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Cold crucifixion for two. Video

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October 05 we plan begin to publish video "Jane's crux adventure".
Demonstration video possible to see here - http://www.cruxforums.com/demos/crux_na ... ler_WM.wmv

Full video (hour and a 20 minute) in crystal quality with original sound (without music) possible to see only on http://www.cruxdreams.com

I really don`t understand why Nasta is so underrated on this forum (three findings to her name). She is maybe the only girl who is apparently embarrassed of the camera: Her crucifixion is the circle of the followings: She tries not to act until she really has to change position. Then she gets lost in struggle, forgetting the cameraman, and after a while she realizes her squirming has been shooted and gives annoyed looks

Meanwhile Christina works on saving as much energy as she can, caring not with the camera, which is also very intimate, but I don`t get why she became musch more popular

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