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Whipping For Pleasure

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Praefectus Praetorio

Brother of the Quill
She seems to enjoy it ;) Or is she defiant?

You have to admit, this would be a nice way to 'break the ice' on a first date!:clapping:


Assistant executioner
She has been naughty. She knows it and the routine glamour photoshoot will turn into a painful experience on this occasion.

Getting Ready for My Punishment 0.jpgGetting Ready for My Punishment 1.jpg

Ready and tanned and looking gorgeous she has already taken off her skirt and bra as he describes how naughty she has been and what he intends to do with her, push your bottom out let me see it, he says. She obliges as her jacket comes off. She is left in her heels and her string.

Getting Ready for My Punishment 3.jpgGetting Ready for My Punishment 4.jpg

She will be stripping and posing as planned. The whole emphasis this time being on her bottom

Getting Ready for My Punishment 56.jpgGetting Ready for My Punishment 6.jpg

As she prepares to lose her panties, now she is naked.

Getting Ready for My Punishment 5.jpgGetting Ready for My Punishment 57.jpg

On this occasion it will conclude with a caning.

Getting Ready for My Punishment 8.jpg

She bends at the waist and positions herself looking back at him as he raises his arm


Assistant executioner
What a magic post-Kasey, thanks I certainly enjoyed it, just need to pay my way now, I'm not into the cane as a sub, so I get to play Misteress, but I do like to feel a flogger on my back, gives me a lot of pleasure. Having said that I must add that my pain threshold is not extremely high.


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