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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus


This was just a warm-up, wasn’t it?
Now you’re really going to hurt me, aren’t you?
How badly?
Badly. Do you remember your first time?
Yes. How can I ever forget…?
…This time will be worse.
Oh, dear God…! How much worse?
Much, much worse.



Cruciformae Studiosus
Wednesday Tea
Yes dear?
Is that Johnnys car?
Oh, I believe it is. Is it Wednesday already?
There’s somebody with him. Is that the doctor?

Oh, dear, is it the second Wednesday of the month?

Yes, ‘fraid you’re in for it.
What’s Johnny’s penalty for not being ready?

100 strokes evenly divided front and back.
Can you see if the doctor has—

--Yes, he’s carrying his big case, the one with
the extra blood units. Quickly, slip off your things
and hurry downstairs to the sun room,
I’ll say there was phone call…
When he sees you breathless and nude he may take pity!

It won’t work. Worse, he knows when
I try to make up silly lies.
Now he’ll start with fifty hard cane-strokes to my breasts.
He just loves to take it out on my nipples!
I’m afraid I’ll be comatose before he gets to the horse-lwhip!
Do me a favour, could you cover my bed with
rubber sheets? I fear there will be blood tonight.
Last time I was late he threatened if it happened
again he'd give me 200 cuts from the
razor snake-skin whip and rip all the skin from my back!

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