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Whipping Stories (Sympazero)

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Cruciformae Studiosus
An Agreement:

...Yes, I understand and accept the transaction.
My husband owes you a large sum of money and
has offered me to you for one night as debt settlement.


…I love my husband and will obey his wishes.
And during that night it is accepted you
are at liberty to do with me as you wish.

…with you…and to you.
...And to me. Though I fail to understand the distinction.
Really? Have you no imagination, madame?
As in what do you think is in my imagination?

Probably you are imagining me without clothing,
and having your way…

Ah… Only the half of it. Your husband
and I have an additional separate agreement.

I do not understand.
True, I am visualizing you without clothing,
but in addition I envision you hanging naked
from my chandelier, blood dripping from
a hundred horse-whip cuts covering your
entire body from neck to knees!
The difference between us, madame, is that
my imaginings will come to fruition by dawn.

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Cruciformae Studiosus
The Long and the Short of It...

The door opened quietly and he entered.
His sigh was matched by her soft, almost
inaudible whimper as he shut the door and threw the bolt.

No going back…
The creak of the woven leather handle told her he carried the
short bullwhip, which frightened her more than the long.
She heard him remove his coat and lay it on the bed; then he raised
the whip above his head. Would it be a gentle tap to get his aim, or a
full-blooded smashing blow across her shoulder-blades – the first of fifty
to open tonight’s session? She would know in a moment.
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