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What would you allow (females)?

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High Priestess of Slaanesh
Being crucified what would you allow?
  1. Flogging: A) yes B) no
  2. Displayment: a) Lioncloth b) nude (breast) c) stark nude d) vagina visible
  3. Audition: a) Only friends. b) Whoever passes by
  4. Team: a) crucified alone b) crucified in a group
  5. Rape: a) no way. b) raped by males before crucifixion vaginally c) anally d) both
  6. Cross: a) Ropes. b) Nails c) just standing
  7. Cornu: a) no. b) small vagina c) small anus d) large vagina e) large anus f) oversized, with the danger of sphincter damage
  8. Fotos/Videos: a) yes. b) no

Me would be: not female
4A or B


1 – A

2 – A (dress or blouse and skirt)

3 – B

4 – A

5 – A

6 – B

7 – B

8 – B
I think this is the plot where a fully dressed delinquent is flogged till the dress falls into pieces and then he/she is crucified. Probably you should make it th same as with the firing squad. There you could traditionally choose if your eyes are covered or not. In crucifixion you would choose either

a) dressed, flogged nude, just put on cross

b) undressed, carefully raped for cornu, put on cross with convent Cornu (just joking....)

or combinations thereof


girls if you want to humiliate and get rid of your bf, you should crucify the boyfriend in clothes, at least loincloths, there will be no flogging, forget that, the crucifixion will be in secret and alone, be sure there will be no rape and instead of a Cornu there will be a convenient seat and no pictures allowed!humiliate copy.jpg
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Its not really a case of ‘allow’ though. If in a position or situation where crucifixion is a possibility then by definition we would not be In a position to consent...... so it would be whatever the men in charge decide.

Which I imagine would be everything on that list.
You would have something more on the list and it could could be the women which crucify, I learned they are more cruel to each other than men are to women,


I agree about the expose back on the flogging. But how would like to be dressed on the cross?
Hm, don't forget it is not "Americas next top model" it is a "crucifixion", so we had to humiliate: how about a very wide T-Shirt with the imprint: "To ugly to be nude on cross". I think what would be sexy on cross is a kind of aerobic dress, probably some suggestions come....
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