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Xena Stuff

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Good manip. Just keep them there and ask money for onlookers to watch them writhing on the stake.

How much are you asking? :)

Xena whipped.
The picture is labeled Lucy. It reminds me of this scene from the Simpsons

Eddie Scafell



Hair and Nails
Unless I am much mistaken, a photo-manipped Skating Jesus.
The photoshopping is aight. It has the typical problem of the heads bring too large. So it doesn’t come close to the original art in terms of composition or hotness(that’s an art term, right?) I feel like, for best results, someone would commission SJ to making a Xena model and make a crux scene. But I hear he’s a busy man, after all there arr lots of Nycarian women haven’t been nailed yet...
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