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Waiting for Judicial Corporal Punishment

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Terri has worked herself into a martyr's ecstasy as she disrobes and hands herself over to the torturers. Her last words, after enduring the torture, before she died are recounted below:

"I saw in his hand a long spear of gold, and at the iron's point there seems to be a little fire. He was thrusting it at times into my breast and belly, to pierce my very lungs and intestines; when he drew it out, he seemed to draw them out also, and to leave me all on fire with a great love of nature. The pain was so great, that it made me moan; and yet so surpassing was the sweetness of this excessive pain, that I could not wish to be rid of it. The soul is satisfied now with nothing less than devotion. The pain is not bodily, but spiritual; though the body has its share in it. It is a caressing of love so sweet which now takes place between the soul and life’s force, that I pray to God and His goodness to make her experience it who may think that I am lying." (Art by Boris Vallejo)

Aslin nee 8ball

Four sisters.....all with flaming red hair .....young and beautiful..... on trial for murder of a whole family. Twas said that they had bewitched him. Set a spell upon him and his family..... A horrible death we heard.....the doctors never seen the likes of it. It’s said they show no remorse.....no shame for what they did.
Heard they was cheeky with the judge .....had to get the bailiffs to box their ears and such.....keep em in line. That kind of gossip brought a large crowd to the trial.

Their uncle Thomas Phillips had bought the indenture of the four sisters, saving them from the horror of debtors prison. Their wealthy parents had perished when their boat capsized ... leaving the young women orphaned . Unfortunately the wealth they would inherit was not nearly enough to cover the debts their father had incurred over the past few years. Uncle Thomas one of their fathers biggest creditors, had always looked lustily upon his comely nieces. He had thought it strange that the oldest Mary, the twins Alice and Sarah, and the youngest Elizabeth had not married when they came of age. The chance to have all four in his household was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Basically, indentured servants were no more than slaves, subject to obey their masters every whim. Uncle Thomas’ whim was bed each and every one of them. Morally it was wrong...legally within his rights. The girls were not fooled , they recognized the lecherous way he had looked at them.

They all had a hand in it. The food was poisoned...only Uncle Thomas was supposed to be home that night. There had been a change of plans...nobody knew. Now they were responsible for four deaths. They knew that they would be found guilty....they knew that they would hang for their misdeed. What they didn’t expect was to be sentenced to a public whipping , 50 lashes each the day before their execution. The four young redheads sat in separate cells contemplating what was to come.
Their parents had never laid a hand on them, now they were to be whipped naked in front of a crowd of people....people who they knew....people who were friends. The shame of being displayed naked at the post was almost more than they could bear.


One year in prison in this jail of sadistic rapists, but before that, fifty lashes in the square in front of the public. The sentence for indecent behaviour. All for sunbathing naked on that lonely beach. In this country of hypocrites there is no justice. I have been in prison naked for a week and they have already raped me in every imaginable way, is it decent behaviour?

Aslin nee 8ball


Aslin nee 8ball

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Why did I insist on going to trial? My lawyer said “ just plead guilty. The fine might be hefty but it could be a lot worse.” I did two things wrong.... I didn’t listen to him and I didn’t ask what “ a lot worse” meant. This country had modern buildings, modern transportation, technology that was state of the art, top tier educational institutes, but a legal system that was still stuck in the Middle Ages.

When the judge read my sentence I didn’t quite understand. I definitely understood the 6 months incarceration part but what did 40 with the birch mean. So I asked. The judge looked me in the eye, “Young lady, you are sentenced to a birching. A very effective corporal punishment used throughout history. You will receive 40 strokes of the birch rod on your naked bottom. I hope this dissuade you from breaking our laws in the future. I now sit awaiting my fate, wishing I had listened.

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