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Whipping For Pleasure

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This is just a short little story I came up with inspired by a few paragraphs of The Marquis De Sade's novel "Juliette".
It's set in a kind of secret club in the middle of nowhere for wealthy Libertines where literally anything goes.
Those of you who might have read "Juliette" will probably know the part I'm refering to after reading this. I must make it perfectly clear though that the age of the slave in my story is considerably older than the victim in De Sade's novel, as she was only thirteen.
So seeing as De Sade's telling of this incident was only about a page long, I though I might have a go at my own version and flesh it out a little. Sorry, it's a bit spread out but I copy and pasted it from my writing software and this is how it came out. I hope you like it. Please be kind.

I leaned back; the girls golden hair brushed my thighs; the warmth of her tongue heightened my arousal. It slid in a slow circular motion around my swollen clitoris, my asshole and labia in such a way as to bring forth the lather of my pleasure.

The closer I came to orgasm the more I wanted to leave my mark upon this girl, and thus, before she was able to entice me to discharge, I held my fist full of her hair and pulled her head away with caprice.

She winced, our eyes met and she quickly dropped her gaze in submission.

"I'll not have you bring me to orgasm in this way."

I decided at that moment she would be the victim of my desires.

I summoned a duenna and she led the girl to one of the torture chambers. Upon entering, the Fustigator was already waiting; a powerful man. Shirtless and full of muscle. He wore black trousers and a traditional black leather hood that shrouded his face.

On my command he stripped the girl naked and roped her wrists together, passing the rope through an eyelet near the apex of the whipping post and pulling it tight, secured the girl fast; her toes being the only part of her that touched the floor.

Her small pert breasts and flat stomach pressed against the wood; softened and darkened from the sweat of countless other women, those of whom suffered their torture against it.

The sight was intensely erotic. Never before had I beheld such a beautiful young lady in a position so arousing; her slender back stretched out, naked and vulnerable, already slick with perspiration; the lines of her ribs showing. My gaze dropped to her firm buttocks. Utterly flawless was every inch of her.

The Fustigator approached the girl with a short length of thick rope and tied it tightly around her head. She bit down on it. Her countenance a mask of desperation and fear; tears already streaming down her cheeks.

I removed my garments and made myself comfortable on the soft cushions; my eyes fixed upon her lean drawn out body throughout the task.

I spread my legs. My fingers sliding over my privities; my lust so strong for this little sluts torture that my inner thighs were slicked with the heat of my arousal.

I nodded to the Fustigator to begin. He walked the short distance to a bucket of vinegar where the knotted strands of a cat-o-nine-tails had been soaking to give it more bite.

I could tell that this man was of pure libertine ilk by the size of his erection, and I knew he would not hold back and would not stop until I requested it of him.

He held the cat-o-nine-tails out before him; veins standing out all over his arm and he swung at full force.

She screamed into her gag as the whip slashed across her shoulder blades. Scarlet stripes appeared instantly. The second stroke was delivered, landing just below the first with the same affect.

He was professional, working his way down her back with incredible accuracy; excoriating the girl with unmerciful ferocity.

I was in a state of sheer ecstasy; I frigged myself furiously as I looked on; her screams and cries heightening my pleasure. My eyes traced the streams of blood that snaked down her legs and my body locked; rocking and throbbing as I discharged multiple orgasms.

The Fustigator waited until I was ready to begin again and on my command he continued to whip the young slave; starting again from the tops of her shoulders.

Each lash landed with a scarlet mist and he slowly worked his way down her back once more.

Her perfect ass was left untouched, but both buttocks were washed in blood.

The Fustigator began his third pass and my second set of orgasms poured from me.

At this point I had the torturer cease our deplorable indulgence only to have the girl’s back sponged with salt water. Her screams further enhanced my pleasure as did seeing the extent of her wounds as the Fustigator rinsed the blood from her.

I could see the brute was desperate so I allowed him to fuck our suffering victim, but on the condition that her cunt be spared.

My own swollen cunt throbbed from the sight of that huge man destroy the peasant slut, who was still roped fast against the whipping post, in one of the most vicious sexual attacks I have ever witnessed. For nearly quarter of an hour he hammered his full length into her, slamming her body against the post while clawing at her shoulders…hips…fists full of hair, and withdrew only after he discharged his fuck deep inside, leaving her asshole beyond ruination.

I wanted more. Instructing the man, whose only job was to bring blood to the backs of young women, to change from the cat-o-nine-tails to something a little more vicious. I chose a scourge of four braided strands; each of which had shards of bone laced into them every few inches. Sharpened steel barbs dangled from the ends and glinted in the dim light.

I then gestured for him to continue. He moved in on the petite body that hung before him; the scourge clinking in his grasp.

He showed me his true mastery in his profession, varying his technique. Some strikes sliced across the girls back with only the steel heads, lacerating her from shoulder to shoulder....from hip to hip. Other strikes landed upon her with such force that the steel barbs embedded themselves into her sides, ribs and hips. Her raw screams as those steel heads were ripped from her body were the cause of more spilt fuck from my swollen gape.

I watched that pathetic little whore with her outstretched arms shaking and clenched fists literally torn to shreds at the hand of a man who felt no remorse. Rent flesh. Pouring blood. All he wanted was to please the guests of his torture chamber by carrying out any task asked of him.

I would return many times to employ his services.


Assistant executioner
Lurid and vicious... I love it!
Also, congratulations on your first thread; what a way to start.
Fantastic writing; I'm sure you take as much pleasure in your sonorous vocabulary as from the wonderfully barbaric tortures.
More please! :D
Thank you so much. I'm so pleased I'm hitting the mark (pun intended). I try really hard to give my stories some literary value. I feel it's much more erotic to combine filth with eloquence: I like the challenge of making torture sound beautiful.
There is much more to come...


Assistant executioner
Great story. But what about whipping her breasts (and / or pussy)?
Thank you. I could have had the girl turned and scourged, but sometimes it's good to let the reader's imagination run wild. If you're still thinking about what could have been, then I've done my job.
There will be other stories and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
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