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Volunteer girls to the cross

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Mr Smith, said the general, your niece is more beautiful than ever, may I?


And after receiving permission from Mr Smith, the general began to fondle her all over her body.

I saw you down there at the pillory. How many men have you fucked today?

Actually she had lost count of the cocks that had penetrated her pillory and her holes were dripping with sperm.

Well niece, you have already played crucifixion and had fun in your BDSM experience, but this joke is over.

What do you mean uncle?

I'm going to take you back to my house with my new slave maid. You and Valentina will become good friends, ha ha.

But uncle, you promised me ...

I didn't promise you anything….
8b4k1f86bpa31 (1).jpg
Ha ha, come my girl, General Castro said, tying Alli up. You're going to suck me off while I enjoy the show.


And Alli was forced to satisfy the general's lust.

Mr Smith, Mr Kobayashi said, your niece's forgiveness poses a problem as the public has paid for 25 girls and now there are only 24.

Here are five girls at the moment, choose one and she will be crucified in place of my niece. Which of you want to take his place?
All of them were satisfying the men at the time and Chloe was quick to volunteer but her mouth was fuul at that moment and Alice, the busty milf, was faster.
Well, said Mr Smith, Jimmy, take this bitch to the arena and have her crucified, but before they torture her along with Adrianna.

Gabriel Roman arena 494-1.jpg

Meanwhile downstairs Adrianna was being savagely flogged and her screams filled the entire arena as the audience counted the lashes.
The blonde milf writhed in pain as the leather skinned her back.

Ha ha, suck, slave, suck, the general said to Allie, look at the one you've gotten rid of. Mr Smith, he said without taking his cock out of his mouth. Why don't you sell me your niece?

Mr Smith was about to say no, but he realized that this would avoid having to crucify her. He didn't want to do it and he knew that if Allie was still on the island he would end up giving the order.

For her part, her niece was disappointed with her uncle's forgiveness, perhaps she did not think about the consequences of what she was going to do but, moved by rage, she bit the throne of meat that she had in her mouth with all her might.


Take bitch.
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In response the general hit the girl in the face and Alli. God, what a pain!, this bitch has nailed her teeth into my cock.

Mr Smith froze. General Castro was a very important man in the republic and that offense could have fatal consequences.

Are you okay general?
No. This bitch has been about to castrate me, I want to see her on the cross,… but that would be too soft…. first I want to se her savagely tortured

Mr Smith said yes , thinking he had no other choice. Jimmy get her ready.

The executioners grabbed Alli and took her to the arena to torment her close to Adriana, apparently the girl had got what she wanted.

Oh my God!
Alli experienced a tremendous chill when she saw all of those girls crucified in the arena

The future is bleak.jpg
Isn't this Mr Smith's niece? Said one of the guards disguised as a Roman centurion.

Yes executioner, Jimmy replied. Take care of this crucifixion, but first torture her properly, General Castro will pay you well if you treat her in a special way. You understand, don´t you?

Of course, what has she done to be treated like this?

She bit general´s cock, make her pay as you know.
Meanwhile Alli looked at Keisha who was suffering excruciating torment on the cross judging from her contorted face.


Please… pity,... I can´t .....stand. any....more said the brunette, struggling on the cross.

Ha ha, take a good look at her, in a while you'll be like her, and now come here, bitch.

There, she was led to a whipping post that was a few meters from where Adriana was being brutally flogged.

2016-02-18-00-08-27.jpg2016-02-18-22-08-31.jpg006 (1).jpg005.jpg007 (2).jpg

The executioners tied the young Alli with both arms to the post. In this way the two women screamed and cried desperately while the whips peeled their skin little by little.


Mr Smith had a new erection when he saw his beautiful niece flogged in front of Keisha´s cross.




The girl had fallen to her knees after the first twenty lashes and now her back was covered in wounds and welts.


The leather hurt even more on the already partially skinned back and Alli could only scream and arch her back with each lash.

After forty lashes, she was faint and they decided to release her. The girl fell to the ground exhausted.

To wake her up, they poured a bucket of water over her and the girl had a minutes to regain strength

Then the executioners tied her back to two posts with open arms to whip her from the front as well.
Come on, what are you waiting for? she said bravely



Alli gritted her teeth to keep from screaming, but she only endured four or five lashes.



The whips whirred cutting the air and struck the skin of the defenseless girl who would not stop screaming.

The executioners got hard on seeing Alli writhe in pain.

Finally and while they were whipping her they began to fuck her again.


She seems to like the lashes, this bitch is cumming with my cock inside, I feel her vagina shuddering.

While the public enjoyed what they did to Alli, other executioners went to look for Alina, who was next on the list for the cross.

collar 31 d.jpg

Come on girl!, come with me!, don't be shy!


At 12.30 a.m. the show was already quite lively and the arena looked like a real Roman amphitheater in a Christian virgins masacre with all those guards and executioners in costume.

damian arena 1.pngCapture d’écran 2016-12-03 à 14.03.32.png
The hitmen were very busy between the crosses where the crucified volunteers exposed themselves naked for the pleasure of the public. The girls were in a hellish dance suffering that slow and exasperating torture. Although the sun was already high enough and the sand surface was close to thirty degrees Celsius, it was expected that it would be still much hotter and the arena centre would become a real furnace.

Although at that time the crucified girls could be considered lucky when compared to the others who were being wickedly tortured one meter below them.


Adriana was being whipped thoroughly.
The milf was hanging by her arms with all her weight and her two legs had been tied exaggeratedly open so that no corner of her beautiful body would be safe from the whip and the hot irons.


The eight executioners who were taking care of tormenting her only stopped these torments to fuck her or to clean her skin with sponges soaked in salt water. Then Adrianna screamed even louder asking to be finished off at once. As we already know, she would be crucified the last by order of Mr Smith so that a long ordeal still awaited her.

General Castro had come down to the arena disguised as an executioner to personally torture Alli.


Come on bitch, he said, raise your arms so that the executioners will tie them up.
And the girl submissively let them tie her to a St. Andrew's cross.

Already tied, General Castro approached her, throwing his fetid breath on her.
Viсtoria's_ordeal_09 (1).jpg
You have dared to bite my cock now you will pay me, and he slapped her in the face.
Viсtoria's_ordeal_07 (1).jpg
I feel you are wet, anticipating your torture pleasures, much better bitch!.
For her part, Alina had been taken to the place where she was to be tormented, but as usual, before being flogged she had to pay the executioners with sexual services.


unnamed (9).jpgfrench-lp-ymbgj-03adac.gif43680FC.gif3440345_6_o.jpg
The stands also seemed like an orgy as more and more naked or semi-naked people were fucking each other or with the slaves that the kindness of Mr Smith had provided.

A young couple barely contained their instincts

My dear, wouldn't you like to sign the crucifixion contract?


No, are you crazy? I couldn't bear any of those tortures, .....it is,....... it's horrible what they're doing to those poor girls.

Remember you told me to come to the island because you "would kill someone" to see this show.

I thought,..... I thought it would be something different.

Come on!, you knew exactly what it is, many times we have fucked seeing similar things.

Yeah, well… .I can't deny that I'm a horny....

Have you seen that ?, Naughty whores!, sure those bitches enjoy nailed to the cross.

Do you want to be crucified too?

No, I'm not such a whore.

Yes you are, if I want to, I'll denounce you, I'll say you're a whore, that's a crime here. Do you know what happens then?

No, don´t joke about that, ..... asshole. But deep down inside she wanted her boyfriend to denounce her.
At the time, probably what excited the public the most was the torture that Alli was suffering at the general´s hands.

The cross where they had tied the girl had a crank that allowed it to be horizontal.

While the general turned the crank, Alli noticed the torture instruments on a table and especially the pear of anguish. She had already seen that sinister torture device, but she was one of the few girls who had not yet experienced its devastating effects.

Once placed horizontally, Alli was left with her legs spread completely defenseless and at the mercy of her executioner.


General Castro penetrated her roughly even though he still felt a certain pain in his cock.


The man penetrated her and insisted for a while but the truth is that he didn't get hard because of the pain.

Damn, because of you I won't be able to enjoy the party for a few days.



Very good, said the General pulling out his cock, but anyway here you are a hard thing between your legs, and parting carefully her vaginal lips with fingers, he penetrated her with the pear of anguish.

At first, Alli felt a impression from the contact of the cold metal inside her vagina, but then she sighed when the General began to fuck her with the pear.

You like it, eh bitch?


Now we'll see if you like this that much.
And at one point he began to turn the screw of the pear, causing its petals to open and press the delicate walls of the girl's vagina.

Then she understood the horror of that outrageous torture, but it was too late ... soon she began to scream like crazy.

The General smiled sadly.

It hurts, right bitch? He said, touching her belly to feel how the pear bulged it from within.


Now you will feel the pain you have caused me bitch!.

The general went on turning pear screw very slowly.

In their homes many women protected their crotches at that time, horrified by the ruthless torture. Many could imagine that pain or remembered theirnightmares on the gynecologist's table.
God, what is he doing to her? What has that beast gotten into her?

It is a pear of anguish you ignorant, a fearsome medieval torture device. It was used with adulteresses and witches, and also in sodomites´anus. It can tear the inside of the sex or the anus.

Oh my God, I see, its horrible,....even much worse than crucifixion..

I hope they apply hot pliers to the handle, the pear is made of metal and will transmit the heat inside of the vagina, can you imagine?

God how cruel you are, are you crazy?

The general was enjoying so much that he had forgotten his own pain.

Well my dear, later I will continue with the pear, but now I will take care of your breasts. Your uncle says they are very sensitive.
And with a pincer he pinched her right nipple and after squeezing it began to twist.


General Castro made a sadistic gesture as he twisted the girl's delicate nipple.
At that moment Mr Smith ejaculated on Jade's face who was giving him a blowjob.


It took a few moments for her to recover. Alli looked down at her nipple, which was red and swollen and ached with every beat of her heart.


What do you do now she told the general who was manipulating the tongs over a hot brazier.


I'm preparing this for you, bitch, and then he took a long, red-hot needle out of the brazier and held it up for her to see.

Ha, ha, look at this, slut!

The girl looked terrified at the needle that was bright red and understood what was going to happen.

Ha ha, now you'll see what fucking pain is.


And grasping the breast with one hand he drove the needle from the lower part of the tit.


Alli's boob, hard and tender at the same time, was ideal for sticking that needle down the middle.

The general nailed it little by little to prolong her suffering and the red-hot iron burned the flesh millimeter by millimeter.


As Alli howled in despair, a small trickle of smoke rose from the insertion point of the metal

AAAAYYYY, NO PLEASE. The young woman's entire body trembled as her face warped from the intense pain and a pee stream came out of her crotch.
The tip of the needle poked out after bulging the flesh and Alli looked down at her breast in horror.

It hurts, right bitch? look, I have many more needles for you.

And saying this the General put another needle in the fire to continue the torment.

I'm not going to beg you, pig, she said furiously, keep up with what you're doing but don't expect me to ask for mercy.

I don't care about that bitch, I just want to see you suffer.



Seconds later Alli screamed and waved completely helpless on the cross for the joy of the public.

Despite his age Mr Smith had fully recovered his erection and claimed Aimi's mouth to give him a blowjob.

Your niece is a perfect slave, Judge Valera said. Aren't you sorry to have her crucified?

At first yes, but now I would kill to see how she screams when nailed to the cross.
Meanwhile General Castro had driven two more needles into her left breast. However, he wanted to move on to something stronger and General Castro changed his instrument.

The sadistic torturer chose a hot iron to apply to the flesh


As she howled, Alli rolled her eyes in sheer pain. Only the torture drug kept the girl from losing consciousness.



Meanwhile, a few meters from there the flogging of Adriana continued. The beautiful milf danced to the beat of the whip for the pleasure of the audience.
Despite her incessant screams and pleas for mercy, and despite the fact that her naked body exhibited countless whip marks,
gabriel inquisition 278-1-.jpg
the woman seemed to be in an ecstasy of delight judging from the expression on her face.

th (13).jpg
after whipping her for half an hour, the executioners had untied Adriana but only to re-tie her in an obscene posture with her legs wide open.

Gabriel Roman arena 404-1-.jpg
The first thing they did was pour a bucket of cold water on her to wake her up because the milf was exhausted from receiving so many lashes.

A few meters in the stands some women laughed at her. What a bitch, the executioners have sodomized her so many times that the hole in her anus no longer closes. In this position, Adriana's crotch was completely defenseless and exposed to torture and rape, and the executioners alternated several things such as sticking a stake up her ass and applying hot irons to the soles of her feet and the inner part of her thighs. .


It seems that the whore likes what we do to her, her asshole is hot, touch her here with the incandescent embers, so the cornu will hurt like hell when they stick it up her burned rectum.


Adriana screamed helplessly flailing and twisting uselessly in her bonds while the executioners tortured her with impunity.

Hooked Tits Torture_m.jpg

And this, for your bitch titties, and they nailed two hooks to her nipples and tied them to the horizontal crossbar from which her arms hung.



Adriana rolled her eyes and peed on herself as the hooks pierced her sensitive nipples

With her boobs dangling and stretched to the limit, the torture continued slowly and wickedly.

God, how savage, I'd trade for her right now, but I don't have the guts to sign that contract. Look at her that bitch face! Surely she has chosen it herself, she deserves everything they do to her.


Mr Smith was enjoying Adriana's ordeal more than his own niece Alli.


At that moment, the man had his cock stuck in Anette's mouth, and she kept sucking it without rest.


The blonde was also horny watching Adriana's torture and wondering if they would do the same to her.

Meanwhile, the executioners did not rest.
descarga (13).jpg

Do you know what this is whore? One of them said showing her the pear of anguish.


For the torture of the pear they opened her pussy labia with hooks

No, not again, please, NOT AGAIN , I BEG YOU PLEASEEEEE


Ha ha ha, I see you already know him, get ready to visit hell, bitch.


And opening the lips of the vagina wide, they penetrated her with the pear while the public screamed hysterically.

06 (1).jpg

Once with the pear well inserted, the expert executioner began to operate the screw very slowly and indeed Adriana returned to visit hell with inhuman screams.

descarga (8).jpgbondage-index.jpg

unnamed (1).gif

Oh! how much she is suffering!, Oh I am cumming, God.



images (21).jpgimages (51).jpgImplements-very-similar-to-these-blacksmiths-tongs-were-heated-up-and-used-to-tear-off-gobbets...jpg

Ha, ha, whore enjoy your lover now, it is still cold but the tongs are heating in the brazier and later I will put them on the handle of the pear.

From her home the last new volunteer from the island of Cabo Florido lay on a sofa naked tied in hogtied.

Mr Smith's hitmen had come to look for her and arrest at her house. The sadistic men were preparing to take the girl to the van to take directly to the amphitheater.

Anyway, she was so hot that they fucked her while they watched Adriana's torture on the computer.


The executioners keep opening the pear but they also manipulate it inside and outside by fucking him with it. The labia were so stretched out that they threatened to tear. Adriana's screams were so loud that they had to gag her with a gagball.

In reality, the new volunteer had been sold to Mr Smith by her companion who had signed the crucifixion contract for her by forging her signature. He had done it out of envy and because he wanted to steal some valuable jewelry that he kept in the safe.
Ha ha, bitch, now they are going to take you to the amphitheater to torture you like her, I have also put in your contract that your favorite torture is the pear of anguish.

They say that it hurts like in childbirth, and that they have only opened the pear to half its size.


Don't worry, I'll go and be witnees of your torture the day you are crucified, I wouldn't miss it for the world.


God how she screams, now they have put the hot pliers on the handle and the pear is heating up inside her pussy. They will torture me in the same terrifing way and I can't do anything . Oh God.


Meanwhile, a few meters from where Adriana suffered this brutal torment, the executioners finished unloading their cocks inside Alina's body.
64663019_alina-henessy-hd-sex-group-pornstar-brunette-high-heels-hd-1080p-anal-blowjob-fingeri...jpgTo the Cross r.jpg
And after leaving her satisfied and full of semen, they took her by pulling hair to the flogging place.

The executioners threw her to the ground but she just looked at them with her beautiful eyes.
Up bitch, get ready for the whip

Before tieding her up an executioner showed her the lash with which they were going to whip her

Naked and with arms tied above her head Alina showed she was still horny with her stiff nipples dripping drops of milk and pasty drops of semen slowly slid beetwen legs.


You suck it very well but now you are going to dance to the sound of the whip, said an executioner making the whip buzz.


The executioners disputed among themselves to see who flogged the beautiful Alina and they cast lots, while she watched how people looked lustfully at her beautiful naked body.


Finally, since did not agree, they decided to take turns. A torturer would take over from the previous one every twenty lashes. The first who had the honor to start was Richard, Alina's former master who had agreed to hand her over to Mr Smith to be crucified.


As with all the other victims, the audience rhythmically counted the lashes in chorus from the first to the last.









dt.common.streams.StreamServer (1).jpg
What a beautiful girl and what a perfect body!, she is not more than twenty years old like me, I cannot understand how that beauty willingly accepts to die on the cross.
She has probably dreamed of this moment since she were a child. Look at her face, it does not seem to be suffering but enjoying her scourging.






dt.common.streams.StreamServer (1).jpg
Yes, besides, she doesn't even scream, I don't understand, the marks that the whip is leaving on her back don't lie.

In reality Alina was holding back her screams out of obedience and respect to her former owner who used to subject her to long floggings with the order to suffer in silence. However, the whip scratched at her skin and curled around her beautiful body, leaving a thin red trail in its wake. Obviously this wasn't a game and it had to hurt like hell. The young woman trembled with each lash of pure pain and rage but she pressed her lips together as tears fell from her eyes without stopping. Finally, the fifteenth lash hit her sensitive nipples right in the middle and the girl gave a pitiful cry



001 (2).jpg


The audience applauded when Richard managed to get the first scream out of him, and Richard greeted the audience with a mocking bow.

Alina looked down at her breasts and saw the whiplash wound magically appear in her eyes between reddish and purple. It did indeed cross her two nipples which were thick and hard as stones at that time.


007 (1).gif


After stopping a few seconds, the executioner resumed the torture and this time Alina did not stop screaming at any moment, shaking like crazy with pain.

After the first twenty lashes, the second executioner succeeded the first and resumed the flogging with all his might.


Despite having penetrated her through all her orifices several times a few minutes before, the executioners were again spliced as the leather of the whip clicked against Alina's body as if it were against the head of a drum and she responded with desperate wailing. Her naked body did not stop getting excited making her boobs tremble wildly while the drops of milk were released from her breasts.




Andaroos-15-Page-595r.jpgimages (5).jpg

Despite the barbarous punishment, the young woman did not ask for mercy at any time, but only shouted and howled with all her might. The executioners only stopped to penetrate her again.
It's incredible, that bitch has come in the middle of the torment. God, why won't I be braver? I would sign the contract right now. I wish I were naked and tied in front of all these sadists tortured and fucked. Fuck, I am hot .
After fucking her in the vagina and anus The executioners chose to tie her to a cross so that she could move less under the lashing and they resumed the flogging. This time they concentrated on slowly skinning her back and ass with resin-soaked whips.


Fifty seven

This time Alina screamed even louder and more desperately, and the new punishment broke her as she began to ask for mercy.

Part of the audience smiled sadly when they saw the slave give up and begin to plead. Anyway it would be useless as there would be no mercy. The flaying with the whip would continue, and the contact of his skinned back against the wood of the cross would in itself be an unbearable ordeal.


Fifty eight.

Again the dance of her naked body by the lashes made the executioners hard again. They stopped the flogging and fucked her once more on the cross until she couldn't take it anymore and was about to faint. Only then did they release and after picking up from the ground they took her to the Backbreaker rack to continue the torture.

Witnessing Alina's exciting flogging Renata finally decided to surrender herself to Mr Smith's guards.

Renata was a penniless eighteen-year-old backpacker who had managed to slip into the amphitheater without a ticket. The young woman had been in the stands of the amphitheater for several hours and she was very horny to see what those brutes did with those beautiful women.

Renata outwitted the guards and knocked directly on the door of Mr Smith's VIP box.
Can I enter, sir?


Without waiting for an answer Renata entered Mr Smith's box. It looked like an orgy with all these naked, bound girls giving blowjobs to those mature men. These were in full ecstasy so that at first they did not even notice the intruder.

Arena crosses.jpgB7C0D9BA-72F6-4DEB-89EA-64924D39C93B.jpegRoman crucifictions&Decadence2-34.jpg

Renata, for her part, stayed at the view of the arena, there could see the forest of crosses in which those beautiful naked women who had been savagely whipped and crucified moments before were struggling uselessly.
images (8).jpg
Renata got even more wet when she saw the spectacle of Alina, Adriana, Alli and Sybil and almost accidentally put her hand inside her shorts.

Who are you? Who did they you let here?

At Mr Smith's angry voice, Renata removed her hand from her wet crotch and immediately assumed a submissive posture with her hands behind her neck.

I want…., I want to be a volunteer, like them… I mean…. You know,…. to the cross

Do you want to be crucified? How old are you? You look very young.

Eighteen sir.

Ha ha, these girls are crazy, said Mr. Kobayashi looking at her like a hungry wolf.

So you want to volunteer? All right, get naked, I want to see your body before I let you sign the contract.

Yes, yes sir.

Renata was already expecting it so she started lifting her shirt without arguing.

Yes, ha, ha, so!, like this!, higher up, show us your pretty tits.

Yes sir, as you command
They are very nice Mr Smith, said Mr Kobayashi who wanted to fuck the newcomer.

Why did you get nipple piercings?

big (1).jpg

To increase my sensitivity.

So you're a masochistic whore. That way they'll hurt more when you are tortured, now al clothes off, bitch!


And Renata obeyed by remaining completely naked.

Then Mister Smith picked up his cell phone and asked for an executioner to come.


Renata trembled when she saw that hooded man who came with a handcuff in his hand but did not even move when he began to torture her in front of all those perverts.

Pinch her tits to see how long she can stand.

Sin título.png


Sin título2.png

The executioner pinched her nipples with his iron fingers and twisted them, taking advantage of the piercings to make more force.


Renata felt as if they were to be ripped off but endured the torment.

You managed to keep your hands behind your neck despite the pain, I see that you are a masochistic whore so....... you are accepted.
Sin título3.png
Thank my Lord.

Are you sure what you are doing?

Yes my lord.

So, you will sign the contract for a renewable year.

What does that mean?

You will be crucified in a year, during this time you will be raped and tortured every day.

Renata felt a chill of pleasure but she also got frustrated

Okay, but.... Mr Smith.... I want to suffer torment in the arena just today.

Don't worry about that bitch. Tomorrow you will be taken to the fortress's torture chamber and there you will have much more than you desire. I will be witness of your first torture session.

Sorry sir, before that, grant me a wish.

Sin título3.png
Take me to the arena now and make your executioners torture me naked in front of all those people.

Well okay, you will be in the arena suffering with the others.

Yes, my lord, I am only your slave.

And now sign.

Mr Smith, I too have a wish, said Mr Kobayasi, I want this young lady to suck me while I enjoy the show.

Of course, slave obbey Mr Kobayashi!, and Renata knelt to give the Japanese businessman a blowjob.

Meanwhile in the anphiteater arena the torture of the volunteers continued.

There Alli, Mr Smith´s niece he cried trembling over the cross in the cross on his body covered by the burns of the red hot irons.

Ha, Ha, bitch, I'm not done with you yet. I see that you feel the pear inside your vagina.
Please take it out for me, I can't take it anymore

Your wishes are orders to me.



Ha, ha, it hurst right bitch?

And brutally General Castro took the pear out of Alli's body
What are you doing, what are you going to do with me now?

Don´t be impatient slave! We have a lot of time before your crucifixion

And the torture continued slowly and perversely, only that General Castro changed the instruments as if he were a bullfighter.


Before being nailed to the cross you will meet your new lover


The huge, hot and lumpy dildo penetrated Alli's aching vagina making her visit hell.
General Castro fucked her with him taking him out and putting him in for a few endless minutes.
was being penetrated by a huge dildo while they applied hot irons all over her body. The girl's vagina was so sore from the action of the vaginal pear that penetration with that protruding dildo hurt like hell.

While meeting Mr Smith's guests, Renata heard Alli's desperate screams and wanted to finish soon, impatient to be led to the arena

Meanwhile Alina howled in pain as her torso was scratched with cat nails.

unnamed (1).jpg


The executioner slowly scratched her skin with those sharp nails of steel.

Put the salt on the wounds!.

002 (1).jpg

Not before yet, make another pass with your nails.



After releasing them from their respective instruments of torture, they left the two young women in the ass and in a few minutes the executioners took them away to be crucified.


001.jpg002 (2).jpg003.jpg006.jpg012.jpg

After having subjected to the torture of the wooden pony Adriana took Alina's position on the rack and after tying her wrists and ankles tightly, they began to operate the infernal instrument.

3 (1).jpg

The backbreaker rack had a terrible effect on the body of the condemned woman because in addition to stretching her limbs to a point close to dislocation, they curved her back backwards threatening to break all of her vertebrae.

0000000006 (1).jpg


descarga (14).jpg
Adriana screamed like crazy thinking that they were breaking all the bones in her body, but when the executioners thought they were about to dislocate their shoulders they stopped squeezing and thus leaving her in unbearable pain they began to prepare the second part of the torture.

For that, they tied the base of their fleshy breasts with two separate leather belts until the woman's large breasts were like large bluish globes.

You are going to regret that you have grown those tits, said one of the torturers and then began to whip them with a cat with leather tails that were impregnated in resin.




Witchunter booklet2 02.jpg
The tails hit the perky skin of Adriana's breasts and when they were pulled they left reddish lines that stung and burned her breasts. After flogging the executioners worked again with the rack over the punished Adrianna´s body , and the tortured her boobs in other ways.

Indeed, Adriana came to wish that those sensitive udders had never grown, the mere touch of which normally brought her to the point of orgasm.
However, when they finished the torment and released her from the rack, Adriana looked at her executioners with lust, encouraging them to fuck her again, so at least they would let her rest for a while in her ordeal

Exhausted as they were by the repeated torture, neither Alli nor Alina made any resistance when the executioners carried them to their respective crosses and crucified them at the same time a few meters away from each other.

Before crucifying her, Alli was given a strange concoction to drink. Mr Smith took pity on his niece and ordered that a drug be administered which would lessen her suffering a little. Probably said drug made the girl start having visions

The torturers showed her the nails and she felt a tremendous chill and trembled with fear but did not pray for her life.
One of the strong executioners pushed her against the patibulum and held both arms against the wood without worrying about her kicking. Thus the poor girl began to experience tremendous dizziness and in her semi-consciousness she believed she saw that her executioners were monstrous demons. She tried to scream but she was kind of drunk and no coherent came out of her mouth.
Leave me ...... you are devils, .... and I am in hell, .... for my sins with my uncle, ..... blood of my blood ...... leave me. And the girl saw without being able to do anything as one of those devils was about to nail her right wrist with a gigantic nail.


She turned her face away at the last moment. KLANG, AAAYY, KLANG; AAAYYY, NOOOO. Despite the anesthetic, the nail hurt as if it were traversing his red-hot wrist, breaking tendons and nerves in its wake.
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