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Jan 17, 2016
Goredorc is my Tumblr site. RedOrc was already taken, and Tumblr offered a few suggestions. I went with this one as it could be read as "Go Red Orc" or "Gored Orc" as appropriate.

The article is not mine, but from "Libertine Nudist Couple" http://corpas1.tumblr.com

Their site is mostly about the benefits of naturism and nudism. You know those people who insist being naked is nothing to do with sex? This definately isn't them. In Libertine Nudist Couple's world naturists are banging like bunnies!
Hi this is CorPas, the author of the story you referred to, about crucifixion as the ultimate bondage experience. Indeed we are sex-positive nudists, our Tumblr site is to demonstrate the pleasures of being unashamed about nudity and sexuality. We also love bdsm and erotic crucifixion in particular! But only once we did an extensive post on that. We posted on some other bdsm subjects but otherwise it's all about living naked without inhibitions, shaved genitals, public erections, wearing cockrings, being barefoot, sex in public and so on. See our Tumblr blog!