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the story continue....

For the rest of the day the girl was no longer touched; at least those three heartless, but it was done by a fat and ugly woman, the wife of Victor Israel, to tend to the wounds of her sex and clean it of semen and a little of the blood that flowed from the wounds of the needles in her breasts She would return at dawn to reduce that blood again, for when she went out to the barracks courtyard to fulfill her cruel destiny.


Tied hand and foot, the young woman was thrown into her cell naked and mistreated. She was still crying with shame, because when that fat woman had touched her sex to heal her, Silvia had not been able to get excited. I couldn't help it. She knew that her torturers would laugh at her expense when the fat woman told her.

That night, which was to be the last of her life, Silvia did not sleep well. He had horrible nightmares in which she was tortured in various ways.

In one of them, she was tied with her arms in the shape of a cross to a log. It was as if she were crucified, but her feet were resting on the ground, and her ankles were tied.

In that nightmare they tied ropes around her breasts with fragments of rose bushes. They squeezed them. Blood oozed from his wounds. Then, amidst the ropes that gripped his boobs, another rope attached to a pulley foreshadowed another horrible torture.

The cruel executioner pulled on the pulley, so that it also lifted his body, but only pulled on his breasts. She was lifted up by her breasts. The blood flowed more and more. Lifting her breasts, she felt the rose bushes stab into her with unheard of cruelty.

That nightmare ended, but the rest of the night did not sleep well. 1


The following morning, Captain Peralta, Lieutenant Pedro, and the executioner Victor appeared in his cell. Previously the fat woman had already fulfilled her mission. The rope from her ankles was untied. The one on his wrists too, but then they restrained them with shackles.

She was dressed in a threadbare and dirty robe. Another chain was attached to that of the shackles. This served for the executioner to pull it.

Pulling the girl with the chain, they left the cells toward the barracks courtyard.

to be continued...

1: The nightmare described here is inspired by Quoom drawings. See the example:

In the courtyard of the barracks the entire garrison of Migueletes, many regular soldiers, people in favor of the absolutist regime and only a few ordinary citizens of the middle and lower classes were going to attend Silvia's execution.

With the threadbare robe open at the breasts, so that everyone could see the cruel needles stuck in them and the blood that flowed from the wounds, the girl was taken out into the courtyard.

Silvia walked with her head held high, and with great dignity despite what she had already suffered. She looked at those present with a certain hatred, but when she saw the group of townspeople like her, she felt a kind of anguish. They were going to see her die in a brutal way.

In the middle of the patio was a frame made of three woods. Two vertical posts joined at the top with another horizontal one. At the junctions of the horizontal with the verticals, they had placed chains with shackles that hung in the void.

She and her guards and torturers arrived in front of the platform. And suddenly, without warning, Lieutenant Pedro held her from behind with his arms, and slowly, despite his efforts to free himself, the lustful executioner extracted the four needles from his breasts. A couple of slaps were enough to keep her from moving as much. She was exhausted from the torture session from the previous day.

He published gave a cry of amazement. Some of those scoundrels were already excited when they saw the girl appear with the needles, and when they took the girl off they were even more excited. Others stared in fascination at that torture, and only a few disapproved of it. Among the allowed crowd sample to see that, many began to feel pity, pity, and hatred for what they saw. Someday they would pay for all that. Liberals would triumph.

Captain Peralta read the sentence condemning the girl to be flogged to death.

They undressed Silvia slowly in front of everyone, so that they could contemplate her naked body.

A nude Silvia was presented to people. Everyone saw the signs of beatings, bruises, rapes and torture to which she had been subjected. They saw the blood from her wounded tits, they saw her battered and bleeding pussy, and the traces of the rapes.

Most made fun of her thinness, her small tits, and made fantasies about how they would take it. Others looked nonchalantly, and fewer looked disgusted at what they had done to the brave girl.

Silvia's wrists were chained to the shackles hanging from the corners of the horizontal pole. Then they put shackles attached to the ground at the end of the vertical poles. The other ends were placed on the girl's ankles.

The four shackles were far enough apart that the girl and her entire body were stretched out as if it were a Saint Andrew's cross. It was a very annoying pain, but it was just about causing discomfort more than anything.

Captain Peralta had decided to start lashing her with the horse lash of the first lashing. He would administer them himself. After ten blows, they would move on to the bull's leather long whip. Victor the executioner would come into action here. Twenty blows with this whip would already make her bleed. That whip was drawing blood. And the rest of the lashes would be given with the three-tailed whip with irons and pieces of medieval bone.

to be continued....

Captain Peralta whipped the ground to indicate that the flogging was about to begin.

The young woman waited in tension for the first blow. It did not took her long to arrive. He hit her on the right hip. A welt appeared.

- "You must not beg, Silvia. Stand firm. They won't break you, they won't break you!" the girl thought. She was saying it to herself. She clenched her teeth to keep from screaming. But she knew she would end up doing it, but she would give those bastards that satisfaction against later better.

Silvia received the first five blows to her back with only a few moans emitted by her. Blood flowed where the welts had intersected with the wounds from the previous beating.

"Damn you fucking bitch! I swore I would break you and I'm going to make you a whore!" exclaimed Captain Peralta.

Captain Peralta inserted several fingers of his right hand into the girl's punished pussy and shook it violently.

- "God, I can't ... I can't take it ...!" the girl said to himself at that. She couldn't take it anymore and moan at the terrible sensitivity in her pussy. Furthermore, her sexual organs were already badly abused.

"I like you better, bitch! Now that you're excited, we'll continue your flogging!" Peralta shouted.

This time the captain stood in front of the girl and lashed her body in front. He gave her the remaining five lashes with the horse whip. Three of them had hit her already tortured breasts, and she had finally screamed.

-Aaaaaaiiiiieeeehhhhhh ....! Damn bastards! the girl shouted.

The first round of lashing of the sentence had been completed. Now it was the turn of the second with the bull's leather whip. It was long and the spanking was going to be given by the executioner Victor.

The first blow was hard, and made the young woman scream in pain:
-Aaaaaiiiieeeeehhh! She felt hit from the back to her left hip.

Silvia received another hard blow to her right shoulder, and the leather curled around her body. The tip struck her again on the left hip.

The whip was long and each time it hit it curled around the girl's slim body. Sometimes several times for the power of the blow.

Again the piercing whistle of the whip was heard:

-Aaaaaaiiiigggghhhhh! Silvia screamed again to feel hit in her ribs.

to be continued...
The eyes of those present caressed the girl's bleeding body.

Silvia felt her blood slide slowly from the cuts of the lashes. She couldn't believe they were whipping her to death. Their only crime was wishing for a better country for their compatriots, and even for those who now enjoyed this wild scourge.

- "Didn't those heartless people understand that absolutism meant backwardness for the country?" Thought the girl.

Another brutal lash went through her back and hit her chest. She screamed wildly.

The executioner varied the rhythm of the blows so that the girl felt the fear and the indecision of not knowing when the next lash would arrive.
These were the blows to the young woman's back, but the lashes in front were more terrifying, since she saw how the brutal leather of the whip approached her body.

She had already endured the ten lashes of long leather on her back. Now the third lash ahead hit her again in the crotch again damaging her sex.

This time at last, after screaming brutally, the girl exclaimed:

"Aaaaaaieeeggghhhh! No .... please! Stop, please! You sons of bitches !.

Everyone who enjoyed that barbaric spectacle snorted and laughed at the girl. They had finally broken it.

Especially Captain Peralta enjoyed it, although it had been the executioner Victor who had finally broken it.

Sílvia looked at the few spectators who embraced her cause and wept for them. Her tears were of pain from the lashes, but also because they had seen her pleading to stop whipping her. They had humiliated her, breaking her at last. She tried to writhe in her bonds because of the rage that invaded him.

This seemed funny to Peralta and his torturers, and they decided to untie the girl's ankles. Now she twisted her entire slim body to be hit by the whip. It just hung on the chained wrists.

to be continued...
Silvia looked at her crotch and was horrified by what she saw. The bleeding mark on the whip was marked terribly from her navel through her sex, down her ass. Blood dripped onto the floor mixed with that of the other torture wounds.

Releasing her legs, her entire body twisted under the blows of the lashes. She screamed and screamed. It was awful what they were doing to her.

Silvia had already lost control of her initial determination. His bravery had evaporated under that whip. And if he wept with rage, he was only the fruit of impotence.

Several bleeding lashes were already crossing her two boobs already marked by the wounds of the needles.

Her whole body was sweating for that hot day and the tension she was in when receiving the lashes.

Silvia saw the impeccable leather coming towards her and turned her face away as she had done before, but this time the brutal blow indicated her from her abdomen to her neck. Her neck was bleeding.

Executioner Victor raised his arm again to strike again.

- "By all the saints! Was it that the cruelty of those scoundrels had no limits, and were they also going to spank their faces?" the girl thought in horror.

But at the last moment, Captain Peralta stopped the executioner's execution arm.

"Quiet, Victor! Don't damage the pretty face of the girl! Her face must at least go to the other world intact! Her suffering is more pleasant to me if you don't mark her face!"

to be continued...
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