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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus
Warning, these stories sometimes wander into the World of Grand Guignol (look it up) and may upset readers.
Be advised, it's only fiction. But if you're easily offended by fictive violence, steer clear.


Though still under the Umbrella series "Studies in Cruciform"(2.1373)

A new Series:


Subtitled: The Story of Ouch

Background: The Simpson Twins, Alex & Benjamin, inherited all of their Father’s wealth,
his Chateau and estate; the Old Man left not one penny for the Women of the Family.
The reason for that was simple.
The Old Man was a vicious Misogynist and Sadist, as are his sons,
but who are infinitely more vicious and Sadistic than their late Father.

Noted in the will, however, was the suggestion that the Women
of the family could earn an income via an unusual "Barter" method.
Essentially, he gave them a choice:

To eat, pay rent, survive, the Women must visit the Twins’ Chateau
every two or three months to entertain them.
The Twins are not ungenerous with the Women's
allowances but they must take pains to earn it.

While earning their stipend, it is not unusual for one or more of
the Women to suffer extremely painful abuse and injuries:
such as weals, cuts, abrasions, bloody welts and lesions,
temporary disfigurement all the way to dermal splitting
and open wounds on any and all parts of their poor bodies.

These injuries were often cruel and savage enough to render
the entertainer unable to attend the Chateau Entertainments.
In such cases, the Twins do not insist on attendance.

The following visit however, the Woman would be
made to suffer doubly for her absence.

On just such an occasion, the Family assembles;
unfortunately for Mom she missed the last visit
(recovering from atrocious injuries)
and must suffer the consequences:

Saturday Night at the Simpsons

Part One: Enter Benjamin

Alex: Hey, Ben, What kept you? You locked the gate, right?
Ben: Traffic! Yeah, we’re locked in tight. What did I miss?
Nothing we can’t start again.

Is Sister Molly here? She better be if she knows what’s good for her!
Who do you think that is screaming in the basement?


Great! But I think we can make her scream louder than that! Who's whipping her?

Garth the Chauffeur.

Ben picks up an intercom:

Garth? I want to hear screams that would stop traffic on the Freeway!
Screams to make her mother weep!
And when you're finished and my sister is unconscious,
I want to see nothing but blood
pouring from her neck to her knees. Are we clear?

He hangs up the intercom.
And who’s this little morsel?

That’s cousin Marcy, remember her?
Marcy! But she’s all grown up!

Yes, her mother Aunt Collette brought her.
She turned eighteen yesterday, time to break her in.


Happy Birthday, little cousin, though it looks like you’ve broken her in and then some…
Come on, I left plenty of skin on for you.

Little Marcy! What shall we do with her?
You want to go in her rear while I deep-throat her?
Or shall we just whip her till she’s dripping red?

The nice thing about being us is we can do either or both!
Let’s come back to her.

Where’s Mom?
She's in the basement with the Reggae Trio from the bar down the street.


Oh, I like those guys, I hope Mom’s being… accommodating.

I told her if she’s good I’ll give her a five minutes break before the main event..


The others all get here?
Yep, even Grandma made it.
Look at her! She looks amazing, doesn’t she?


Yea, but I think she could take another 20 or 30 with the bull-whip.
What do you think, Grandma?

Grandma: Whatever you wish...


Now there’s a girl who puts her heart into things.
Even got a Tramp Stamp just for us.

My god, Aunt Collette, you’re magnificent!
Nobody takes a whipping like you!


There was never a woman who looked better with whip-marks than without!

Is that Helga the housekeeper? Looking good, Helga!


(Whisper: Will she be okay?)

I dunno, she blacked out two or three times. She overdid it a little...
She overdid it? How many times did you hit her? And with what?

All right, I got a little carried away, you know me and breasts.
Anyhow, Helga has a big family to support, so she
has no choice, she accepts anything we do to her.

I think I gave her about 100 strokes with the metal-tipped flogger.
Wait fifteen minutes for her to surface then give her another hundred.

Another hundred? You sure she can take 200? I don't feel like
up for another secret funeral so soon after the last one.

Call it an experiment. Start again, give her a fresh two hundred,
That'll be 300 spread over an hour, see how she takes to it.
If she survives, we'll up the dosage next time, three, four, five hundred!
Why not? I wanna see those breasts cut to shreds!

Mom! It’s time. Lets go! Beautiful welts, huh?
I’ve done better. Lock her in the frame.


Mom: Please, Alex, please Benjamin! NO MORE!!

Oh, be quiet, Mom. “No more?” We’re just getting started!
I invited a friend of yours to stop by tonight. Remember the Doctor?

Mom: Oh, dear god!

Fifty full-force slashes with a riding crop across your breasts! Remember?
We had to throw pails of water over you to keep you conscious!

The Dr's bringing a new toy he wants to try out on
your newly-healed breasts. It's a metal-chain flogger.

Mom: Oh, god, no! Please!

The cutest thing you ever saw. It has these little sharpened hooks
at the ends of the chains! But don't worry, he's also bringing
a couple of pints of your blood from the last time you guys met.

He anticipates he may have to transfuse you and we don't want to rush things.
No, we would like this experiment to last a long time.

Mom: Oh, god, no! Please! No! I’ll do anything!

(Alex & Ben together):


To Be Continued

Ego Stipes Ergo Sum

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Cruciformae Studiosus


Friday night at 10 pm in the Headmaster’s private lounge, the eve of the Easter holiday,
no classes for two weeks, plenty of time to recover from tonight’s coming… event.
The first cane-stroke is seconds away: and I know it will be vicious. It always is.

The Headmaster then has sixty seconds free rein to strike anywhere on my nude body
as hard as he can and as often as he can.
Waiting their turn with ill-concealed excitement and anticipation are Mr. Robertson, Science;
Mr. Smart, Gym (whom I fear the most – although slightly-built he has ferocious strength);
and school Nurse Maitland, whose turn in ‘the hot seat’ will come on the eve of the next holiday.

The turn of the men under the cane (yes, the men will suffer punishment like the women –
in truth, the men seem to enjoy it more - this is England.) will follow as the school season dictates.

But tonight is my turn.
The first cut takes my breath away, as it always does, and the brutal barrage begins
as I fight to keep air in my lungs. I once tried to keep track of the number of blows
I received, but lost count at a hundred – when the Headmaster still had twenty seconds
remaining in which to strike harder and slash faster (usually on my breasts) to his climax.

First blood typically appears at about thirty seconds in, at the intersection of
the deepening cane-welts, and Nurse Maitland prepares her gauze pads,
ready to sponge the cuts which start to flow in more and more profuse…

…Oh, dear, I seem to have fainted, I have just woken up lying flat,
still nude, but face up on the Headmaster’s desk which,
it appears, has been cleared for the purpose.

Hovering over me is Nurse Maitland, dabbing gauze pads up
and down my body. It lasts only a few seconds before Mr. Robertson
moves her aside and smashes the cane down on my unprotected breasts –
square across both nipples. I scream. I scream as loud as I ever have in my life.

My voice echoes through the empty school. The scream blends with
another and another as Mr. Robertson lays down a ladder of brutal
red welts up and down my body from sternum to knees. And I faint again.

I’ve been moved, by wheelchair I gather, down to the school dispensary.
I am lying, still face up, still nude, on a gurney.
My body feels as if it is on fire, the pain unutterable.

I’m no longer thinking clearly, all that exists is the pain.
Mr. Robertson has finished his onslaught, it appears he broke
the cane on my breasts; the Headmaster has gone to find another.

I look down at my body, skin is split in several places and blood is flowing.
My attention span is limited, I feel as if I’m in a dense fog.

I believe I hear Nurse Maitland forgoing her turn with the cane,
she already sees several places on my body which may need
to be stitched and she doesn’t want to add to my misery.

I thank her.

All that remains is the last assault by Mr. Smart the gym teacher.
He waits, seated in the corner.
He has taken off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves,
I don’t recall ever having seen him without a jacket.

Odd the things we notice.

The Headmaster arrives, carrying a long stick, he apologizes,
this is the only thing he could find: a billiard cue.
Smart takes it without a word and snaps it in two over his knee.

He now brandishes the short end and swishes it through the air.
The note is low because the cue-stick is twice as thick as the Headmaster’s cane.

He advances on me. I protest, but my speech is muffled; my attempted
“No, you can’t” comes out as a lump of sound.

And Mr. Smart is now standing next to my gurney.
He nods at Nurse Maitland and she clicks the stop watch.
In a blink, Mr. Smart has turned me over face-down and
struck his first thunderous blow…

The tsunami of pain sweeps across my back, my buttocks, hamstrings,
calves… every inch of my body to the soles of my feet,
all aflame with indescribable agony.

Despite my will, I stay awake for sixty seconds, and then,
gratefully, mercifully, sleep…

Ego Stipes Ergo Sum
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Cruciformae Studiosus
Studies in Cruciform 2.139(5)
Small (harder) Stories

Not to put too fine a point on it, but these devices (let's face it)
are being introduced into these nice ladies to stifle their screams.
In response to this:
Those last two contestants do not look happy.
This is not their first rodeo,
they know what whips and scorns await them.

Ain't love grand?

Ego Stipes Ergo Sum


Cruciformae Studiosus
Studies in Cruciform 2.1408
Small (Nasty) Whipping Stories

Is this your daughter?
And is she of age?

Yes, she's eighteen, but please don't hurt her!

She is quite beautiful. Lovely in fact.
Absolutely ripe... Has she ever been whipped?

tumblr_nzyj7jIyBv1rudoyyo1_500ENREV.jpg tumblr_inline_oed4j4w0fY1srrxiv_500.jpgtumblr_nzyj7jIyBv1rudoyyo1_500EN.jpg
No! Never! Please! I beg you...! Take me!
...I think twenty strokes with the Flogger would be a nice warmup,
don't you? An introduction, a taste of things to come, so to speak?

Please take me! Don't hurt her, please! Take me!
Whip me! FIFTY strokes!

Fifty strokes? With that Sprung-Steel Crop?

Yes! Take it! Beat me!
I've never cropped a woman FIFTY times. Are you sure?

YES! Whip me! Do it NOW!

Aren't you afraid I might get carried away?
No!! Crop me as many times as you want!
Crop me until I bleed! Just spare my daughter!

Until you bleed? Now that's tempting. All right. Your daughter is spared...

...For today anyway...

Oh, dear, I think she's fainted.
Somebody turn her over so I can get at her front?


Hmm... She's gonna be out for a while...
What the hell, if she's not conscious she's not going to argue.
May as well do the daughter. Yeah, hang her up by the wrists...
A spreader... And a ballgag... looks like a screamer to me.
Oh, I'm looking forward to this one...
Pass me the Bull-whip...

Start on her beautiful ass..

Ego Stipes Ergo Sum
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Cruciformae Studiosus
Studies in Cruciform 2.1413
Extra Small Story

Little does Wendy know that after having lost this game of
Strip-Pool the next game between the boys in the bar is to decide
who gets to whip her bloody and senseless with his cue-stick.

Ego Stipes Ergo Sum
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Cruciformae Studiosus
Studies in Cruciform 2.1415
Small Story

Return to the Chateau
Pauline Reage

The first morning that O, after she was untied, returned to her room and collapsed on her bed,
still moaning from the burning pain in her loins, Noelle took her in her arms to comfort her.

Her kindness and solicitous concern were, however, tinged with contempt.
Why had she ever agreed to be pierced in the first place, or allowed those rings
to be inserted in her nether lips? O confessed quite candidly that she was happy
she had consented to the rings, and that her lover whipped her every day.

"In that case," Noelle said, "you're going to really have something to complain
about, because the days will be few and far between when they only
whip you once here. When they see a girl like you, men know right away that you're
made to be flogged. They sense it. And if they don't, the brand and the rings give it away.
Not to mention that it will be on your card."

"On my card," said O. "What card? What are you talking about?"


Recently found - O's calling card photograph
and on the reverse (a first draft of), Sir Stephen's

instructions on how O should be treated while at Roisssy:


Ego Stipes Ergo Sum
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Cruciformae Studiosus
Studies in Cruciform 2.1425
Small Story

Paraphrased from
Story of O
Pauline Reage

"Did Pierre mark you last night?" the valet asked O.
She nodded that he had.
"Then you should show them," he said.
“How many strokes?”

“Ten, I think, on the backs of my thighs.”
“Let me see.” O bent over to show him the stripes.
(The red welts had begun to turn black...)
“Impressive,” said the Valet, “and the front?”
She showed him,
“Six strokes on each thigh…”
He studied the brutal welts wordlessly. ”
Then, “Good, they should last for a week,
Unless Pierre decides to add to them.”

O trembled at the thought.

“Stay naked in the library and garden today,
so everyone can enjoy the marks as much as you.
And if some member wishes to add a few more stripes...”

Ego Stipes Ergo Sum


Cruciformae Studiosus
Studies in Cruciform 2.1449
Small Story

You have been insolent to a Valet...
You must be punished for that.
But I’m in a gentle, charitable mood, so I’ll offer you a choice.
Which do you prefer, to be flogged or caned?

I prefer neither, but we’re long past choices. You will have me
punished as gently or as savagely as you choose.

Correct answer, but I detect a residual air of defiance, so I will
make the choice for you: a full-body caning!

( she gasps! )
Robert! Take her away. I want this girl caned thoroughly...
No, no, make that savagely – her word. Neck to knees! Start with fifty
to her crotch and inner thighs, to sensitize her skin for...

...the wire-loop flogger!!
( the girl lets out a whimper )

Another fifty hard strokes full frontal, I think?

Then take the heaviest cane we have, the heaviest mind you,
and bring it down on her back as savagely as you can!

( Oh god, no! )
That should make her reconsider her insolence.
I’ll be along to inspect in an hour or so…
I do NOT expect to find her conscious!

Ego Stipes Ergo Sum
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