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Wip - Women In Peril

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The Emperor Nero tried to get rid of his mother by getting her to take a trip round the bay of Naples in a "trick ship" he had arranged to have built.
When the vessel was well out to sea a slave on board pulled out some sort of bolt and the whole thing fell apart.
However Nero's mother swam ashore "like a mink" to quote Mr Cuffy (The decline and fall of just about everybody) so he had her assassinated after all. These illustrations could be that scene as no doubt the vessel was rowed by attractive female slaves (I like to think so anyway). :kiss:


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My mistake it was Will Cuppy.

The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody: Great Figures of History Hilariously Humbled​


Will Cuppy,​

William Steig (Illustrator),​

Fred Feldkamp (Editor)​

I'll have to look that up, never heard of it.

It's funny, I grew up with US TV and movies, but not so much your books.

Peril? And vore, and . . . .

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