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Wonder Woman fantasies

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A recent illustration by HighHeeledJill (Original posting link ) with it's own story:
The highlight of the Amazon's year is the annual Contest of Champions! For the last few years the event has been dominated by the duo of Wonder Woman and her time-travelling younger self, Wonder Girl!

Here we see the perfect pair's intense training for the mounted steeplechase event. Some naysayers suggest that two versions of the same person have an unfair advantage, but Wonder Girl insists on a lengthy and fully immersive ponygirl regime to ensure that her future self responds to the whip and moves with her rider in perfect harmony.

They are sure to put on quite the show for the crowds come game day!

The best part is, as the rider Wonder Girl gets to look forward to enjoying the race again from the perspective of the ridden!

(The original Wonder Girl was in fact just a time-travellingteenaged Diana)


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George, I encountered the third Mr. Bunny render below as a stand-alone many months ago, and just today realized it’s from a WW v. Cain comic.

Make of these what you will. ;)


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