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Volunteer girls to the cross

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The night before (eight hours left for the execution of the volunteers)

Undoubtedly, the day of their execution on the cross would be the longest for the volunteers, since the executioners would make sure that the young masochists savored every minute of the cruel ordeal that awaited them. However, the night before was also quite long.
That night executioners left girls alone with their minds so they waited in their cells for the executioners to arrive at dawn to look for them.
Needless to say, none of them could sleep as they all had a mixture of fear and excitement.
Probably aside from the fear of torture was the fact that the entire procedure was to take place in public before thousands of people.
045.jpgNew Slave Girl 2.jpg
That was the dream that many of those masochistic girls had recreated in their minds from a very young age.

While they masturbated in the solitude and intimacy of their bed, they dreamed of being crucified completely naked in the sand of a Roman amphitheater before thousands of people who enjoyed seeing them suffer. For them pain was something abstract that was confused with sexual pleasure. It was actually going to take a short time to experience it in a very painful and cruel way. At that moment they would regret having volunteered but unfortunately they could not turn back and could only howl and ask for mercy while those sadistic psychopaths raged on their bodies.


Despite being the last night, some volunteers were claimed by Mr Smith's friends or by other rich men who hired the girls for one night to have fun with them. That was the last deal the rich man had made with those beautiful girls. He had held a slave auction for his website and in exchange for huge sums of money, respectable, rich men from all over the world could play sadistic executioners with these beauties for one night.
11.jpggabriel inquisition 191-01-.jpg
That was the case with Adriana who was subjected to torture by the Holy Inquisition such as being subjected to touching with irons and hot needles while riding a wooden pony.
images (11).jpg05 Marina bondage session.png06 Marina bondage session.png133582_05big.jpg
Marina was fucked, flogged and covered with hot wax by a respectable bussiness man
Witchunter booklet2 02.jpg
Alexis was placed on the backbreacker torture rack and the executioners constricted the base of her youthful tits as a prelude to the savage torments her bulging breasts were to suffer in the sand.
8b4k1f86bpa31 (1).jpg2282635ed93fbf43df35f4e6142d1628.22 (1).jpgthumb-main.4.jpg
Alli, Mr Smith's niece was handed over to Judge Varela. The judge wanted to buy her from Mr Smith to make her his permanent slave but Alli asked her uncle not to accept. In this case, Mr Smith took pity on her and considering that the life of slavery with Varela was worse, he regreted judge´s offer and sent her to the arena to die on the cross.


Sister Angela he sinful nun was gangbanged in her own cell by a bunch of perverted clergy from the Convent of the Slaves of Christ.
bdsmlr-548913-HahfK6Wdex.jpgimg32777.jpgunnamed (1).jpgSin título.png
Angie was taken out of her cage and subjected to torture with the help of small pliers. The young sadist who bought a night with her was a lover of big boobs and was impressed with hers. Now Angie regretted that they had grown those beautiful and enormous appendices that were also enormously sensitive.
Holly was placed in a stocks flogged and fucked.
Mr. Kobayashi had the beautiful Kaede tied on a St. Andrew's cross to be tortured by Rei. The latter had no choice but to play along, as the alternative was to be crucified with the others.
Kilye was tied to a St. Andrew's cross and tortured by an ugly and disgusting guy


images (5).jpghogtied-com2011-03-17-lily-labeau-topx247-com-8(m=eaAaaEPbaaaa).jpg02.jpg15hybo4af.jpg
After her terrible experience with birds Lily was tied as if she were on the backbreaker and fucked for hours by many men. She had a lot of orgasm during torment
unnamed (2).jpgup_DH10675.jpgth (6).jpg
Young Tyler was hired that night by a wealthy merchant from the Republic of San Mateo. He was a disgusting fat man who led a respectable life and went to mass daily.
The pervert was drawn to Tyler's teenage looks.


th (5).jpgimages (36).jpgdescarga (4).jpgdescarga (5).jpgimages (27).jpgimages (28).jpgimages (29).jpgimages (31).jpgth (2).jpgth (3).jpg

The very pig subjected her to a long flogging and then tortured her on a torture rack of a greek Y shape.


For his part, Mr Smith spent the last night with Alina. He really liked the brunette pretty girl. Alina was really beautiful and had a perfect body.
images.jpgbd825_068v.jpgunnamed (2).jpg
Beasides she was a submissive well trained slave who knew how to enjoy the torture and pain even while fucking, a master´s sadistic dream
In the midst of ecstasy as he ejaculated on her face for the third time, the rich man even promised to save her from the cross.
unnamed (3).jpg
You will be my personal slavegirl for ever, so you will remain alive.

But the girl begged him not to.
unnamed (4).jpg
I want to die crucified tomorrow she asked him on her knees

Well but I asure you will regret it while hanging on the cross.


cage 097.jpgunnamed (12).jpg
Other volunteer girls were luckier as their guardians forgave them. Thus the girls were allowed to stay together in the same cell.

11.jpg1824861175.jpgbb.jpgimages (12).jpgunnamed (9).jpg

The condemned were able to keep each other company and spent the night kissing and caressing each other for the last time before the ordeal.

12 (2).jpgAndaroos-13-Page-251.jpg
Someone coul even fuck for the last time-
If tied up or caged, they were at least able to share their masochistic fantasies and confess their fears to each other for the first time.


Execution day 7 a.m.

Two weeks after the volunteers were landed on the island of Cabo Florido, the long-awaited day of their execution on the cross finally arrived.

Despite the torture and abuse received every day, everything had been relatively light since their sentence had only lasted two weeks. The new volunteers were going to face a much worse ordeal as they had agreed to suffer a long sentence. The new girls would spend months in the dungeons of the fortress of Cabo Florido.

On the day of the crucifixion, the village of Santa Rosa was a party and there was a great bustle as several thousand people had gathered for the execution to enjoy the show. Of course there was much more public than the capacity of the amphitheater could fit. This must have looked a lot like one of those "panem et circenses" parties in ancient Rome. In fact on the website the public was encouraged to dress up as if they were ancient Romans. This would look like an innocent masquerade ball if it weren't for the fact that several dozen women were going to die in hideous torture.

After taking the girls out of their cells very early, the guards took them to toilet.

unnamed (8).jpgimages (15).jpg
The girls were brutally dragged away as some insisted on hugging each other and having one last kiss before everything started.
images (14).jpg
Come on, whore your audience is waiting, ha, ha.

Do not be envious, you are the next
images (17).jpgimages (18).jpg

Come on, hurry her to the toilet and get that shit off her

unnamed (7).jpg

And all the volunteers were taken to the toilet pulling their hairs
First of all, the humiliating enema...... The volunteers had to be clean and nobody wanted to see how they shit in front of everyone, because that was not liked by most of the public.


After this, the executioners took them out to the yard and lined up the volunteers for Mr Smith to review them and approve the execution.


To control them more easily, the guards used fierce bulldogs that frightened the girls by showing them their teeth.
38d62358d36fa0f21d72b69bb76944335a4d25ff.jpeg756d498a409b6d831b78eefa312e68e0e379c97d.jpgdescarga.jpgimages (1).jpg
The guards let the dogs get too close to them and even prodded them into attacking them. Apart from hunting, these dogs were trained to fuck the slavegirls once they were captured and following their instincts, some of them came to ride a slave, but at the last moment the executioners prevented him from fucking the woman between laughter and ridicule

Thanks to the dogs, they got the women to line up.

Cruelly Sanchez had told them that perhaps at the last minute the chief would forgive someone and send her back to the dungeons to be crucified later. Actually it was not like that and the rich man had all of them led to the arena.


images (8).jpg
Naomi Roxx.jpg

In total, 25 beautiful naked women would make several thousand sadists enjoy their crosses.

Mr Smith looked at them sadly and said a few last words.

Volunteers! The day you have waited for so long has finally arrived. Nothing can save you from what awaits you and I can only tell you that it will be long and very cruel. Face it at least with dignity and put on a good show.

The girls hung their heads in shame and only a few cried.


My dear Adrianna, said Mr Smith seeing the beautiful milf crying inconsolably.


Please, Mr Smith, she said in sobs, forgive me, I do not want to die on the cross, I will be your slave forever, please ...

Dear Adrianna, he replied stroking her round tits. I know you didn't want to be one of the volunteers, but I assure you that in the back of your mind you wanted to go through this. See? Your pussy is all wet, he said, placing his fingers on her shaved sex.

That, that's it, I'm wet and horny for you, take....take me to your box and fuck me all you want during the show, I'll give you a lot of pleasure if you forgive me, have mercy ...

Ha ha, of course you will give me pleasure but howling and bellowing while the red-hot pliers are applied to you, you will be crucified right in front of my box and thus I will not lose any detail of your torture.

I beg you, Mr Smith, have mercy.
Look at this they are going to use to nail you to the cross. One on each wrist and this one longer to nail both feet

Adriana felt a chill of terror when she saw those monstrous nails, but seeing that it was useless to beg, she finally stopped.

Mr Smith put the three nails hanging from her neck thanks to a small rope.

Come on Sánchez, it's getting late, tie her to the "patibulum"

01-02.jpg06.jpg09 (1).jpg017.jpg020.jpgunnamed.jpgWoman_Crucified_74_-_2.jpg
The patibulum, that is, the short arm of the cross, was placed on the shoulders of each slave, which they secured with rough ropes to the arms. They themselves should carry on their shoulders the heavy short arm of the cross to the place of torment so that they could not use their hands to cover their naked body and their tits would be exposed, trembling obscenely in full view of all.


3 (1).jpg04.jpg
Of course all of them were completely naked and most of them rejected to wear a small loincloth to hide their sex from the eyes of men.
03.jpgbdsm_crucified-95362.jpgMadiosi-2020-081-Last Day-02.jpg
Once they had them thus prepared, they formed a single herd. The train was formed, and consisting of fifteen executioners dressed in ancient clothes, sixty guards disguised as Roman legionaries and a herald who led the way and was accompanied by three men who played huge drums with a slow and heavy cadence. . Everything was very theatrical and it was going to be recorded by several cameras because Mr Smith wanted to edit a film with that material.
005.jpg05.jpg07 (1).jpg07.jpg08 (1).jpg
The herald gave the order and with the dramatic sound of the drum the executioners gave the first lashes and the young women started slowly trying to keep their balance with their heavy logs on their shoulders.


images (4).jpg
So that armed troop took the twenty-five volunteers out of the fortress and, using whipping and puncturing spears, forced them to walk the kilometers that separated them from the amphitheater for about two hours. For this they had to cross the streets of Santa Rosa and the highway that was full of people to the brim.

03 (4).jpg

The noise of the drums gave a dramatic tone to the scene so that the audience, far from shouting, kept a low tone of voice.

People looked with desire at all those naked women with their cross on their shoulders and at most they whispered something and took photos and videos of them with their mobile phones.

After being treated like slaves for those two weeks, the young women faced this new public humiliation with resignation and even excitement to show themselves naked and defenseless in front of all that cruel crowd.

By having to carry the patibulum of the cross on their shoulders with open arms, the young women left their breasts naked and defenseless in full view of all. Precisely as many of them had been chosen for having them big and natural, the breasts trembled sensually and obscenely, delighting the public who did not miss the opportunity to immortalize them with their cameras.

As we say, they were also not allowed to wear any cloth at the waist and their crotches were waxed so that they were obscenely bald and wet with their own fluids.

In addition to all the convicted women they put a small poster around their neck in which they put their name or nickname and even in some cases a small phrase in Latin with their "crime": "anal slut", "dirty masochist", "nympho", "cocksucker" or things for the style. As if it were a "titulus", once the executioners were crucified, they planned to hang this "titulus" on the top of the cross so that everyone could see it well.


667_1000.jpg(m=eaf8Ggaaaa)(mh=Dfefao6DxBO9I45I)9.jpg719247_0.jpg3 models 35a.jpg
Aside from shaking their flesh like jelly, the women had developed milk secretions during their stay in the dungeons. In addition, since they had not been milked in the last three days, they came with perky breasts full of milk and from their sensitive nipples they did not stop falling whitish drops which made people laugh and make fun of them for greater humiliation.

Under the posters they had also hung the nails with which they were going to crucify them, three or four sharp pikes of blackish iron with a broad head and about six inches long. When the guards showed them to them before hanging them around their necks, some girls began to cry desperately, but now nothing and no one could free them from that horrible torment of being nailed with such nails to the cross.
A & K 86 200pc-ps1.jpgAlice & Koshka ctc The_way_by_makar013 140pc.jpg

That morning after the enema and the toilet the executioners had made them swallow a cocktail of stimulants that would prevent them from losing consciousness during the torture. Along with the stimulants, the executioners added a powerful aphrodisiac this time. Maybe that's why the girls had their sex excited and their vaginas did not stop secreting fluids. Of course her nipples were prickly and hard all the time and it wasn't clear that it was just from the cold.
3 models 33a.jpg3 models 34a.jpg

Despite the girls walking submissively and obediently, the executioners did not spare them whipping on the back, butt or legs. However, this was only the prelude to a more savage and intense scourging that would be applied to them in preparation for and during the crucifixion.
Before reaching the amphitheater, the guards stopped the procession three times and then allowed the public to approach the women so that they could touch them. Then all those poor girls felt dozens of greedy and cruel hands touching and stroking their body. The girls stoically endured pinching, slapping and spitting, and some were even forced to kneel to piss on his face. Interestingly, that made them even more horny and aroused
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