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What Cross Would You Choose

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I think I would go for a T cross.
Maybe not the fanciest one, but it carries on a lot of gravitas for all the religious implications.
And, well, it has also to carry my dying body, so...
For me … upside down on the X so there is easy access. Maybe an X that can be rotated occasionally so I don’t lose consciousness. This would increase my agony as it would strain the nails in my hands and feet. Even worse once my shins are splintered
I like the idea of and upside down X. I could have a dildo put in my ass and fucked with it.
my girlfriend once crucified me on an X-cross but i couldn't really find the appeal. an I-shaped cross sounds intriguing but i'd pick to be crucified on the Tau cross since i have always found the T-shaped cross to be so erotic. i picture myself with my arms tied on top of the wooden beam and with my ankles situated on the sides of the cross, and hopelessly begging to be untied
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