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Is no-one safe?

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Poet Laureate
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Jan 1, 2011
The Northern Forest
The rector's words, ' "For me Stormtrooper Crucifixion raises similar questions to those which CS Lewis raised in his science fiction trilogy - that, were other races to exist on other planets, would Christ be incarnated among those races in order to die for their salvation?' mind me of Hugh Macdiarmid's poem, 'The Innumerable Christ':

Wha kens on whatna Bethlehems
Earth twinkles like a star the nicht,
An' whatna shepherds lift their heids
In its unearthly licht?

'Yont a' the stars oor een can see
An' farther than their lichts can fly,
I' mony an unco warl' the nicht
The fatefu' bairnies cry.

I' mony an unco warl' the nicht
The lift gaes black as pitch at noon,
An' sideways on their chests the heids
O' endless Christs roll doon.

An' when the earth's as cauld's the mune
An' a' its folk are lang syne deid,
On coontless stars the Babe maun cry
An' the Crucified maun bleed.

kens = knows; the nicht = tonight; whatna = whichever; heids = heads; licht = light; 'yont = beyond; een = eyes; unco = strange; bairnies = children; lift = sky; cauld's the mune = cold as the moon; lang syne = long since; maun = must