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  1. dommmu

    Tulip and Orchid

    Abstract She wanted to do something good. She wanted to help. But Anouk's latest errand for the aid organization she is volunteering for goes terribly wrong. Suspected of being a spy, she becomes the prisoner of a foreign dictatorship. In custody, she will undergo merciless interrogations and...
  2. Servus Venandi

    The Women of Hill 499

    This is my first attempt at posting content here. Hopefully I won't do anything out of bounds or otherwise screw it up. I recently read the terrific story "The Object Lesson" by @Sexitus Bacilus. For lack of a better approach, I'm going to borrow that method of posting in sections. If you'd...
  3. CruxGirl

    Crucifixion of a Weather Girl

    This is my first attempt at writing a work of fiction. It's set in an alternative England, a dystopian version of the country which has been my home for the past three years. Part 1 It must have been the deepest night's sleep of Mercy's entire life. But now she is beginning to stir. She is...
  4. malins


    «Noemi» They marched in lockstep as the deep pulsing throb of great drums was thrown back from the walls of the ancient caldera. Carrying their load down the rocky path that zigzagged down to the center of the extinct crater. There, the ceremony would find its completion. A ceremony none...
  5. impaler49152

    Drastic Meassures

    It's the year 2048. The genetic defect that caused mankind's population to become 80% female was taking it's toll once again. Ever since the world government put the law in place that every woman who has not given birth to at least 2 boys would be executed on her 30th birthday, not one day went...
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