your strength to endure the hours of ordeal that await you.
Kaede eat 1.pngKaede eat 2.pngKaede eat 3.png
That delicacy was actually a filthy soup seasoned with the urine and semen of more than ten Japanese, but the obedient Kaede ate it without protest, directly on the ground.
Kaede eat 4.png
So, so, eat it all, baby


images (2).jpgreiko-kobayakawa-8.jpg
Beautiful Reiko was brought from her milking post tied on a dog leash and while her cellmate Kaede finished eating that slop they tied her up with a shibari and showed it to Mr Smith who gave the go-ahead.
I want to see how the liquid wax glides down the round tits of this Japanese milf.
Smiling at the pleasant request, the executioner Ichiro used two candles to drop boiling wax on Reiko's breasts, highly sensitized by the milking hours.


Previously ballgagged Reiko endured the brutal torture with a certain dignity. The woman had already resigned herself to her cruel fate and in a way preferred that her own uncle had given her to all those sadists to suffer her "passion" with which she had so often dreamed of as a young woman while masturbating. She would never have had the courage to sign.


images (32).jpgimages (33).jpgimages (34).jpgimages (35).jpg
Finally they put them next to each other and while they were shown the torture instruments the executioners pinched their nipples twisting them with their strong fingers. The two busty Japanese women continued to discharge vaginally while the strong knots of the shibari further sensitized their breasts.
unnamed (2).jpgChrissy-Chichi_Tickled-Teased-1280x720.jpgctve_ChrissyChichiTickledTeased.mp4-.jpgimages (40).jpg
The girls who were removed from the milking machines were handcuffed next to each other in different positions. Some cried as they were tied, but none resisted and all allowed themselves to be bound like submissive lambs. This behaviour drove the sadistic thugs crazy with desire and lust.


Casey_Calvert_Hot_Seat_mp4.jpgcrucify_5294-004s.jpg2536479_ad3d20d.jpgdescarga (5).jpgimages (45).jpgt30536246xf5dd1b.jpg
Laughing and making fun, the executioners tied the girls to x crosses or with arms raised over their heads. The second ones were trying to squeeze their legs together so nobody wouldn't notice they had a wet crotch. But the girls on the crosses couldn't hide their shame and showed off their shiny bare sex from vaginal fluid.


This time men tightened the restraints well and tightened the knots to completely immobilize the volunteers. So their breasts would be defenseless and so they could manage the pain to them slowly and more comfortably without worrying the girls would squirm in pain.


After securing all those naked women in their respective devices, the sadistic slaughterers placed their "toys" in order in fornt of each volunteer terrified eyes. Then as if they were ancient inquisition exevutioners showed them tool by tool so the girls could verify that they were sharp needles and pins,...... breast crusher clamps capable of turning Marina's tits into two meat fillets,........ nipple stretchers with greased moths to slowly stretch them millimeter by millimeter,...... pincers that looked like they came out of an inquisition dungeon, pliers, electrodes, and so on.
descarga (7).jpg

The collection of large iron blacksmith tongs was specially impressive. They were all hanging in a single row..........dark grey, with long handles for more strength. One of the executioners spent several minutes choosing the suitable tongs and when he found them aproached to one of the volunteers. The executioner opened and closed the tong claws with dry clicks as he brought the tips closer to the woman's breasts.
No, no, please I beg you

Before the torment he caressed her skin with the cold iron.

I know you can feel it uh baby?

Nooo, please, please.

But then the executioner put the tongs over the table and got in its place a breast rippers.

What....what is that for?

She said watching the breast ripper approach her left breast and scratching the skin with a sadistic face.

This is the proper tool to rip your beautiful boobs darling


Ha, ha, don´t worry I will not use it yet on your body. I prefer heat it red hot, ha., ha.

So for today I'm going to settle for wearing tongs.

Ready, set, go

Ha, ha. suffer, suffer my beautiful slut
2016-02-01-00-21-43 (1).jpg


012 (1).jpg
When the torture instruments were brought to the skin or caressed with them, most girls felt their nipples were made hard as stones and their haloes wrinkled, a sign that they were excited and horny by the imminence of the torment. Sometimes milk drops fell no stop.
Luckily for them that day there were no braziers because they would use all the cold metal tools. However the embers made from burning charcoal would not be lacking the day of the execution to heat the irons red hot. In its place were transformers, cables, and enough bolts for all the volunteers to visit Hell for a few hours.

As we say, that day there was not enough tormentors, so Jimmy himself, who normally worked as an organization secretary, was encouraged to play with the beautiful Alina. Jimmy liked specially this gorgeous girl and he had already visited several times in the dungeon.
The young woman allowed herself to be tied with submission to a Saint Andrew's cross and Jimmy took the opportunity to caress her naked body before beginning to torture her.
Alina's tender and playful breasts had grown noticeably in the past few days and drops of milk slowly dripped from her nipples.
Come on, start now, what are you waiting for? She whispered about to orgasm.


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9f3ccd95a38ffb6ef6ddfc0c3758f5fd.jpgTorture Galaxy Anita 05 BDSM_m.jpg1AF8804-zoom.jpg
The executioners were especially cruel and used long, sharp pins to pierce the tender breasts of the volunteers obscenely grown by repeated milking and targeted medication.
2.jpgunnamed (2).jpg
Others were given saline injections that made their breasts even more bulky and burned under the skin in an unbearable way.
images (26).jpgimages (28).jpgtorture-needles-saline-breast-pussy-00.gif
Others were stuck needles in their nipples forming artistic stars. The executioners competed with each other to make beautiful star shapes without paying any attention to the incessant screams and crying of the women as well as their desperate pleas for mercy.
You yourselves have chosen it, bitches, said Richard the executioner while inserting 15 cm long needles into Shae´s boobs, now you can do nothing to go back, so resign yourself to suffer your last torments before the arena games come.

The pain was so unbereable that the girl´face trembled,..... blank eyes.... lose urine control and finally faint.

Make this slut awake, she is believed she will escape.


As if they were the lustful devil victims that adorn the gates of ancient cathedrals other poor girls had their nipples twisted with tongs and huge black pliers like those of a medieval blacksmith.


Shut up slut and endure your martyrdom......



Their desperate screams and pleas were like heavenly music in the ears of those sadists.

Please, please, let me rest for a while.

There is no time whore, now the other one



Mr Smith and his guests smirked with a visible erection under their trousers.


Those who had castrated rings placed at the base of the nipples felt as if they were going to be amputated.

4.jpgth (3).jpg05 (1).jpg

The effect on the breasts already hypersensitized by milking machines was devastating. Some girls' nipples grew up to two centimeters long while others were so irritated that they pricked and burned with each palpitation.


The executioners used all kind of tools in a very imaginative way: clamps, pinwheels, mouse traps and they handled them with a maddening insistence that made girls go mad with pain.

images (46).jpgLilly-BDSM-02_wm2.jpgbondage-needles-in-boobs-3.jpg6ADAB36.jpg009.jpgtrampas para ratones.jpg




Anyway, it wasn't all screams of pain. Sometimes these were mixed with moans of pleasure.
images (11).jpg
Have you noticed Mr Smith how the moans of women who have an orgasm and those who suffer certain tortures sometimes look alike?
Of course. But I don't think any of these masochists comes during torture but yes thinking about it.


Perhaps one of the most impressive torture of breasts was the use of all kinds of presses to crush them slowly.
05e24d7d26ff9a43c4e6f46fda942cec.jpg240x135.1.jpgdescarga.jpgac609.jpgb (1).jpg

Executioners used the presses with skill and wisdom as some of them were highly experienced.
Thus they tightened the bolts and screws little by little, without rushing and alternating that torture with others such as needles, pinwheels and electric shocks.
There was not a minute that these volunteers did not wish that their big and fluffy boobs had never grown because the presses left them as masses of meat about to explode. This method was very painfull.

Put your boobs here slut.

What are you doing to me?

Just now you can see.

Please don´t hurt me any more.




However, in XXI century, the use of the electrodes on tender boobs could not be absent. Mr Smith had warned the executioners not to leave visible marks on the women's breasts because the next day they had to display them around the city to liven up the show, so they used electricity most of the time and avoided superficial burns.

Look at this ingenious device, said Sánchez while adjusting some copper circles on the breasts of one of the volunteers, here we call him "electric bra".

The executioner placed the pieces adjusting them to the thick nipples of the volunteer and then he put a few bolts of car battery while she trembled gagged and helpless.



Easy baby, easy, now I give you a little water to cool off, and then he sprayed his torso with water with a spray.


Ha ha, so you're cooler right?

As you know, water increases the intensity of the discharges, Mr Smith whispered to his guests.

I know, replied General and Varela, the secret police of the Republic of San Mateo includes this procedure in their interrogation methods.

Your Sánchez.
Rain DeGrey Gets Electric Torture in Bondage-.jpg
Yes sir. Are you ready?, One, two,....... three


The executioner operated a pair of levers and a wheel and magically the woman began to shake uncontrollably and roll her eyes.

The first discarge was very short, only five seconds, but then the second arrived


And the next one....


And other



And again, longer and harder

images (6).jpg

A few meters from her the other condemned suffered similar pain, writhing and shaking in their bonds without being able to do anything to avoid torture.

Ha ha, they are frying their tits inside, said the sadistic general.

Judging by the expression on her face their screams and contortions must be a terrible torture, added Judge Varela …… I am really enjoying myself.


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The executioners measured the discharges in batches of ten, ......fifteen seconds...... and then allowed the women to rest for twenty seconds between discharge and discharge. If they did not do so, it is likely that the girls lost consciousness and there was even danger of accidental death.

2227721-t6-enh.jpgdescarga (2).jpg

When the electricity stopped running through their bodies, the poor women gasped exhausted by the muscle spasms and the screams with the shiny body of sweat. Some of them gathered forces to cry out for mercy.
However, the next shock was swift and then an avalanche of uncontrollable pain ran through their breasts. Many girls felt that they burned the tip of their breasts with a blowtorch and dropped drool through the gag trying to articulate pleading words, some pissed on themselves unable to control.


Mr Smith's guests enjoyed this bestial torture.

Dear host, it is the best electroshock torture session I have ever seen, said the general, but I would like to see something stronger, maybe you could execute one of the damned ones.

Yes, there are many victims for the show in the arena, we would like to see how you execute one for us in a private snuff session.

Well......, may be......okay, you are right, tomorrow, after making them walk through the city one of the girls will be tortured until death.

Which one of them?

We will decide. The chosen one will get rid of the crucifixion but I have a long and painful torture planned for her.

What torture?

Oh it is a surprise

Thanks Mr Smith, you never disappoint.

And now we are going to have a drink at my house.

Yes, we can use that beautiful niece you have,......... and then we will have fun with her.

Alli?, of course she will be delighted to serve you as slavegirl, as you know we have a we have a discreet “playroom” in the basement to have fun with her, come on!.

The men left and the executioners continued with the volunteers for a couple more hours when the fun over.

142_450.jpg150_450.jpgSin título.png982_450.jpg
Some girls were so exhausted that they had to be carried on men shoulders and carried to their respective dungeons and cages. Next day would be very hard for them.
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