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The Beauty Of Wooden Pony

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These pics look soooo painful!!!!

I used to bike in college. As every bicyclist has probably done at least once (and it's perhaps -- no, I'm certain -- a more painful experience for you guys) my wet foot slipped off the pedal and my body dropped heavily onto the top crossbar. Well, my crotch did. Oh fuck did I ever hurt myself!!!! I was in such pain!!! My lady bits were quite sore for a week! My poor boyfriend had to do without sex for that time! Well....he did get the chance to work on his tongue technique!:rolleyes:

"Oh hon, please go easy! I'm so sore! Oh yeah! That's soooo nice! Just keep flicking that bean!"

Can't imagine the pain from riding a wooden pony with my naked flesh divided and my inner pink pressed into that edge!!!!:eek::eek::eek:
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Of all torture devices is the wooden pony my favorite. It's better than TV to watch when a young woman is getting tortured by only the weight of herself with minutes to minutes on her most tender part.


Leather gloved hands chained. No easing. Her crotch hurts. Yes, she's deeply breathing ... awaiting the first blow with the knotted whip. Her exposed pierced tits, her flat tummy, her ringed clit, her slim thighs. A specimen for all!?


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1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

In the next image its a little different , the female has a copper tube to caress with her pussy lips , the image is taken from below looking into her lips. A flick of the switch and watch her eyes light up, It wont take long for her to beg for mercy
you get the idea.jpg

Dorothy Brown

Brown Sugar
You would know about the electro pony mymartinet , she is positioned
over the bar stood on her tiptoes ,hands could be tied behind her or above
her head. now everyone knows you can`t stand on your toes for long,so
she tries to relax and her pussy touches the electro bar, and her reaction
and yelp get`s the man or men horny.it`s only around twelve volts but
enough to make her squeal
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