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Volunteer girls to the cross

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The volunteer girl is ready, Sanchez, her nipples are stiff and hard, ha, ha.

The executioner raised the heavy hammer and the audience held their breath in silence waiting for the longed-for moment of the girl's crucifixion.


The hammer fell heavily on the head of the nail and the point drove a few inches into the victim's wrist, breaking nerves and tendons in its wake.
The girl gave a high-pitched scream and her entire body arched in reaction to the pain. The four men had to use their strength so that Marina would not let go of them.


AYYYY,............ ENOUGH,..........STOP, NO MORE NO.

You wanted it yourself, slut, this was what you wanted, right?




The executioner showed no mercy and kept hammering until the head of the nail pinned the Marina's wrist against the rough wood of the cross.
Sweaty but satisfied, Sánchez prepared to stick her other hand while the audience watched the scene very excited.
The other volunteers also saw the scene with their hearts beating against chest, they knew they too would be crucified minutes later and nothing and no one could prevent it.

KLAN, KLANG. The metallic blows of the hammer hitting the head of the iron resounded throughout the amphitheater and were only answered by the shouts and howls of the poor Marina who asked for mercy, crying and screaming.
While they were crucifying her, the executioners had regained their erection just by seeing Marina's impressive body shaking and writhing in pain.

With both arms nailed, Marina wept inconsolably and looked at her hands. The executioner was so skilled that hardly any blood came from the wounds.

Come on, slut, now your pretty feet!

Have mercy, please, a rope, please just a rope.

No, my girl, the tradition must be respected.

Now he was going to drive two more nails into the girl's feet, one for each foot on the instep.



The cry of pain was even more intense than before because the instep of the foot is more sensitive. Marina could not take any more of the pain and while her feet were nailing her, she hit her head against the wood of the cross in the hope of losing consciousness.

Come on bitch, you only have one foot left, ready?


The nail entered the flesh and the girl twisted in pain as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

In less than five minutes Marina had been nailed hand and foot to the cross. It seems a lie, but in the XXI century those beasts had crucified a beautiful woman in the same way that the Romans did in ancient times.

Only rested to put the cross upright so that the beautiful woman would be crucified, naked and exposed before thousands of spectators who would enjoy her slow agony for hours.
Lifting up.jpg
The cross was raised by several executioners who had to make a great effort to put the tree straight.



Seeing the cross being raised, the audience finally broke their silence and began to clap and cheer.
Lots of excited people started making love in the stands and some women got naked ready to jump into the arena and be allowed to participate in the show.
God! what a bitch!, she seems to be suffering a lot but at the same time her expression seems like she is having an orgasm. Deep down she has chosen this ordeal herself.

Well, if you think that is suffering, you do not know what awaits her, look, the executioners have brought the brazier closer with the torture irons next to the cross.
Indeed, hours later those executioners would continue to torture Marina without pity, but for the moment they let her suffer alone while some went to flog Keisha and others prepared the second cross.
While the first crucifixion Keisha was fucked roughly by five executioners.
The girls seemed to be mad. Perhaps wanted to enjoy her last moments or perhaps did not want to listen Marina´s desperate howls of pain

descarga (2).jpg


15472331994c8pl.jpg10 Keisha nude.png
After receiving a shower of semen the exuberant Keisha was caught by Sanchez who dragged her to the posts of the whipping.


Come on bitch, your time has come, your torture is ready.


The girl was dragged to the torment poles.
There Keisha was tied with open arms to posts to receive the lashes.

From the place where the young woman had tied her, she saw how the executioners were piercing the wood of the second cross and then she saw Marina who began to "dance" on hers, twisting her beautiful naked body while the cameras and mobile phones recorded every minute of his agony.

Gabriel Roman arena 174.1-.jpg
The executioner began to play with the whip, making it buzz a few inches from the brunette's tits.

aren 3-a.jpg
She promised herself not to beg during her flogging but could not keep her promise because minutes later she was screaming like a madwoman while the leather slowly peeled off her skin.


The public had a great time with that sadistic and perverted ordinariness. The second victim was already writhing in despair and would soon join the first on the cross and so on up to twenty-five beautiful women suffering that dreadful torment.



Keisha was flogged cruelly, in no hurry for the audience to enjoy seeing her amazing body writhing in pain.


The leather peeled off the skin on the back hit by hit and the lashes were chanted by the public who enumerated them laughting and mocking the victim.








descarga (1)a.jpg

Keisha screamed like a madwoman for mercy in a hell of endless pain. The leather of the whip was curled around her naked body, .....on the thighs, .....on the belly, on the tits ..., sometimes they hit her in the middle of the pussy or between the round buttocks and when pulling the whip backwards the leather cut the skin making very fine wounds.


After being whipped by the executioner for several minutes, the tormentor was sweaty and tired so she decided to rest for a while.

Then he left the whip to a woman in the audience who had yelled for it.
007 (1).gif
The woman, rookie whit a lash, took the whip and started to continue the flogging.

From the stands other girls cheered on their partner insulting Keisha
Come on!, hit her, whip her hard.

Take bitch! Ha ha, whore! Take it! You deserve it nasty whore.

The woman gave the lashes awkwardly amid the laughter of the executioners and her friends, but after giving her four or five blows she learned a bit to handle the whip and Keisha screamed again in despair.
Very good !, mark those whore buttocks, come on! ...

On the tits, hit that rounded boobs

The girl was allowed to give her almost twenty lashes after which she was also applauded by the public as she curtsied and took a selfie with her crying victim.

After that interlude, the executioner decided to continue with the flogging of Keisha but changed the whip and took a flagrum whose leather tails had been submerged in water with salt and vinegar

descarga (1)a.jpg




Gabriel Roman arena 172.1-.jpg
This time the lashes were even more painful as the tails of the whip were heavier. Besides, vinegar and salt got into his wounds. Keisha took the lashes, letting out tears and drool uncontrollably and rolled her eyes because her back, ass and thighs were pure fire.
Gabriel Roman arena 036.1-.jpg





While the second victim was flogged in the arena, new volunteers gave themselves to Mr Smith as slaves.

This was the case with Chloe and Jade. These two girls were former BDSM playmates of Bobbi, the woman who had tortured Skin and Asphyxia two days earlier.

images (5).jpg
In fact they were the gift Bobbi offered Mr Smith in exchange for being executioner on the island.

While Marina´s martyrdom two new girls were in the audience and they had got very horny because of all they saw.

Marina screamed like mad as Sanchez nailed her feet to the cross.
Look at those executioners said Jade. They are true sadists!, God I am super hot I would like to be in their clutches
Oh my God said Chloe shaking in fear

Chloe still had doubts and fear prevented her from signing the contract.
Come on girls!, are you enjoying the show?. It is time for you, just a sign and you become volunteer.

But..., em said Chloe.

Come on, you coward!, in a minute you will be naked and tied up like them, that was what you wanted right?

It was Bobbi who was in charge of convincing them. She acted like a domina in BDSM games and they intuitively obeyed her.
Chloe had just turned eighteen and therefore no one could prevent her from traveling to the Republic of San Mateo to make her crucifixion dream come true. On the plane that took them to the island, Chloe confessed to her partner Jade that since her school years she had been fascinated by the stories of Christian martyrs and that she always asked permission from the nun who told her those sordid stories to go to the toilet and masturbate .

When she found out that Cape Florido Island existed, Chloe told Bobbi that she wanted to give herself up as a slave as soon as she was eighteen, but that she had no money for the plane ticket or entry into the amphitheater. It was Bobbi who gave it to her.
As for Jade, she was a sex-hungry masochist who was no longer satisfied with BDSM sessions with her mistress and wanted more and more.
Well Chloe, I'm getting impatient come with me or call the guards!

No, no, I obey


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Sin título01.png

So Bobbi took the girls to an office in the amphitheater to sign the contracts. As they did so, she left them alone.
Sin título 02.png
But............oh my God!, Chloe said to Jade whispering. This paper say that we have to stay as slaves for at least three months before the execution. This was not what I wanted. I thought it was going to be faster and that they were going to crucify us just today.
Sin título 03.png
The contract says so, you can't do anything else.
No...., not.... three months, it's a long time… ..I know ……. I will ask Mr Smith to make an exception for me.
Do not be stupid. You have to accept the whole package or leave it, these are the rules.
Sin título 04.png
But three months..., what will those sadistic executioners do to us in all that time?

You can already imagine, what do you think you come to, posh girl? I am going to sign for a whole year.

A whole year, are you crazy?
Crazy? I'm wet and horny as a bitch, I get all horny just thinking about it, it's like an eternal BDSM session but without safeword and the executioners are real sadists, not like those weak masters that we go with. The apologize if giving us a pair of lashes!.

No, I don't know, I don't think I can take that much....
th (3).jpg
Come on whores!, I don't have all day, said Bobbi, coming into the office suddenly, have you signed those fucking contracts?
Sin título2.png
The shock caused Chloe to sign the contract in a hurry but she was wrong and did not specify the time of her sentence.


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Sin título 06.png
Come on, give me those papers and go down that corridor ... Quick! I have to delouse you before taking to the boss.

The two girls handed out the contracts shaking and walked Bobbi to the toilet.

Bobbi picked up the contracts and realized that Chloe had not specified the length of the sentence so, instead of asking, she put it herself and chose the maximum sentence period: one year with the possibility of extension. .
Sin título 07.png
In the toilet, Bobbi used a pressure hose of cold water to force them to undress so that the volunteers had to take off their clothes in a hurry, screaming.
Come on, whores!, ha, ha, come on, so naked, come on, take everything off quickly, ha ha.
11760_BobbiStarr_MarkDavis_ChloeCamilla_JadeIndica082.jpgimages (6).jpg
images (8).jpg
What slut butts you have", the executioners will love to sodomize you. Go, like this, like this ...
Yes ma'am.
images (10).jpg
Even though the water was freezing, the two girls let her clean them by offering their naked bodies to the impact of the water in that humiliating shower

And now open your buttocks, wow, it smells like anxious pussy…., What a couple of sows !.
images (8).jpg
And while telling them that, she pointed the hose jet at the orifices of the new volunteers.
Despite the humiliation, two girls spread their buttocks submissively


A few minutes later, the two new volunteers looked like two scalded cats, both of them kneeling before their mistress, waiting to be tied.
1 (1).jpgunnamed (3).jpg
They were tightly bound with ropes tieing their wrists and elbows together.

In this way they were taken to the VIP room of Mr Smith to serve his guests as sex slave girls

Here I bring you the new sows Mr Smith, said Bobbi bringing the slaves with a dog leash, do you want to see how they fuck each other?

But we are not lesbians, Chloe protested.
Bobbi slapped her face in response

Shut up stupid and obey!.
And to the pleasure of the men Bobbi forced the two new slaves to make love to each other. Then Jade started to suck

Then they were forced to kneel and young Chloe was delivered Bishop Salvatierra who had just arrived to see the show.

The fat and raunchy bishop stroked the girl's bare ass with his disgusting hands.
Tell me little girl, how old are you?

She has just turned eighteen, until a couple of days ago she was studying at school with the nuns.

Oh yeah?. The bishop continued to caress her whole body even though she was shaking with disgust at the way he was touching her.

They have told me that you like the stories of the Christian martyrs, I also like them

The bishop made the girl kneel down and took his cock in front of her face his old member smelled of pork the girl made the pretense of rejecting him but he forced her to lick it.
Ha, ha, very well, what a soft tong you have, how long has this girl signed the contract, Mr Smith?

For a whole year at least.

Really? I would like to have this volunteer as my personal slave girl up to the day of her crucifixion. Can I Mr Smith?

Of course, she is yours

Thank you, so my baby now you will have the opportunity to feel what the christian girls felt during their martyrdom.
Chloe felt chills of pleasure as she shoved the bishop's cock deep up her throat.


Gabriel Roman arena 276-1-.jpg
Meanwhile in the arena Keisha's torment continued.
001 (3).gif
The girl couldn't take any more lashes so she hung on his arms. She had been released from her bonds and fell to the ground exhausted, her back covered in whiplash wounds.
images (8).jpg

The executioners rushed to take her to crucify her, but then the audience shouted for her to continue her torture with instruments other than the whip.

Gabriel Roman arena 047.1-.jpg
Hearing the screaming and kicking of the public, Mr Smith behaved like a Caesar in the coliseum and wanted to please the audience. As a consequence Keisha continued to be savagely tormented. For this she was tied to a post with her arms over her head to be tortured in the front of her body.

Gabriel Roman arena 289-1-.jpg
To do this, the executioners flogged her again, this time on the teats, navel and thighs.

Gabriel Roman arena 379-1-.jpg

Then they let the flame of a torch lick the skin on her sides and pussy.

Gabriel Roman arena 496-1.jpg
Keisha screamed at the top of her lungs again as the audience fell silent to better hear her screams.

Gabriel Roman arena 176.1-.jpg
The next thing was to use the pliers to pinch her nipples.

The girl screamed and howled with her face directed towards the sky while those beasts twisted her nipples 180 degrees with those iron pliers until they were almost torn off.

When her nipples were released, they had grown to twice their size and turned red as strawberries.

Anyway, the worst was when two executioners scratched his skin at the same time with sharp rakes.

Gabriel Roman arena 169.1- (1).jpg
Keisha's screams were inhuman as they clawed at the front of her body with those monstrous hooks.


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After "tickling" her with the torture rackets Keisha was let alone for a while.

Oh my God, said a lesbian lover at home. Look at her face , she seems to be in a deep extasis in the middle of the ordeal.
Kiss me my love as if we were in the dungeon the night before our crucifixion.
Keisha was tortured again and again until she almost lost consciousness, so that when they released her, they had to carry her to the cross.

The girl was so exhausted that she did not resist when they were about to crucify her and she only screamed and agitated again when they began to nail her arms to the patibulum of the cross.




While she was being crucified, Keisha had a moment of weakness in the midst of this terrible torment and asked her executioners for mercy.

Some of them had stiff dicks and before nailing her feet they decided to fuck her half crucified.
Andaroos-8-402.jpg1277832041_extras_albumes_0.jpgdescarga (4).jpg

When the public saw what the executioners were doing, they began to cheer for them and many women felt that they were getting wet by the perverse scene they were seeing. Keisha was going to have her last orgasm already nailed to the cross.

So it was and the young woman had three orgasms while a dozen executioners fucked her.

Then they nailed her feet between new cries of pain and raised the cross so that the girl could experience the "pleasure of crucifixion" for hours.


While the public applauded when they saw that the new crucified woman joined Marina in her agony, the executioners went to look for the new victims.


Hey Mr Smith, General Castro said after ejaculating for the second time on Aimi's face. The executioners go too slow. It's been almost an hour now and only two volunteers have been crucified. At this rate we will need all day and it will be night before finishing.

You're right, and Mr Smith ordered Sánchez on his mobile phone to speed up the executions.

18 Inga.jpgimages (1).jpg
Sánchez consulted his list because he had decided to crucify the volunteers in the same order that they appeared on Mr Smith's list. Next were Inga and Nekane.


The two girls were fucked by the executioners and by the guards in front of everyone and then handcuffed to undergo the traditional flogging. People clapped loudly when they saw Nekane's tits dancing to the sound of the whip and splashing the milk from her full udders from not being milked.

And after the whip came the crucifixion. The executioners dragged Inga to the place where the crosses rested and nailed the nails mercilessly into their wrists while they screamed and cried in despair.



Don't shout whores, now don't be martyrs and learn to suffer with dignity the torture you have accepted.


From her cross, Keisha saw how the executioners fucked her companions who screamed like crazy.


In a few minutes another two crosses were raised in the sand to the applause of the public.
Keisha writhed in desperate pain to breathe. Any movement caused excruciating pain in the nail wounds.



I have to congratulate you, Mr Smith, said Conde Salvatierra, focusing a pair of binoculars towards where the four crucified girls were lined up. With all those people in disguise this looks like a real scene from Ancient Rome. "Panem et circenses" real torture scene, ha, ha. I've never seen a real crucifixion up close, I'm looking forward to seeing the twenty-five girls writhing naked.


Thank you very much, Count, have a little patience, I like to go little by little, look at the terror of the volunteers who wait for their torture to begin. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.


Following the recommendations of Mr Smith, many of the executioners and guards had dressed as ancient Romans and a part of the public had done the same in exchange for a reduction in tickets. The latter occupied an entire wing of the amphitheater and looked like extras from a movie. In fact, this was intended to make a historical snuff film in which the only real thing was the victims and the brutal tortures. The film would then be edited with large profit.

Meanwhile, the show continued down there in the arena. Although the next volunteers who had to be nailed to the cross were Alexis and Sybil, Sánchez decided at the last minute to alter the order at the request of Alexis who wanted to share his martyrdom with Kylie and say goodbye by giving her one last kiss. After all, Kylie was not a true volunteer and had been kidnapped by Mr Smith's men on that nudist beach because of Alexis. Now, whether or not she had to go through the same ordeal that her beloved Alexis was going to go through voluntarily.

witcher 675332 .jpgPussy-Perfection.jpgimages (1).jpg

The two girls were released from the pillories where they had already been fucked by several spectators after paying the corresponding amount. In fact two girls had their faces stained of cum. They were then brutally carried to the whipping posts. However, there before tying them up to receive the cruel punishment Sánchez allowed them to hug each other and give one last kiss full of passion.

I'm scared Alexis, I'm very scared, Kylie said, shaking and crying. I don't think I can stand the torture


Have courage, Alexis replied, when they crucify you I will be with you.

Don´t,, don´t leave me, I love you.

Come on whores!, stop touching each other and prepare to suffer, the public is waiting.

The two volunteers allowed themselves to be tied to the torture posts against each other and both were hoisted into the air and flogged at the same time by two executioners at the same time.

First from the back.






006 (1).gif




aren 17.jpg

… .And then they were tied to a wooden structure and flogged from the front ..










Ha ha ha, Sanchez said as he whipped their breasts. You are going to regret that you grew those big tits.

009 (1).gif5682-breast-whipped-from-elitepain-by-spankingifs.gif

This time the executioners were fattened on the prominent breasts of the two women and the salt-soaked whips peeled the skin from their breasts. The two girls screamed uselessly for mercy. Indeed at that moment they would have liked to have their breasts amputated and thus given a quick death.


God, look at their boobs they are red from whiplash wounds.

Many girls in the audience, young and beautiful like them, were wondering very horny what they would feel if flogged with such brutality on their sensitive breasts.
I, I would like to feel the whip on my tits, but I don't dare to sign that contract, the cross must be too horrible a torture.




After more than thirty lashes, the two girls were exhausted but the torture ritual continued and both were separated to suffer other perverse torture on their own.

Kylie was tied to a structure of wooden posts where they had a brazier in which irons and tongs were heated. One of the executioners was applying hot irons to her skin while she writhed and howled uselessly in the air.


Com on, my girl we have just started, and the crowd is enjoying your torture.



The hot iron hissed hideously as it cooled against the bare skin of the tortured young woman.

Gabriel Roman arena 261-1.jpg
Meanwhile, Alexis was tied up with her arms stretched over her head and her legs spread wide and stretched out. His body looked like an inverted Greek and it looked like a skin lying in the sun. To humiliate her, they had driven a stake through her anus so that if she moved a lot she would sodomize herself.

Do you know what this bitch is? Sánchez said, showing her one of those hideous rakes used to peel the skin.

Alexis did not respond, closed her eyes and waited for them to start torturing her, swearing that she would not scream. She actually started howling like crazy from the moment they started slowly skinning her skin.


Meanwhile, the public's attention was diverted from the place where beautiful Alexis suffered this horrible torture to one side of the amphitheater, as some executioners were carrying a huge metal cauldron on handrails.

The men left the sinister black cauldron in a central point in the arena under a gallows and while some men filled it with water, others piled firewood under the big container.

What's that, Mr Smith, a surprise? Judge Varela said.

Yes, Mr Smith replied. Can you guess what the bishop cauldron is for?


For a moment Bishop Salvatierra stopped sodomizing little Chloe and cared for Mr Smith.

The cauldron?… I don't know.

Come on Bishop, you claim to be an expert on Christian martyrs, doesn't that cauldron suggest anything to you?

Oh.......... sure!, the martyrdom of Saint Potamina.


But...Mr Smith!, you won´t dare......., that is a terrible death.

Who was Saint Potamina? General Castro asked, imagining something very sadistic.

She was a Christian martyr, the bishop explained, showing his erudition while stroking Chloe's body. She was condemned to be boiling to death in a cauldron.

Oh my God!

The saint chose to be introduced into the cauldron little by little so that her martyrdom would last longer and so showing her faith strength . Dear Mr Smith, maybe we can use it on sweet Chloe.

The young woman put on an anguished face when she heard those words and looked longingly at Mr Smith.

No, Mr Smith replied, looking sadistically at Chloe, that can wait, the cauldron is reserved for one of Sybil's three friends.

Sybil? Bishop asked
Yeah, that busty moron her friends played a practical joke on, Jimmy! Tell the executioners to do what I ordered.

And taking Sybil they carried her to the place where there was a Saint Andrew's cross resting on the ground.

The girl saw the nails and hammer and begged mercy

Come on, you are useless crying, lie there and stretch your arms and legs

This time the executioners did not even whip the victim l but instead crucified her directly on the cross, making sure that arms and legs were stretched out.

Sybil begged her executioners not to crucify her crying and pleading. He came to offer himself sexually to them if they gave her a quick death, but they had their orders.


aren 131.jpg
Scream scream slut, this is nothing compared to the torture that awaits you

Already crucified, they raised the cross right in front of Mr Smith's VIP box, who wanted to see the torture of the beautiful brunette in detail.

While Sybil was being crucified, Sánchez approached Holly, Kendra and Shae, the three friends who had played the practical joke on her, and explained what was going to happen.

Pq9B8Uw.gifimages (1).jpgimages.jpg
They were sold to be gangbanged

Mr Smith is very happy with the way you tormented your friend, now he wants you to do the same in front of the public.

Let him go to hell!, Kendra said feigning courage, we will do no such thing, let them execute us at once.

Sánchez just smiled sadistically.


Do you see that giant cauldron they have put on the fire? In half an hour the water will be boiling...... The girls saw the cauldron in fear
Oh my God. Have you seen this hugh cauldron on the fire?. What would they use it for?.

Probably they want to cook a volunteer girl in

People of this web are crazy, turn it off please.

No, it makes me very horny, keep sucking on my tits bitch.


Sanchez went on explaining the ordeal to Sybil´s friends
Just start boiling the executioners will submerge you in the water, I can assure you that it takes a long time to die amid atrocious suffering.


In fact they will not really let you die inside, after several minutes they will take you out and nail you to that structure where Kylie is and there ...

What there?

There I myself will flay you alive little by little with knives and scalpels.

All three women trembled with terror.
It's easier to tear off the entire skin if it's already scalded, ha ha.

The women begged and pleaded knowing what awaited them.

If you agree to torture your friend, only one of you will be submerged and skinned, the one that the public chooses as the worst executioner.

Faced with this cruel prospect, the three women were fully prepared to savagely torture their friend Sybil. Now being crucified seemed even softer than the cauldron.
Meanwhile, Kylie had lost consciousness so the executioners untied her and carried her to the cross. The girl even did not resist when the executioners were about to crucify her.


It was 11 a.m. and there were already four crucified volunteers, "dancing" on their respective torment trees.

Marina, Keisha, Angie and Nekane wriggled naked to the delight of the public, who did not stop recording them with their mobiles and observing the beautiful women up close with spyglasses.
The crucified slavegirls could not find a position in which they could stay long. Every muscle, every tendon was a source of intense pain. The cramps caused muscle spasms in her bodies and each breath was a painful effort. The only way to breathe a little freely was to get up on their legs.
The girls made superhuman efforts to do it. To do this, they made force with their arms and stretched their legs, trembling with pain.
Finally when they reached the top of the cross with their heads they could breathe but at the cost of excruciating pain in the feet nails.
The volunteers cried and asked their executioners to finish them off or take them down from the cross, but they only obtained the mockery and laughter of their tormentors.
In the end, when they could no longer bear it, the condemned women gave up, falling back hanging from his arms while skinning their back and ass against the rough wood of the stipe.
The executioners who saw them dance in that way smiled at each other feeling a powerful erection when they saw those beautiful young women naked with their sweaty bodies shiny.

Sánchez and his assistants knew that the girls would continue dancing on their crosses for many hours and when they were in danger of suffocating they would put the cornu on them to prolong their torture for many hours.


Gabriel Roman arena 101.1-.jpg
Then the crowd attention was focused on Sybil who was crucified on Saint Andrew cross just in front of Mr Smith´s vip box.

The girl was crying because around her four executioners were preparing the torture tools: a large brazier with pliers, and a smaller one with metal plate.

An executioner were placing long steel needles radially with the tips inwards and the heads outwards.

What are they going to do to that woman? What are those needles for? Asked a slave whose owner had her naked and tied up in the stands of the stadium.

The needles are for her breasts, he told her, stroking her breasts, she will surely pierce them with hot needles.

images (32).jpg
The girl's nipples hardened when their owner stroked them.

And those other sinister tools in the brazier?

They are the breast rippers, .......to torture her tits.
Wow, your nipples are hard wrinkled, you've gotten horny just thinking about it, hmmm, maybe I'll give you Mr Smith as a volunteer, I'd like to see how they try the breast rippers in your soft breasts.

The girl lowered her beautiful eyes without answering but secretly she thought: "I hope you do my master".


The executioners then brought Holly, Kendra and Shae and the herald announced to the public that the three were in charge of torturing Sybil.

When the torture ends, the crowd will vote which of the three will have done worse. The chosen one would be submerged in the cauldron of boiling water.


Hearing that the people clapped madly.

Once next to the cross in the blade, three girls were released their ties to have their hands free and thus be able to torture poor Syil. Three looked at each other to see which one was going the first. They knew that whoever did the worst or had the most mercy would die in dire agony. None of them wanted to be submerged in boiling water and flayed alive by Sánchez.


Shae and Kendra hurried to grab two whips and, standing on either side of the cross, they prepared to whip their companion. Sybil looked at them in anguish but failed to arouse their pity.


Forgive me, Kendra said through tears but I don't want to be skinned.






The two lashes hit Sybil's thighs and breasts causing her to cry out in pain.





Two other lashes followed the first and these were followed by two more, three four, five times.





descarga (1).jpg


Crucified as she was, Sybil writhed uselessly, hurting herself against the nails that pierced her wrists and feet.

The audience was enchanted by the show, two busty beautiful completely naked women whipping each other. The efforts they made to lash out with all their might made them shake their flesh obscenely, their tits and buttocks trembled to the delight of the public and especially of Mr Smith's guests who saw the cruel scene a few meters ahead.


What would you rather be, the slave or the executioners? I don't know, I think I'd like to try both of them, I would like to be in her place,, this scene is making me very horny.





Sybil's tits, navel, and thighs began to fill with whip marks and the girl screamed for mercy. She could not understand that her own friends guilty of her suffering this terrible ordeal were beating her so cruelly.

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Meanwhile Holly was afraid of being left behind so she went to the table where the torture instruments were arranged neatly and after a few minutes hesitation decided to choose gloves with sharp claws in the place of nails


The young woman put on and showed them to the public raising her hands and making gestures as if she were a beast.

People went crazy with joy as they anticipated the next torture in their imagination.

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In fact, when Kendra and Shae were tired of whipping, it was Holly's turn to approach her defenseless victim threatening her with monstrous claws.



But her partner placed her claws on both breasts and after asking for forgiveness very slowly she scratched the skin of both breasts down.






Poor Sybil was wailing with her head directed to the sky completely and powerless while those ten infernal nails, sharp as knives, made ten furrows in her delicate skin and ten drops of blood slid down the same describing thin reddish streaks.

Holly didn't stop until she clawed at her friend's body to the waist, then put her claws in her armpits and clawed both sides of her at once.


Sybil shook her head sideways screaming like crazy until she was almost hoarse, however Holly had no mercy and after skinning her foot from the sides she did the same on her thighs.


When he was done with her Sybil seemed to have been scratched by the claws of a dozen lions, then it was Kendra and Shae's turn, who used four sponges to apply salt water to the wounds.

At this new torture Sybil howled and screamed for a few minutes and finally lost consciousness.

Seeing that it could harm them, the girls tried to wake her up to continue the torture, but Sánchez did not prevent it.



As Sybil fainted, the audience's attention returned to where Kylie and Alexis were being crucified. The two crosses rested on the ground lined up next to the four volunteers who had already been nailed to their crosses and raised up.

At that moment Kylie was lying on the rough timbers of the cross with her arms and legs stretched out, waiting for her execution to begin.

Why do they tie her to the cross if they are going to nail her arms with nails anyway? Conde Salvatierra asked Mr Smith.

The executioners do it for comfort, although it seems that the volunteers agree to be crucified voluntarily, when the nails begin to pierce their wrists the pain is so terrible that the condemned do everything possible to escape that suffering. Sometimes not even the strength of four burly men is capable of keeping still a woman mad with pain. However, if her arms are firmly tied, she can no longer do anything but scream and kick.

The young woman was lying breathing evenly and in a bath of sweat recovering from the burns of the hot irons. At that moment she was surrounded by several totally naked executioners who showed her their threatening erect limbs as they planned to rape her on the cross after nailing her arms. However, she didn't even care about men, she just raised her head looking for her adored Alexis.

While Sánchez was choosing the nails to use on the girl's wrists and checking with his thumbs that the tips were pricking, the other executioners lustfully caressed the girl's naked body and especially her big tits.


Hey Sanchez, do you think this bitch will cum while we crucify her?

It happens to many, for now she is horny, perhaps because she knows that she has her lesbian girlfriend there.

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Alexis my love, where are you?

I'm here, I told you I wouldn't let you

While they were taking care of Kylie Alexis had been left alone as they planned to crucify her later.

The young woman pushed through the executioners and knelt before Kylie.

Don't leave me, please don't leave me, if you're here I won't be afraid.

Relax, I will not move from here, I will be by your side while they crucify you.

Alexis, I don't want to die like that, no, tell them not to.

But at that moment The executioners took Alexis away from there and, placing the tips of the nails in Kylie's wrists, they raised the mallets and looked at Sánchez waiting for the signal.

Kylie closed her eyes as she felt her crazed heart pounding against her chest.

Alexis, my love, I die for you, she said in an inaudible voice.

Sánchez nodded and the two mallets fell hard on the heads of the respective nails that pushed their way through the meat and tendons.


Kylie let out an impressive scream as a stream of urine escaped from her crotch and her entire body arched in reaction to the pain.

The executioners looked at each other smiling and continued hammering on the nails while the audience that had remained silent to hear the screams of the victim burst into applause and shouts of approval.
KLANG, KLANG the hammer blows clanged metallicly against the heads of the nails, reverberating each blow on the poor girl's nerves.

Meanwhile Alexis, who trembled when she saw her friend suffer, took a step away from the place where they were crucifying her and looked at her own cross in which an executioner made holes thanks to a manual drill while another sharpened nails against a whetstone .

Alexis herself was surprised to get horny when she saw the instrument where they were going to brutally torture her.


Meanwhile, the nails that caught Kylie's wrists had penetrated cleanly through the carpal tunnel and had driven deep into the wood of the patibulum. The executioners began to rape the young woman without waiting for him to finish nailing her arms.
Anyway, some were impatient and couldn't wait for their classmates to finish so they grabbed Alexis and forced him to kneel down and give them a blowjob.
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