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What You Like Most? Being Crucified Yourself Or Beeing A Spectator?

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What do you like most?

  • Being crucified

  • Being a spectator

  • Both

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Sure they knew! Such people not afraid of dying had occupations such as : 'centurion', 'optio', 'praetorian guard', 'legatus legionis', 'consul', 'princeps',...:p
Yup, soldiers are psychically prepared to kill and be killed, in all armies. I think in Simon Scarrows novels there are good descriptions of non-fearing enemies of his heroes, but read them long time ago.
I like being the crucified best. I like the idea of others being turned watching me being whipped and nailed to the cross. Being crucified is like performing an erotic dance naked. I feel so sexy as I violently die and and hang dead and lifeless with my eyes and mouth wide open. I love it even more if I am taken down from the cross and men and women take pleasure from me as I act out being a dead body.


Assistant executioner
naturally, be the one who being watched...


There are many kinds of helplessness!

Ropes give a feeling of possibly but nails send a message of forever!

The open air and the wind ... the sun above!

It only takes about 10 minutes for the mind and body to realize ... there is nothing you can do but wait.

And that is horrific!

To answer the question, both!
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In fantasy I would like to be crucified in the nude with only women doing the crucifying and watching. It would be a reverse crucifixion. They would play with my body, especially the dick, balls, and ass. They would put on dildos and fuck my ass. They would make fun of me during the crucifixion, especially when I piss, shit, and fart.

Having said that I would not like to die by crucifixion in real life.
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