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Where are all the crucifixion videos?

Go to CruxDreams.com
There are fewer and fewer videos?
What happened to them?
We rarely get any postings anymore.
Doesn't anyone out there have any information on where to find them?
If you do please let us know Thanks!!


Staff member
Crackers, the banner ad at the top of this page is where most of the crux vids live.

Cross Roads aka Cruxdreams is a pay site, though. A fairly pricey one, but I'm fortunate to be at a time and place in my life arc that I can afford it.

There are crux videos of a sort on various bondage sites, but one has to wade through oceans of BDSM. As far as I can tell, for pure crux Makar's vids are pretty much the only game in town.
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