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White women, indian tribes

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Angelus Mortis
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'frustata con scudisci irti di spine', 'flogged with whips bristling with thorns' -
they sound even more cruel in Italian!
True, but whips make strange noises in the wild west of Italy - "ssfff". I'm not sure that quite captures it. Maybe if you say it in Italian... ;)


I find this torture trussing position on two poles to be very wickedly effective! A true technique of the tribal torture experts! Such terrible exposure would leave a woman's charms quite vulnerable! Scalping would not kill the victim and the blond trophy scalp was of great value ! Imagine the horror of looking at your beautiful hair and hide hung before you as your slowly burned and flayed alive? The 2 captured virgins caught skinny dipping have been brought back to watch the butchering of there mother! Whilst they await there turn at fate!


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As a proud, upperclass woman, she was always taught that a lady should dress respectfully, and sophisticated to proudly display the standing of her family. The tribe that she now lives with, thought that her luxorious and concealing state of dress was unnecessary for a captured outsider, and a skimpy loincloth was more appropriate for her place in the tribe, forbidding her from concealing naked body and large breasts any longer, proudly keeping their prize on display.
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