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Volunteer girls to the cross

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Ann Marie was cruelly tortured on her bulging breasts by Richard for an eternal hour. This executioner had received extra pay from Judge Varela to subject the milf to additional torture.

To do this, he tied her to a post with her arms raised so that her bare breasts were defenseless.
Ha ha, he said after punching her in the tits, does it hurt?

Ann Marie felt a tremendous pain in her already battered udders but she kept quiet.

I imagine that those udders grew so much when you gave to suck your "busty suckling piglet" and that you enjoyed every time your baby sucked them, yes !, ...... all the times that I have fucked you in the dungeon have seemed to me that they were very sensitive.

It was true Ann Marie had so sensitive tits that she could reach an orgasm only by sucking both at the same time. The repetitive tortures in the fortress had become them even more sensitives.

Look at that brazier, there are the heat needles, pliers and breastrippers. They are a gift from Judge Varela to treat your precious boobs before they are amputated.
Ann Marie stared at the brazier filled with glowing embers where the instruments of torture were glowing red and she felt a shudder of terror. At the same time her areoles stood on end and her nipples grew hard as stones. Only that really hurt.

Yes,.... said to the executioner as if she were very hot,..... torture me,.... please, punish me as much as you want on my breasts, so that the crowd enjoy my torture.

Richard was stunned.

Are you crazy? or you are a masochistic whore.

Yes,...you are right I am a masochstic , Come on, you wish to see me suffer as much as me.

Okay, you wanted it bitch.

And taking a red-hot plier, he pinched her right nipple.



The hot iron whistled when touched the delicate nipple skin and poor woman writhed in pain as she howled looking up at the sky.

The audience applauded and cheered the executioner satisfied with the torment.

Rip it off that bitch!, come on!.

And heeding the suggestion, the executioner twisted the tit point both ways without letting go of his grip and came to pull the nipple.


Ann Marie continued howling in pain, and a stream of pee ran between her legs.

When the iron cooled down, the executioner returned it to the embers to warm it up again.

Ha ha, did you like it bitch? You were screaming so loud that I didn't realize it.

The woman replied with tears in her eyes.

Is that all you can do? Let's go,.... now the other one and don't stop no matter how much I scream or beg.

Crazy bitch, a thousand hell .....



The executioner continued to torture her with tongs, grabbing pinches on her navel and groins near pussy,.... and twisting her left nipple. The woman seemed to suffer unspeakably and cried out for mercy but Richard did not understand anything because as soon as he released her she would beg to continue the tit savage torture.

After using the red hot pliers for twenty minutes, the executioner changed the tool and took the breast rippers had been used to rip Sybil´s boobs minutes before.

2016-02-01-00-24-08 (1).jpg


In Ann Marie's case the executioner didn't want to amputate the udders yet so he used the red hot tool to poke the tender flesh of her tits at four different spots and then shake and twist them mercilessly.

In response to the savage torture Ann Marie would not stop crying or drooling amongcries of mercy.

So cruel was her torture that the public focused on her ignoring what they did to Mallory

And now the needles,...... executioner......please, don´t stop the supplice
Pierce...... my tits...... with those steel needles.......from side....to side.....please

At your command, bitch

gabriele dungeon 873-1-_l.jpg



The red hot needles found their path in Ann Marie´s breasts roasting milimeter to milimeter, one, two, three, four needles in each tit in a very long and painfull way.

In fact Ann Marie, was protecting her daughter. She asked and accepted the horrendous martyrdom to attract the sadistic audience's attention to her. Maybe this way they would leave Mallory alone and her daughter would be free of one of the torments.


This is the beginning of a story I am writting now. It is inspirated directly in the drawings by our admirated Markus. In fact, it is illustrated as he usually makes with pictures of nude women who are suposed to represent the victims that appear in his drawings. Of course I use other pictures reales and his excitating drawings as well.

As in Markus´comics occurs I have to advertise to the readers that this story includes snuff and brutal tortures.

Tell me if my english is understable and correct my wrongs, please.

Volunteer girls to the cross


The small island of Cabo Florido in the Caribbean is owned by Mr Smith, a perverted and eccentric rich man obsessed with the female crucifixion who has also turned that obsession into a successful business. The island belongs to the Republic of San Mateo, a small corrupt state whose authorities are bribed every month by the rich man. Thanks to substantial cash payments Mr Smith pretends to have carte blanche to carry out his sordid activities and in fact he has managed to get the politicians of the country not to get involved in his affairs. In this way the Island of Cape Florido has become its small kingdom and in it only its will is done.

Every day volunteer women come to the island from all over the world to suffer the ordeal of crucifixion in its most extreme and cruel form. The executions on the cross as well as the tortures they endure are recorded and edited on video and are advertised all over the world thanks to a paid web page. This snuff page has a huge success and gets millionaire income.

The page itself is used as a means to recruit and recruit new volunteers. In a section of it, new candidates are requested to be crucified and, although it seems incredible, dozens of new requests are made daily. So much so that most of them are rejected and only beautiful and young women, of beautiful bodies and preferably of big and fleshy breasts are accepted. In fact to be admitted as volunteers, the candidates have to send a request to Mr Smith. In it, it is mandatory to attach nude photographs of their bodies, they must also put personal information and the reasons they have accepted voluntary death on the cross.

In addition, by obligation, the candidates have to choose at least one of the tortures they will suffer while they are crucified in a long list: flogging with all kinds of whips, including versions of Roman flagrum to flay skin, cornu in vagina and anus cold or heated with boiling water, use of irons and hot tongs especially in the breasts, piercings with needles and hooks also hot, partial or total impalament, removal of nipples, full breasts and clitoris, cat claws to scratch the skin and a long etc. They can also make extra requests for other types of punishment to be applied before in the torture chamber or during the suplicce of the cross.

Anyway, it is clear that these requests do not suppose any limit to the sufferings of the volunteers because at the moment of the truth Mr Smith reserves the right to order all kinds of torments and usually gives the executioners freedom so that they apply to all the volunteers the tortures they want. In fact, lately he has decided to combine crucifixion with other equally wild methods of execution such as impalement, broken wheeling, dismemberment or fire on the stake.

All requests go through the hands of Mr Smith and when the volunteers are accepted they are offered to sign a contract in which the conditions of both the previous captivity and the execution itself are regulated. It specifies that the volunteers must go to a predetermined place and date where they are picked up by agents of Mr Smith and taken to the island discreetly. From that moment they lose all their rights and are treated as slaves or condemned.

That candidate who signs the contract can no longer back down or repent. The document has no legal validity but if the one who signed it does not comply and does not show up to voluntarily surrender on the agreed date and place, Mr Smith sends him some assassins to be abducted and taken by force to the island. .

Obviously most of these women are masochists, they are excited by the idea of dying on the cross slowly in a cruel and painful way in front of a crowd that enjoys their suffering. However, it also excites them to feel completely helpless slaves and at the mercy of executioners and guardians for days or weeks of endless torture, abuse and humiliation of all kinds.

The volunteers are warned that during their captivity they will be at the mercy and caprice of perverse and sadistic guys who will enjoy their daily tortures as well as their body. Most of these thugs and executioners have been personally chosen by Mr Smith among rapists and psychopaths from the worst prisons in the world. Others are torture professionals from third-country police forces. Nor are there missing perverted volunteers from all over the world who come to the island asking to do this work and even paying for it.

Some of the volunteer women accept suffering the torment on their own initiative but others do so encouraged or forced by their masters, husbands, tutors, etc. In all cases the rich man offers substantial financial compensation for the victims, whether they are voluntary or not, so that there is no shortage of women who sell themselves to save their own people from poverty or misery.

Between the signing of the contract and the execution itself, a long period of time that can reach one year is usually allowed for volunteers to enjoy a more exciting and full sex life during that time. Until they receive the fateful letter that they must appear before Mr. Smith's men, they are free and can recreate in their minds the inevitable torments that await them. Oddly enough, in this way many women turn their boring sexual life into something much more exciting. However, there is no lack of deceived, blackmailed women or those who simply take the contract as a joke. The latter always end up regretting their stupidity because Mr Smith does not forgive anyone and they all end up on the island.

Likewise, the pervert boss often negotiates with authorities, judges and prison wardens in countries where the death penalty is accepted and for a small amount of money to compensate the authorities and the families in the areas, offer convicts the possibility of changing a sentence to life imprisonment for death on the cross. The latter is undoubtedly more painful but also faster. Although most of the prisoners reject it, incredibly some women accept because that life in these prisons is a long hell on earth. The latter are not exactly voluntary but almost.

Once the condemned arrive on the island, they are confined fully naked and chained in the dungeons of an old colonial fortress awaiting execution for weeks or months. Remember that these women have lost all their rights so the guards and executioners can dispose of them at will. Also not long ago the fortress has been equipped with a complete torture chamber to interrogate the prisoners or simply for the pleasure of tormenting them daily before they even reach the day of the crucifixion.

Mr Smith has recently discovered a new way to get more victims in a relatively simpler and cheaper way. Thus he has ordered that all prisoners to be subjected to interrogations and torture that can last for weeks and thus can blackmail their suffering to their mothers, sisters, friends, lesbian lovers. This way, they get them to volunteer in an immediate future with all kinds of cheating and blackmail.

When the day of the ordeal arrives, the crucifixion is public and is celebrated in an amphitheater built for the purpose by Mr Smith himself and in which up to 2,000 spectators can be accommodated. These can enter and enjoy the sadistic show after paying an entrance of about $ 500 and afford the trip to the island. Depending on how many condemned are crucified at the same time, these shows are long and can last from sunrise to sunset, so the death on the cross can be extended for fifteen hours or more perfectly. We can already imagine the rosary of torments that can be applied at that time to those unfortunates girls while hanging from their crosses. In the event that a candidate survives the sunset, her legs are broken with hammer blows to accelerate her end, however some are very masochistic and expressly request that they not do so with what in some extraordinary cases have lasted alive two and even three days on the cross with their corresponding nights ... ..
This worthless slave girl wants to volunteer for 10 years of torture with whips, scourges, hot irons, hot tongs, breast torture and to try the entire list, and wants to spend its slavery in chains. It will pay for its own delivery and begs for years of agony. Please Master Smith, enslave me.

Can you put hooks through the flesh of my back, wrap me in real barbed wire, suspend me by the hooks and wire and whip me mercilessly. Make the wire tight so it cuts deep every time I flinch under the whip. Then bring the hot irons.

This pathetic slave’s only request is to wear her skimpy slave skirt throughout.

For it’s execution this pathetic slave deserves to be nailed on the cross and tortured cruelly. If it survives, do not waste its suffering by breaking it’s bones, let it suffer fir days.

I beg for sweet torture, master!
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Indeed Anne Marie managed with her sacrifice to save her daughter Mallory from a series of extra tortures, but she could not prevent her from being subjected to the cruel ritual of crucifixion. in its classical way.

So two henchmen led her to the whipping post.
Flogging was mandatory, and even if Mallory swore that she was not going to exert any resistance, they would flog her anyway.



AAAAYYYYY, mercy, mercy, please you don´t need this, I obey, I obey

Take it bitch!




After a good round of lashing, the two executioners dragged Mallory to the cross, but did not nail her until finished the rape. Judge Varela clapped from Vip box when he saw what those brutes did with the girl who had despised him.


Mallory allowed herself to be raped and didn't even resist much when they extended her arms to the patibulum.

The audience chanted in chorus.

Crucify her, crucify her! and the executioners fullfilled the order





And after wrists, the feet, with no mercy



The audience cheered for the executioners as they began to hoist the cross from which Mallory hung while her mother wept from the torture post.
Already crucified and from her cross Mallory saw how the executors smiled satisfied with a huge erection although they had just raped her.

It was probably the effect of seeing her beautiful naked body nailed to the cross, exposed for further torture.

Ann Marie cried bitterly.

Oh, my poor baby, what are they doing to you?


After suffering a thousand and one tortures in her round boobs, Anne Marie was punished again with a new flogging.
Thank Judge Varela these whipping whore, and shout out loud thanking him.

Come on, executioner, what are you waiting for? That impotent judge pig is waiting for me to get hard while he watches you torture me.


Take whore, suffer and scream, come on.
Despite suffering her own torment, the woman saw her daughter Mallory already crucified, who in turn was being savagely flogged.

After receiving another thirty lashes, Anne Marie was taken to the place where she was to be crucified, just a few meters from her daughter Mallory.
Anne Marie asked the executioner to let her give her daughter one last kiss, and the latter in a gesture of pity allowed her to do so.
While kissing the feet nailed to the stipe Anne Marie told him in a whisper to have courage.

Mama, it hurts, ......it hurts, .....a lot, .......please ask them to unclam me from the cross.
Hold on daughter, don't give that pig the satisfaction of seeing you scream.


Trying to give him an example of dignity, Anne Marie lay down on the wood of the cross and submissively spread her arms. Two executioners prepared to nail her wrists and the woman gulped at the sight of those long, pointed nails.


How ... how can that woman be so calm? .....Does she wish to be crucified? .... God....God... I'm going to co...meeeee...

Anne Marie could no longer feign courage when the first nail pierced her wrist, breaking nerves in its path...


An the hell of crucifixion started for her.






The executioners crucified Anne Marie without mercy and they drove the nails deep into the wood so that the woman would not fall from the cross once it was raised.



And after the hands nailed her feet with strong and rhythmic blows of a mallet. These nails hurt even more and Anne Marie screamed desperately. The woman did not believe what was happening to her, the terrible ordeal of the crucifixion that she had dreamed of every night in the dungeon of the fortress.






Ha ha, cry slut, cry and scream for your live.

3 models 70a.jpg
After nailing her arms and feet into the wood, Anne Marie saw how they raised her cross and the poor woman could see how the public applauded with excitement when they saw that another cross was raised with another beautiful naked woman covered with lashes.

When the woman saw how the public looked at her and how the executioners masturbated when they saw her naked body, she felt a sudden shyness because her body showed something similar to sexual arousal in front of her daughter.

3 models 83a.JPG

Once this initial embarrassment was overcome, Anne Marie looked at Mallory who was crucified about ten feet away.

My poor Mallory, at least we will die together.

Mom, why, what is that brazier they have placed there for? Are they going to torture us? why? why? is it not enough for them to crucify us?

I'm afraid it's to torture our tits and pussy with red hot irons


Yes daughter, unfortunately you have inherited boobs as big and sensitive as mine and the executioners will have fun applying hot irons to our breasts.

No, please, that no, please my tits nooooo

We can't do anything, daughter. They can do whatever they want with us, suffer quietly.

Meanwhile the executioners went looking for the three lewd nuns to crucify them.

Please at least take the headdress off my head, it's very humiliating.

Never in your dreams slut, we want everyone to see that you are nuns.

And the three nuns were walked through the arena tied and naked with the headdress on their heads amid the shouts and insults of the people. The executioners did not crucify them immediately because before they decided to "play", fuck and torture them in public in different ways.......


While the three naked and handcuffed nuns were forced to walk around the ring of the arena with whipping and sharp forks, the herald told the crowd of their crime and sentence.

These three sisters from the Santa Marta Convent belong to the congregation of the Slave Girls of the Holy Cross. All three have confessed their heinous crime of having seduced dozens of chaste priests who heard them in confession. Due to their sin, all three became pregnant and after having their children and giving them in confession, they appear before you to be crucified.

The audience screamed with joy.

All three have been ofered a quickly way of die but these sinners have voluntarily chosen to be crucified naked before you, in their own words,, they want to suffer as ancient martyrs.

Whores! Bitches! You don't deserve to be nuns.

Of course they will be pleased in their wish and the three will be nailed to the crosses next to each other, however, before that, as their sin has been very serious, the bishop has recommended that they be tortured specially in the parts of the body with which they sinned: tits , sex and anus. For this, the executioners will use whips, fire and red-hot irons and other torture tools they want.

The audience clapped again and the three bound nuns heard the terrible sentence with their heads lowered and humiliated as they felt their hearts race and their cunts get wet when they heard the details of their terrible ordeal.
Sister Dolorosa realized that she was going to be tortured in ways very similar to those applied to young Christian martyrs in Ancient Roman times. That was the kind of sadomasochistic fantasy she masturbated to every night in her bedroom at the convent, but this time for real. The young woman was about to have an orgasm just thinking about it

Of course, before proceeding with the torment, the executioners demanded payment from their victims for their work and fucked them amid the insults of the people.


Sister Angela of the crown of thorns had to suck eight executioner pennis. The same executioners were going to torture her beautiful body
Sister Dolorosa not only had to suck but she was fucked and sodomized by her tormentors.

Enjoy my dick little nun, the next in your anus will be a thick cornu, ha, ha.

Meanwhile, the congregation of the Santa Marta Convention had received Bishop Salvatierra and his priests visit. The nuns were allowed to view their sisters' ordeal in their cells. That day everyone sinned.

13 (1).jpg

Come on, Sister Martyrdom suck it better or I'll have to take you to the island of Cabo Florido to be crucified like them.

No, no, Eminence, I suck it, I will suck it but do not make me to be crucified (Yuck, I hope you send me to that damn island, I prefer the fate of my sisters to continue sucking this smelly cock of this pig, does he never clean it?)

After fucking for the last time the three nuns were stripped of their headdresses and tied up to be flogged.

By order of the bishop who was very fond of the persecutions of Christians, the executioners used Roman flagrums finished in knots and soaked in salt and vinegar.

Gabriel Roman arena 036.1-.jpg

Naomi, the bishop's niece also known as Sister Martyrdom of the Nails of Christ, was tied to two columns with her arms and legs spread apart and whipped on the back.
Gabriel Roman arena 172.1-.jpg
Othrwise Sister Dolorosa was scourged not only on her back but in front, fromt tits to legs.

The girls screamed like crazy at each lash while the audience rhythmically chanted each blow.

Fifteen, sixteen....

Gabriel Roman arena 484-1-.jpg

Mercy, please, I can´t stand more

Come on Sister Angela, be patient as good martyr, what will you leave for later when I stick a hot iron up your ass hole?



You imagine yourself in her place Sister Martyrdom, you would sure scream louder than Sister Angela.

But sir, bishop, I prefer that I stick it up my ass, so I will get pregnant and end up crucified.

Shut up and jump bitch, I'll put it where I want.

(It is horrible what they are doing but I am very very horny, do I wish they crucify me too? God I imagine what the executioners will do in my big boobs)


After the whip, the executioners began to use torches so that the flames "licked" the naked skin of the sinful nuns

Gabriel Roman arena 500-1-.jpg


Ha, ha, do you feel the heat in your tits little nun?

Gabriel Roman arena 133.1-.jpg
Naomi was tied to posts in the air while two executioners played with torches, passing them a few inches from her body. The young woman screamed louder as the flames touched her armpits.


Gabriel Roman arena 210.1-.jpg
With Angela in the crown of thorns they were less imaginative and literally lit a fire under her pussy.

So, so burn that hot pussy until it is well roasted, ha, ha.
Nuns - 006.gif
Like this, like this Bishop, I prefer it up the ass, that way I won't get pregnant.

Doesn't it hurt you bitch?

Yes eminence but I also like it, break my ass,.. deeper .....fuckkkkk!

Gabriel Roman arena 305-1.jpg

After playing with the torches, the executioners went to the red-hot irons.

Gabriel Roman arena 107.1-.jpg

Naomi was tied with her legs wide open to make small burns between her legs, closer and closer to her labia, then they touched her with hot irons in the areola of her anus and they opened her labia to burn her inside her vagina.


Do not follow sister, do not continue, if they surprise us doing this they will do the same to us as they did to Sister martyrdom of the nails of Christ.

Gabriel Roman arena 169.1-.jpg
Sister Dolorosa kept howling as two executioners clawed at her torso slowly with hot, pointed rakes.

When Bishop Salvatierra saw this last torture, he finally came inside the novice's ass.

Then he handed her over to four priests who subjected her to a gangbang

The beautiful novice became pregnant that same afternoon but never knew which of those clergy she was.

A year later she was handed over to Mr Smith and crucified.


After being savagely tortured in front of the public, the three shameless nuns were taken to the place of execution and lying on their crosses, side by side. Sanchez decided to crucify them at three at the same time and raise the crosses together.

3 models 47a.jpg

At the sight of the huge nails the nuns lacked courage.
3 models 48a.jpg
No please, don't crucify us yet, fuck us, we'll let ourselves be fucked, but don't drive those huge nails into us.

These nuns are whores. Of course we will fuck you but the nails first.

3 models 50a.jpg
No, don't hurt me, I beg you, said Sister Dolorosa, trembling with fear and her body glistening in a bath of sweat.

Are you kidding? It will hurt a lot, little nun, so much that you think you are in hell. Ready?


3 models 52aa.jpg

3 models 53a.jpg


Sister Angela pissed while being nailed

3 models 54a.jpg

Sister Martyrdom of the nails of Christ was twitching and twisting desperately trying to escape, but her right wrist had been nailed dept to the patibulum, so all was useless.

3 models 55aa.jpg
Be patient bitch, one more nail and I'll fuck you myself before nailing your feet

Kate Last Fuck.jpg
You see it bitch? It has only been a moment and now I will put my hard cock in your warm and wet sex.

Yes, yes, fuck me but don't hurt me anymore.


Ha, ha, this nun is a masochistic slut, she is cumming in the middle crucifixion ordeal, come on boys, fuck this devil´s whore, she has a sweet and obedient pussy.


Oh my God, forgive my sins but I am enjoying my sisters´ torture, I haven´t fuck with a priest but perhaps I....I also deserve to be crucified for my sins


More than thirty executioners and guardians took turns to penetrate the nuns on their crosses, until finally the fateful moment came to nail them.

3 models 56a.jpg
This was much more painful than the wrists so the women screamed like crazy without being able to do anything to avoid their torment.

3 models 57a.JPG


Sánchez was an expert in crucifixion and directed the operation for the executioners to drive the nails of the feet between the second and third metatarsals. That simple detail would make standing on the cross inhuman pain.

3 models 58a.jpg
Sister, I did not know that the crucifixion was so painful, if I had known I would never have chosen it.

I'm afraid the nails are just the beginning, look at the others, they've been standing on their crosses for several hours and their faces are puzzled.
3 models 59a.jpg
Come on, little nun, let's get up so that everyone can see how you suffer.

Don't lift the crosses, keep fucking.

But we have nailed your feet, it is no longer easy to do so.

Fuck us by the mouth, but do not raise the crosses I beg you.

These nuns are whores, they would do anything to eat a cock.
3 models 60a.jpg

slurrrpp, god, what a silky mouth!
3 models 61aa.jpg
Fuck, this bitch sucks like a vacuum cleaner, I think I'm going to cum on her face.

3 models 62a.jpg

And just to delay their torment for a few minutes, the three women agreed to humiliate themselves and do one last blowjob in public and yet nailed


Those nuns are nasty sluts they are sucking their executioners´cocks without anyone forcing them to do so, and besides they seem to like it.

3 models 63a.jpg
Susck, suck harder you slut aaaahhh

3 models 64a.jpg

And the executioner shot his hot sperm onto the face of the Sorrowful mother who was thus performing her last sexual act.


3 models 65a.jpg
One after another, the executioners spilled their sperm on the naked bodies of the three already crucified nuns.

3 models 66a.jpg
Ok nuns, from now on the good thing ends, when you hang on the nails it will hurt so much that you will think you are in hell.

NOOO, fuck us again please.

3 models 67a.jpg

Come on, a last orgasm eh? beautiful nun?

Yes, yes,, suck , yes, i am cumming.

3 models 68a.jpg
But no one could save them from suffering the torture that they themselves had chosen.

The young women screamed when they felt their bodies slide down the wood of the cross while dozens of splinters pierced their thighs, buttocks and back.

3 models 71a.jpg

The stipes entered the holes with a thud that slammed into their bones and the three women screamed in pain. It was only when they calmed down that they had just started a slow and painful journey to death.

entrance revised 3.jpg
The executioners did not wait to bring the next three victims to the arena: Tyler, Angie and Shonta. They were Mallory's three companions in the mine jail. Unfortunately for them, they had been forced to accompany Mallory to the island of Cabo Florido and now they were going to suffer the torture of the cross.

When they were released to the arena, an ovation from the insatiable audience received them. The girls trembled in fear at that roar.

Before starting to torture them, the three girls were tied to a yoke and walked around the sand so that everyone could see them well. Dead of shame, the three girls kept their heads lowered while hundreds of voices shouted for the torture of the new arrivals to begin.

The paradox is that the three girls had been arrested and imprisoned for minor crimes, simple theft and now they were going to pay for their crime with a disproportionate penalty.

After walking several times around the ring, the girls were tied up to start the ordeal


High Priestess of Slaanesh
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One after another, the executioners spilled their sperm on the naked bodies of the three already crucified nuns.

View attachment 977633
Ok nuns, from now on the good thing ends, when you hang on the nails it will hurt so much that you will think you are in hell.

NOOO, fuck us again please.

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Come on, a last orgasm eh? beautiful nun?

Yes, yes,, suck , yes, i am cumming.

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But no one could save them from suffering the torture that they themselves had chosen.

The young women screamed when they felt their bodies slide down the wood of the cross while dozens of splinters pierced their thighs, buttocks and back.

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The stipes entered the holes with a thud that slammed into their bones and the three women screamed in pain. It was only when they calmed down that they had just started a slow and painful journey to death.

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The executioners did not wait to bring the next three victims to the arena: Tyler, Angie and Shonta. They were Mallory's three companions in the mine jail. Unfortunately for them, they had been forced to accompany Mallory to the island of Cabo Florido and now they were going to suffer the torture of the cross.

When they were released to the arena, an ovation from the insatiable audience received them. The girls trembled in fear at that roar.

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Before starting to torture them, the three girls were tied to a yoke and walked around the sand so that everyone could see them well. Dead of shame, the three girls kept their heads lowered while hundreds of voices shouted for the torture of the new arrivals to begin.

The paradox is that the three girls had been arrested and imprisoned for minor crimes, simple theft and now they were going to pay for their crime with a disproportionate penalty.

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After walking several times around the ring, the girls were tied up to start the ordeal
Love that last pic - pity they covered up her juicy bits though :)


unnamed (1).jpg
While preparing her torture Angie was not only terrified but also felt an enormous embarrassment to show her tits in public. Ever since her round boobs had started to grow, she felt ashamed of them and that her nipples stood on end at the slightest excitement rebelling that she was horny.

Sin título.png
The executioner used small tongs that he previously heated on a red hot plate. Then he began to get pinches in all parts of her body: thighs, sex, tits. Angie screamed like crazy every time the tips of the pliers dug into her skin. The executioner took his time and spent more than an hour with the tweezers.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kobayashi had asked Mr. Smith that Reiko be ushered to the VIP box. The Japanese woman was brought tied with a beautiful shibari. The woman was going to be the next to be driven to the arena to be tortured and crucified, she had seen how more than twenty volunteers had preceded her in torment and the woman was completely terrified.

My beautiful Reiko, why are you trembling? In a few minutes you will also suffer that horrendous martyrdom and you will also scream like a pig.

No, please have mercy Mr Kobayashi, take me as a sex slave, I'll be good.

The businessman winked at Mr Smith.

All right, bitch, if you're good, maybe I'll spare your life, kneel down and suck.

Yes, whatever you want.


Yes, yes, wet and warm, yessss like this.

gulp, gulp sluuurrp


Meanwhile they prepared Tyler and the others to suffer torment before the crucifixion.
To do this, they used cross-shaped crosses so that the girls were left with their arms and legs spread apart and stretched out, then they raised the crosses while the public shouted excitedly.

They decided to directly crucify Shonta with nails on a X shaped cross because, at the request of Bishop Salvatierra, they planned to practice the martyrdom of Saint Eulalia on her body.



Once nailed, the executioners raised the cross of Shonta and brought a brazier with red-hot irons.

Ready whore?




While fucking Mr. Kobayashi in the VIP box, Reiko could perfectly see and hear the torture of Tyler, Angie and Shonta that was unfolding in the arena.

The girls screamed in despair every time the red-hot irons were applied to them and their screams were answered by ovations from the public.

The beautiful former manager of the company used all her skills as a cocksucker and everything she had learned in the long rapes and gangbangs she had been subjected to in the dungeons of the fortress of Cabo Florido. Everything so that Mr. Kobayashi would rather have her as a slave than have her crucified.


At Shonta's new scream, Reiko decided to speed up the blowjob. The young woman was sweating from all her pores and her heart was pounding to the point of tachycardia.
No, no, don't let them crucify me, God, she thought as she didn't stop sucking and every pore of her body perspired.

However all her ability as a whore nothing in earth could free her from the torture, Mr. Kobayashi had already decided that she would be crucified in any case, he just wanted to play a little more with her slave girl.

Did you like how I sucked you Mr. Kobayashi? I swallowed it all. Will you spare my life?

Ha ha, you dream bitch, guards!

Come on, take her downstairs and crucify, but before whip her and torture her with hot irons tied to one of those X-crosses. Give this money to Sanchez and the other executioners and tell them if they can make this whore scream for more of an hour without fainting I will pay them the same.

Yes sir

No, no mercy mister kobayashi, no pleaseee.
Sin título5.png
But Reiko's screams were lost down the hall.

The executioners walked her naked throughout the arena to humiliate her further. Reiko was led through the forest of crosses where more than twenty naked girls were writhing in pain desperate to find a bearable posture.
The guard forced Reiko to kneel beside her own cross.

Meanwhile, thousands of kilometers away, at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, two of Reiko's co-workers, Shakura and Keiko, laughed as they watched the video they had just downloaded onto their mobile.
Look at her, she's that whore Reiko, they're walking her naked and bound, ha ha. She sure is about to cum with pleasure

She has always been a repressed masochist.

The very slut. Suffer nasty whore, suffer.
Look!, now they're getting ready to whip her. We are running home, I want us to make love watching on the computer how they crucify her.

Keiko and Shakura were indeed lesbians and lovers

Indeed, as soon as they got home, they connected their mobile to a large television screen and while they undressed they saw Reiko being tied to two posts to whip her.

Sin título.png


I love listening her screaming while this black executioner whip her, kiss me, kiss me Keiko, oh god! I am cumming oooooh.
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After beating her the first time with dry whips, the executioners tied Reiko to a Saint Andrew cross with her tits touching the wood and began to whip her back and ass with whips soaked in salt water and vinegar.




Those sadistic executioners are whipping her hardly, lick, lick harderrrr


Come on boys, torture her...... harder,....... now...... the red hot irons..... pleaseeee.


I prefer you lick me when Reiko is nailed to the cross.

Keiko......your tong .......is pure silk ooooooohhh
Meanwhile the executioners tied Reiko to the cross face down exposing her front.

Then they alternated the touches with hot irons with blowjobs that the Japanese did in the hope that this would awaken the mercy of their executioners.

She is nly a nasty whore, she makes blojobs even tortured in the cross.


Come on Keiko, I have reached a deep orgasm, now is your turn.

New roman arena 239.1-.jpg
Shakura and Keiko continued to make love while enjoying the imaginative torture Reiko was being subjected to. The executioners tied her back to the x cross face up and continued torturing her, for which they placed a torch between her legs. Poor Reiko howled and writhed like an animal as the flame burned her pubic hair.

shino-aoi-amp-mai-miori (1).jpg


What are they doing to her now, Keiko? I can't look, I'm too busy licking your soft little pussy

They're using those hideous rakes and they're clawing at her skin. from the sides, the tits and the legs.

No wonder she lets out those screams, Reiko always said she had very sensitive breasts.

She did say that sometimes the touch of the bra on her nipples would put her on the verge of orgasm.

What a whore!



Wait, wait, they are nailing. Oh my God, they are crucifying Reiko



The executioners nailed both of her arms, but before they nailing her feet they decided to fuck her one last time.
They...... are fucking...... her ...on the cross.......those executioners are very....... cruel,................. suck,..... suck Shakura, ......I'm very horny.

What do you like more, Reiko´s crucifixion or how I am licking you?
descarga (9).jpg
Don´t make me chose between both things, oooooohhhh

After cumming inside her mouth and vagina, the executioners finished crucifying her and raised the cross.
Right at that moment the two girls had another orgasm and finished making love by kissing passionately.

Exhausted from fucking, the two girls lay down next to each other as they watched Reiko writhing in pain and stretching naked on the cross.
Admittedly, she has a beautiful body, it is a pity dieing like that.

Ha ha, she doesn't even know that we were the ones who boycotted her trade operation and that ruined the company.

She's paying on the cross for it and she's completely innocent, ha ha.
Now her position will be for one of us......

In the following weeks, Shakura and Keiko denounced each other for having sabotaged the company because there was only one manager position and there were two.

Neither found out that the other had betrayed her, so the company bosses kidnapped and sent them to the island of Cabo Florido. A year later, after a long and painful sentence, two girls were crucified side by side.


While the rest of her companions were crucified, Adrianna became Sánchez's bondage toy that subjected her to brutal and imaginative torments.

images (4).jpg

First of all, he gagged her, put a yoke in her arms nd neck and walked her naked throughout the arena while the audience kicked and shouted for her to be crucified.

To make her walk, Sánchez used a chain finished in toothed metal clips that pinched and dug into her hard nipples.

Pulling on her tits Adrianna had to walk crying and drooling while everyone made fun of her and her awkward gait.
Gabriel Roman arena 118.1-.jpg
Then they tied her to a post with her arms raised and flogged her, first from the front
Gabriel Roman arena 170.1-.jpg
and then from behind.

Gabriel Roman arena 408-1-.jpg
Adriana's voluptuous body writhed and struggled helplessly from the cruel lashes while hundreds of people laughed at the horny whore milf who distilled sperm and milk with each lash.

Gabriel Roman arena 404-1-.jpg

After the flogging, Adrianna was tied with her legs wide open and fucked hard with a thick wooden stake.

Before inserting it through the sex and through the hole of the anus, the executioners smeared the wooden dildo with nettles and tabasco.

Thus they left Adriana tied with sex and ass on fire, jumping in the air and howling without anything being able to alleviate the burning.
After that, Adrianna continued her journey through hell of torture riding the wooden pony

An executioner disguised as a Roman soldier began to beat her, leaving horrible welts. Adrianna screamed like crazy at each blow as her aching pussy collided and brushed against the pointed wedge of wood.


After that they put the yoke back on and rammed hot needles into her tits.

Adrianna couldn't bear any more torture, but Sánchez was insatiable and he nailed hot needles through her breasts enjoying the screamsand cries of the beautiful milf like a sadistic pig.

How old will that bitch be?

I don't know, thirty-five or forty.

Well, she still makes all those guys stiff.

She is gorgeous

Yes and she screams like a whore sodomized by a horse.
What are they doing to her now? They have taken her off the pony.

They've laid her down on the ground and they're tying her arms and legs to those oxen, oh I'm afraid ...
Entertainment in the Arena 2.jpg
The oxen were indeed for Adrianna. In a fit of cruelty and sadism Mr Smith had decided to butcher her with four oxen pulling in opposite directions.
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