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Volunteer girls to the cross

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In other cases the cages were so small that slaves looked like caged birds, then they had terrible pain in their back and leg cramps.

3529778_7_o.jpgpreview.jpg19.jpgimages (14).jpg

Some girls were endured a painful enema and relieving themselves in a bucket because they hadn't even made their toilette that morning.



Suddenly, Mr Smith realized that Adriana was in one of the cages. The cage must have been designed for a dog as the woman was extremely uncomfortable and in intense pain from having spent the whole night there.

Ha ha he laughed in amusement to see her in such a ridiculous posture.

The day you arrived at this fortress, you wondered what the cages that hung on the walls were for. Today you are going to check it.


What are they going to do to us? Please don't hurt us. But the guards took the cage and carried it outside to carry it up like the others.

Already on the battlements, Mr Smith and Mr Kobayashi met the rest of their guests, Judge Varela, Count Salvatierra, General Castro and Mr Ito.

The men greeted their host and followed him through the round pass.
Unusual activity was bubbling up the walls, as the guards and executioners were placing the cages side by side on top of the walls. They had to do it carefully because there was wind and although it was not very strong, it did not exactly help to make the task easier.
025e44bac299030dce5f29119bc2b06e.jpgcharlotte caged2.pngcharlotte caged3.pngcharlotte caged4.png
Little by little more and more cages were placed at a distance of two or three meters from each other. In all the cages there were naked women, some bound and some not.
Judge Varela suddenly recognized Mallory as being in an especially small cage and her hands chained behind her back.

The poor girl watched the abyss below her while her fragile pull kept moving from the effect of the wind.
More than seventy meters below her the waves crashed on the cliffs. Many of the condemned women felt vertigo from hanging at that height from cages that were poorly fixed or poorly anchored with cables and hooks. Mr Smith then said that on some occasion a cage had fallen into the void and its occupant had been lucky to crash against the rocks.


Yeah at least she had a fast feath


images (51).jpg
Little by little the sea breeze became more intense, in addition there were a large number of seabirds flying everywhere: gulls, albatrosses, great cormorants.
aves-marinas-800x364.jpgimages (45).jpg1620761-sexy-naked-woman-in-a-cage.jpg1_758.jpg2.jpg
The birds flew at full speed with the wind blowing, or stayed motionless, gliding against the wind. The squawking of these animals scared women who felt helpless naked and bound inside their cages.

Now, many of these birds are in the breeding season so they have to carry food to their nests, said Mr Smith casually. It became them very voracious.


The only birds that did not fly were the crows on the highest tower.


This was like a high tower where large wagon wheels were placed horizontally.
Beside the wheels was a brazier full of burning coals and a panoply with several whips and other torture tools hung, on a large table there were more infernal tools clean a in good order..

There was also a camera on a tripod to record everything.

To visitors bewilderment Mr Smith announced that given the success of Skin's impalement the day before, he had decided to execute other volunteers.
Sometimes we use this place for executions using the wheel procedure. These seagulls know this one very well. Have you heard of the breaking wheel?.

Some of them didn't know what it was or had a vague about it. Of course General Castro knew exactly what that consisted of.

May I explain, Mr Smith?

Of course general.

I would say it is one of the cruelest and sadistic execution systems out there. More or less on the same level as crucifixion and in fact it was practiced in both the Middle and Modern Ages as crucifixion in ancient times. The General look for some images on his mobile and using them he explained it to others

images (57).jpgmedieval-craftsman-blacksmith-cooling-piece-600w-1133480771.jpg
The victim was tied to the wheel and then the executioner broke the bones of his arms and legs with hard blows using a mace or an iron bar like them.

The torturer had to be very careful to avoid a fatal blow killed his victim. Once the arms and legs were broken and smashed in a thousand pieces they could be bend as if they were made of rubber. In fact the executioner used to twist them among the spokes of the wheel. The victim was thus left alive in a dread ful agony that could last for hours or days.

Count Salvatierra made a gesture of horror.

In certain special cases the executioner made the execution much worse by tearing chunks of meat with red-hot tongs, using the breast ripper or the spanish tickler. Looking at those instruments I suppose that is how Sanchez does.

Yes you are not wrong, general

Mr. Kobayashi made a sadistic gesture
Yes it is horrible, but then the truly cruel would come as they placed the wheel in a high place and left the victim alone. The normal thing is that the carrion birds attracted by the blood appear and begin to devour him while still alive. The first one were victim´s eyes because the birds are attracted by them. With broken limbs the victim could not even defend himself from the birds and suffered an inhuman and slow agony to death.

Then everyone understood why those crows and seagulls were doing there and a shiver of terror ran down their spine.

How many victims this time?

Two,...no,..... better three girls.

Great! how will we choose the new candidates?, Judge Varela said suddenly, another blowjob contest?

No, this time I let General Castro, who has explained it so well, to choose the first one.

The general's eyes gleamed in sadism and he muttered: yes,.......this terrorist...........Danica.


Of course, general, as you say. And you, Judge Varela? Do you want to see Mallory and her mother smashed on the wheel and eaten by crows?
Judge Varela reflected for a moment while inspecting the clubs with which the executioner broke the bones of the condemned.

Em, no Mr Smith, I can wait until tomorrow. It will be a pleasure to see mother and daughter flogged and crucified side by side. Apart from the pain, they will suffer the humiliation of howling completely naked in front of thousands of people while the executioners torture them. I don't want to miss this show.

I understand perfectly, I also want to see how they shake their sweaty boobs when they hang from the cross.

Mr Smith.

Yes, Count Salvatierra?

As you know, I have brought my two nieces to your island to pay for all their crimes and thus cleanse the honor of the family. At first I thought it would be a good idea for them to pay for their sins on the cross. However, now I think it is better they are not be executed tomorrow,..... in public,..... in the arena.

So you think?

Yes, maybe there is someone in the public who recognizes them , I don't want anyone to know what they have done, it would be a humiliation for the family.

Do you prefer then they to be executed here at the wheel?

Yes, I prefer a discreet but equally painful execution. But first I want them to see closely how Sánchez breaks the bones of that terrorist, so they will see for several hours the torture that awaits them. Can you bring them here to be witnesses?

Of course, Count, your wishes are orders. You can see it all from up there, said Mr Smith, pointing to a post on one of the highest battlements.

Count Salvatierra saw the shackles that hung from the top of the post and smiled with pleasure.

Without wasting a second, Mr Smith picked up his cell phone and called Sánchez.

It will be done as you order, boss, answered this one.
Sánchez went to find the count's two nieces who had spent the night in a cage tied and hooded.

Come on get out of there, I have to take you upstairs.

Up? Where? What are you going to do with us? Leah asked as the executioners loaded them with chains.


Your uncle has sent for you, has decided that you will not be crucified tomorrow.

Two girls looked at each other hopefully.


So has he forgiven us?

That you will have to ask him.

And he led them up the ninety steps that led to the top of the tower naked and laden with chains. Sánchez hide them the true so that they would climb the stairs of their own free will and without resisting to the place where the dreadful torture awaited them.
However, once at the top of the tower, the executioner was in charge of tying them to both sides of the post, turning his back to each other, with his hands tied to shackles on his head and his ankles tied with ropes. Then, as he considered that they were not sufficiently uncomfortable, he placed a wedge under their sex and a double-ended stake pricking their backs. This forced them to arch their body forward into an awkward posture. Within a few minutes, the two cousins hurt every corner of their body.

Also at that height they were frozen with cold from the intense breeze that blew at the top of the tower. Soon the voracious seagulls began to fly over and surround them. Obviously those scavengers were used to eating there.

The girls looked apprehensively at those disgusting critters that came closer and closer squawking as they encouraged each other.

descarga (11).jpg

Suddenly a more daring seagull made a move to attack them and passed by them, pecking at Lana.

The girls screamed in terror and flailed in their bindings trying to scare off the birds, but that only served them in the first few attacks. The seagulls were trusting and each time they dared more. Two girls received several pecks so that in the end Sánchez had to intervene to drive the birds out of there.
For a moment the birds moved a few meters away but some perched on the nearby battlements and continued to stalk their victims squawking and making horrible screeches. Lana and Leah shivered in terror at the sight of their knife-sharp beaks and claws. If it hadn't been for Sánchez, they would have started slowly devouring them.

Please uncle, get us down, PLEASE, Leah yelled desperately.

Whores, you don't deserve any mercy, get away, executioner, ordered the count, I want to see what the seagulls do with them.


Indeed, as soon as the executioner moved away, the birds began to approach their victims again with increasing confidence.

Soon a seagull came flying over and perched on the top of the post where the two girls were tied and did not move from there despite their screams.
Then the bird spread its wings and began to squawk as if calling for its friends. In fact, they obeyed his claim and another seagull flew up to the girls and landed on Leah's thigh, making a move to bite her belly.

The girl only managed to chase the animal away by screaming and waving her leg hysterically, but again that resistance was only worth the first two or three times that those critters attacked them. The seagulls must have understood that they were defenseless so they began to attack them more and more viciously, becking them here and there.


The two girls were now screaming in pain as they suffered the pecks and Lana was about to lose an eye when a seagull landed on one of her breasts and, digging its claws into the flesh, tried to poke her eye out several times with its sharp beak. Lana closed her eyes and, turning her face away, managed to save the eye at the last moment, but when the bird flew again to attack him from the other side, several threads came out of her wounded chest.
Mr Smith's guests smiled sadistically at the sight of the blood running down the young woman's round chest, but they did nothing to stop the carnage.

There were already six or seven seagulls flapping around each of his nieces and the two young women already had several wounds here and there. Then, Count Salvatierra intervened.

Enough! is enough, Sánchez if they continue like this the birds will kill them and I want them to be whole for the torment of the wheel.

The executioner said yes and, approaching, he drove the birds away, waving his arms.

The girls were finally able to rest but began to cry inconsolably.


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images (51).jpg
Little by little the sea breeze became more intense, in addition there were a large number of seabirds flying everywhere: gulls, albatrosses, great cormorants.
actually they're gannets ;)

Very greedy birds, dive at high speed and spear the unlucky victim with their beaks.


descarga (11).jpg

Meanwhile, the volunteers in the cages hanging from the wall were also not free from the attacks of the hungry birds and screamed hysterically when they got too close and even tried to sting them between the bars.
Girls who were unleashed like Kylie were able to fight the seagulls and tried to avoid their attacks slapping the animals.
mallory-knots-cage.jpgThe pear 4.pngimages (38).jpgimages (18).jpg
However there were other girls who were solidly bound inside their cages like Mallory or her mother,
or in long, narrow cages in which they could only stand,
images (1).jpg
or in anthropomorphic cages used to roast the condemned alive

jewellPritTomb.jpg604533.jpgdescarga (11).jpg
Consequently they were totally defenseless and these critters kept poking their beaks desperately between the bars to reach their bare flesh and sting them in the hope of tearing chunks of meat for their babies.

The guests of Mr Smith looked out on the battlements amused when hearing the desperate screams of the girls who were being pecked by the voracious birds.

Mr Smith, there will be none left for the cross, the gulls will kill them first.

Ha, ha, ha, bring the bows,....... what about your aim?


The guards then appeared with a collection of bows and arrows and distributed them to their guests for aiming.

You never disappoint Mr Smith, what fun.


And as if they were medieval archers, Mr Smith's guests positioned on the battlements and began shooting at the birds.


Be careful! not to hit the girls.
That would be too sweet a death for what awaits them, ha, ha.

Although they only managed to hit a couple of birds, as the arrows whistled nearby, most of the seagulls moved away a few meters but remained lurking on the battlements and rocks of the cliff. Obviously they weren't going to give up their feast so easily.

Wow, those birds has become cowards now don't trust us.

Now we need a better bait Mr Smith.

Of course, my friends, some volunteers more hanging from the battlements, Sánchez now!.

And the diligent executioner had several more girls brought to him to the top of the walls. Poor girls came terrified by what they saw.


Sánchez hesitated between them for a moment.

Let's see ... you and you, let's go. The "lucky" ones were Lily and Shae
Lily was more submissive but nekane resisted at first
unnamed (15).jpg4192982_094_83cd.jpg
Didn't you hear me bitch? Come here and don't resist.


Two young women knelt before Sánchez and begged him not to submit them to that test, but the executioner did not have pity and made them hang from the void totally defenseless against the attack of the voracious seagulls.
18_06_2018_lrfkzqwx.jpg18_06_2018_pfgdfkkljjhfff.jpgimages (50).jpg
Hanging only by the arms over that abyss made the girls scream hysterically.

Seagulls distrusted arrows, so to attract them they had to resort to something very cruel.
So Sánchez had the executioners tie barbed wire around long sticks and armed with them the executioners began to beat the defenseless body of Lily and her unfortunate companion.


Logically, with each blow the thorns were stuck in the flesh and when pulling the sticks wounds were caused from which blood began to flow.
That was enough for the gulls to attack again, and within seconds they were back on the battlements near the girls and on the ledges of the walls.


images (37).jpg

Lily and Nekane got a close look at the sharp beaks of those critters just before they started attacking them.
This time the seagulls went mad with blood and attacked the two girls in a group. More than ten birds will attack the defenseless bodies of the two women and Mr Smith delayed the order to start shooting for a few minutes.

Now, don't fail.
Archers shot the arrows and this time four or five seagulls were killed and the others fled again, but when they left the two women they were dripping trickles of blood from dozens of wounds.

The fun ended when Sanchez warned Mr Smith that Danica had already been brought in and that everything was ready to begin the horrendous ordeal.

Very good Sanchez, but no hurry, so,.............. take your time. I also want everything to be recorded for the website.
tied-up-blonde-babe-with-perky-tits-17181-bdsm.jpgwood-wheel-torture-you-can-600w-1089508712.jpgimages (3).jpg
Danica had also climbed to the top of the tower on her own feet without suspecting what awaited her, but when she saw the wheel and a large mallet a chill of terror ran down her spine.


Unfortunately for her, Danica was quite a cultured woman and she knew what all this was for.

Finally, murderess, now you're going to pay for what you tried to do to me. Tie her up!

descarga (4).jpg

The executioners seized the young woman and tied her with her arms raised and turning her back to the executioner who was going to flagellate her.

The girl tried to beg for mercy but couldn't find the words. She was actually trembling with fear.

Tormentor! begins with the whip, little by little without stopping, said General Castro.


2016-02-18-22-08-31.jpgunnamed (3).jpg
In preparation for further tortures, Danica was flogged for half an hour.





The whip crossed her back leaving two long marks that gradually turned red and purple.





006 (3).gif

The girl struggled in her bonds totally helpless and shook her head and yelled with all her might.





After her back, the whip hit her bottom and thighs and some lashes were deflected, marking her sides and even hitting her from the front.





006 (3).gif
Poor girl rolled her eyes and tears and drool fell. She did no be able to do anything but cry out in pain.

General Castro and other men smiled sadistically at the convulsions of that naked young girl.
unnamed 3.jpg
Trembling with pain young woman saw by her side how the executioners emptied the cold ashes from the brazier and replaced them with burning embers. That was for her too.
001 (5).jpg





Harder executioner!, harder!, said General Castro, seeing the back of the young girl full of whip marks.


Sanchez was replaced by another executioner who got the whip in his place and then the tormentor boss showed the rakes and cat's claws to the general to approve and choose among them.

He nodded and chose a rake with a handle that had three points.

For now apply it cold, then you will heat it red.


No one specified any whip limit so Danica was flogged nonstop until she began to dangle from her bonds in sheer exhaustion.

When the flogging was over, they poured a bucket of cold water to wake her up.
gabriele dungeon 1020-1-.jpg
For the next torture they turned her over and showed cat claws and rakets to flay the skin. The girl's eyes almost bulged out of her sockets as her entire body gleamed with sweat.
Gabriel Roman arena 169.1-.jpg

Then the executioner placed the racket on the young woman's skin and, ignoring her hysterical requests for mercy, began to slowly scratch her belly with the rake.


The girl raised her face to the sky and gave a horrible, piercing scream and continued screaming non-stop as the three hooks literally raked her skin.

At the moment the executioner only traveled about eight inches leaving three long bloody wounds.

Again he waited for the general to give him permission and then proceeded with the other part of his back, leaving similar wounds.


Young Danica screamed at the top of her lungs as the executioner slowly flayed strips of her skin without any mercy.


There will be no mercy bitch. Now you regret the day you decided to make an attempt on my life, but you can't do anything anymore and this has only just begun. Continue executioner, now salt.

And an assistant of Sánchez began to soak the young woman's injured back with a sponge soaked in salt water.


Danica literally writhed in pain and sting as the salt entered her wounds and burned like her insides. The torturers let the salt work for a few minutes that the young woman looked like a worm on the hook. When the girl began to calm down, Sánchez returned to using cat nails.
The judge's nieces saw the torture of poor Danica crying half hysterically and tried to close their eyes and look away, but they couldn't help but hear her screaming for mercy.
torturemuseum 05.jpg
The torture of the cat's nails lasted half an hour more. After plowing her back several times, Sánchez scratched the girl's butt and thighs with the rake and then proceeded to add salt again, until the girl was about to lose consciousness.

Well, enough, said the General , lay her on the wheel.


When they untied her, Danica was about to fall to the ground from exhaustion, but Sanchez prevented it and, taking her in his arms, he laid her on the large wagon wheel that awaited its victim.
The executioners then tied her hands and feet and the young martyr remained with her body in the sun, waiting for her infernal execution to continue.
The next chapter of the torture was the red-hot tongs. The embers were already ready so the executioners placed several tongs on the brazier with the handles facing out. One of the executioners fanned the embers with a bellows while Sánchez gave the young woman a drink.

Danica was almost hoarse from screaming so she accepted the water willingly.

Why do they give her a drink? Asked Count Salvatierra.
It's the "torture drug", Mr Smith whispered.


In cases like this, Sánchez makes his victims drink a cocktail of stimulants to prevent them from passing out during the execution. Tomorrow in the arena the volunteers will be forced to drink it also being nailed to the cross and will probably have to be given it again throughout the day, there is nothing more boring than a victim who faints too often.

The tongs are ready, sir.

Very well, proceed with it at your own discretion.

Sánchez put on thick blacksmith gloves so as not to burn his hands and took the tongs from the brazier, bringing them closer to the young woman's naked body.

Before pinching her flesh with them, the sadistic executioner wanted his victim to see them well and feel their suffocating heat near his face.
gabriele dungeon 730-1.jpg
What do you choose first? Legs, arms, or navel? I will touch your tits later.

007 (3).jpg
You can't make up your mind, do you? Well, I'll decide, and bringing the pliers between her thighs, he caught a pinch on the inner part of her right thigh.



Ha, ha, ha.

The young woman twisted in her bonds as she screamed at the top of her lungs and her entire body trembled assimilating that intense pain.

The executioner left the tongs closed for a few seconds and when he opened them he had left a horrible burn.

He immediately did the same on the other thigh and the victim howled again and tensed her entire anatomy in reaction to the pain.
Very satisfied with his work, the executioner exchanged the tongs that had already cooled somewhat for red hot ones and pinched the girl's navel.

Poor Danica screamed and howled uncontrollably at this sadistic treatment, sure if it weren't for the drugs she would have fainted by now.
Meanwhile the executioner acted without passion but without mercy and was methodically pinching his victim on the navel,...... the sides, ........the labia, .......clitoris and finally the breasts very close to the nipples.

For the moment the executioner was content with pinching without tearing off pieces of flesh, that would come later.

The torment of the burning tongs lasted about half an hour more, at the end of which the young woman was allowed to rest for a while.

Poor Danica was crying inconsolably for mercy, but then she saw what they had prepared for the next part of the ordeal and screamed hysterically.



medieval-torture-device-iron-spider_1_cda49d7710fb722529f7fc638861ac2c (1).jpgmedieval-torture-device-iron-spider_1_cda49d7710fb722529f7fc638861ac2c (2).jpg
Danica watched the executioner clean and grease the "spider" and understood that they would use that on her beautiful breasts..
Then Sánchez began to weigh the different clubs to choose the ideal instrument to break her bones, finally he chose the most suitable.
During that moment of rest, Conde Salvatierra approached his two nieces Lana and Leah who were still tied to that post. The birds had left them alone in the face of the tower's intense activity, but they were terrified by what they were seeing.

Their uncle was very cruel to them.

You are going to get rid of dying on the cross, but only for the reason that you are going to die torn to pieces on the wheel like that one.
Two girls looked at their uncle with an awful grin and Leah even pissed on himself.

Their crying and their requests for mercy were of no use as the Count did not pay attention to them.

On the contrary, they now had the assurance that the horror they were seeing was what awaited them.

Come on executioner!, start with the arms, said the general, we have already lost enough time.

wheel torture.jpg

And raising the mallet above his head the executioner landed the first blow on Danica's left forearm, fracturing it cleanly.


The girl screamed in intense pain as the cousins redoubled their cries.

Sanchez raised the mace again and struck again on the arm.


001 (3).jpg

con3_736- (1).jpg
Again in this the executioner demonstrated his skill as he broke the bones of the four limbs of the girl without giving any fatal blow. To do this he invested a total of twenty blows at the end of which Danica's body was virtually destroyed.
Once again it was the torture drug that kept him from losing consciousness. In a medieval execution, surely the executioner would have already delivered the death blow to his victim at the third or fourth blow, causing him a quick and somewhat pious death. But there was no mercy there.

In fact, what awaited Danica was the worst.......


"the death blow" is not a good expresion, better "coup de grace"

May be this expresion comes from being broken on the wheel.......I imagine...well I don´t know.


Sánchez untied her limbs to entangle them between the spokes of the wheel and this was so painful that the woman finally lost consciousness.
unnamed (2).jpg
Of course, before continuing, they waited for her to wake up and, after administering another dose of drugs, Sánchez returned to put his infernal instruments in the brazier: cat's nails, a metal dildo bristling with tips, pliers and breast rippers.

003 (1).jpgWitch-Hunter5-15wtexta.jpg
It would be long and extremely cruel to tell the details of the next hour of torture. I will only say that Sánchez started with cat's nails and rakets this time heated to red, .....

dildo.jpg95355fe7e8004412682b29001a3916fe.jpgforsaken02.jpgimages (1).jpg

continued with the dildo in the two holes of the condemned woman and then began to pinch and twist with the pliers, pulling out small pieces of meat.

unnamed (4).jpgiq2_1074.jpgunnamed (6).jpg

Throughout this hellish process, Danica remained awake and only lost consciousness again when her breasts were burst with the breast rippers.


She was finally a mangled body filled with gaping wounds and completely defenseless. It was at that moment when the executioners and witnesses left her alone to make way for the birds that had been congregating on the battlements of the tower, sure that their turn would soon begin.
In this case, it was the crows that demanded their feast and the seagulls did not even dare to approach.

Soon the first crow landed on the body of the young woman with the intention of taking a bloody trophy but when it was about to sting it flew away in terror.


Look, they are bald eagles.


Indeed, it was not very normal for these raptors to appear in the fortress, but on some occasions they did.

Danica's ultimate fate was not to feed the crows but to more than a dozen bald eagles that swooped down on her victim and devoured her for several hours ripping strips of flesh from her body in ruthless and maddened Ling chi.
Of course, they started with her eyes because they were a precious majar for those beasts and they emptied their sockets.

Despite the cawing of the birds and the uproar as they disputed their prey, Danica's pleas could still be heard for someone to have mercy and finish her off at once.


Once Danica stopped screaming, everyone was convinced that she had died, now it was the turn of Count Salvatierra's nieces, Lana and Leah.

Two girls were released from the post where they had been tied for the past hours in a posture similar to the crucifixion.

Despite being physically exhausted, the girls begged their uncle for mercy. They did not want endure the brutal torments that Danica had gone through and of course, they did not want to be fed to the birds. Two girls called for a quick death instead of this dreadful ordeal, but their uncle did not take pity on them.

With your behavior you have seriously sullied the honor of our family and the only way to repair that is to suffer an exemplary death. Sanchez do your job!


But the executioners caught the two girls and tied them solidly to two cart wheels.

In this case, Sánchez had the wheels be tilted one in front of the other so that the two girls could see each other while the executioner tortured them.
In this way Leah and Lana were solidly tied to the outer rim of the wheels with their arms and legs grotesquely twisted to facilitate their breaking by the executioner.


Of course, before the torture, they were both given a good dose of stimulants to drink to prevent them from passing out.

Sánchez used a long, heavy iron bar this time.
Come on, don't cry girl, she told Lana that she couldn't stop crying or begging for mercy. Your uncle has felt sorry for you and has decided not to use the hot irons on your body, I will simply break your bones and you will be eaten by birds.


While saying this Sanchez brandished the bar with his hands doing test movements.

Are you ready? The first blow to the right forearm.




Ha ha, it hurts, right?

The second blow a little higher




The executioner struck with skill and cruelty at the same time and used four accurate blows to turn the bones into splinters. That is, eight blows to destroy Lana's right arm.

When he was done with it he did the same to the left arm, and only then did he turn around and start with Leah.


She was crying hysterically and had peed all over herself in pure terror.





Mr Smith and the other men smiled sadistically as they watched Sanchez calmly rampage against his victims.

After the arms he broke their legs so that the girls' shattered limbs looked more like the tentacles of an octopus than human limbs.
Once the first part of the torture was over, the girls still remained conscious thanks to the drugs, so Sánchez went on to the second part and after untying them, he twisted his arms and legs between the spokes of the wheels.


These were then placed horizontally at the top of the tower side by side so that the count's two nieces or rather what was left of them were left with their faces looking up at the sky.

Perhaps that was why they could see the crows flying towards them one after another.

This time the bald eagles, already satisfied with Danica's spoils, left their prey to the crows so that they could take care of the two girls undisturbed.


In fact they took their time and on the opposite of the crazy fight between the eagles for Danica's meat, the crows alighted on the bodies of the two girls, sinking their claws into the flesht and without disturbing each other they pecked slowly but methodically, first making wounds with their steely beaks and then tearing off small pieces of meat.

Of course, they started with the most succulent bite, the eyes of the two young women. The crows emptied their sockets with accurate pecks so that the two girls were left blind and defenseless while the crows ate them alive.


The animals took several hours to finish them off and no one took pity on the girls by cutting their throat.
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