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Volunteer girls to the cross

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Eleventh day in the morning (two days left for the execution of the volunteers)

After the harsh torture session they had to endure when they were last milked, the volunteer girls to the cross were allowed to rest more than 14 hours in their cells and cages. This time they did not receive the nocturnal visit of the lustful guards. Mr Smith wanted the girls to have enough strength to endure the long hours of torment and public humiliation that awaited them the next day.

The girls would be exhibited in public through the streets of Santa Marta completely naked and handcuffed and they would have to walk in a long procession to the place where a wooden scaffold had been arranged. There they would be punished and raped in public. The procession would go on for several kilometers and the girls would be spurred on by trained dogs and by the guards armed with whips and cattle prods among the taunts of the people. In addition they would be defenseless before the abuses of the executioners. After walking several kilometers, they planned to restrict the naked girls in stocks to be humiliated and fucked by anyone who wanted it.

In addition, some volunteer girls would be crucified with ropes along with the others the police had arrested who were crowding the cells of the police station.

On the other hand, as we say, a high scaffold had been placed in the town square. There some victims would suffer flogging or other types of torture in public just for the amusement of the people. The people would enjoy the screams of the naked and tied women in full view as whips or red irons "caressed" their tender skin.
cage 097.jpgimages (11).jpg
The executioners tied up the volunteers as best they could to make them spend the night in silence and without sex. The number of those condemned to the cross had risen so high that there were no more empty dungeons or cages left, so many girls had to be locked up two by two or even more. So it was inevitable that the girls would comfort, kiss and lick each other. Although when they arrived on the island they were not lesbians, they ended up making love to each other during the night.....,
.........at least during the few hours when they did not receive visits from lustful guards.

This night the girls were especially horny in their cells despite the torture they had received. The girls knew they were going to be exposed naked and handcuffed at the mercy of the public. As they kissed and licked each other they whispered their fantasies.
images (12).jpgimages (13).jpgimages (15).jpg
Almost all the volunteers had many times dreamed of the fantasy of suffering the ordeal of the crucifixion.........


The fantasies of the slave girls were different but many of them confessed to having dreamed that they were raped in their cell by beastly and sadistic executioners with big cocks.
Then in their dream they had to carry the wooden crux on their arms in front of a crowd that crowded to see them pass. With open arms, completely naked and defenseless while the executioners made them walk with whips ……. People insulted them, spat on them, slapped and kicked them during their via crucis.
Once at the place of execution the ritual continued with a painful flogging, forty, fifty, one hundred lashes without any mercy. Finally exhausted by the wild lashes they couldn't resist.
The executioners laid them on the cross with open arms and then hammered the nails into their wrists and feet with huge hammers.
images (11)a.jpg
Then they raised the crosses and they were crucified in public totally naked for hours.
The most masochistic girls confessed that they had huge orgasms every time they dreamed of what was happening to them on the cross. Alexis confessed to her lover that in her dreams executioners had a brazier full of burning coals from which they took out red-hot pincers with which they tormented their breasts. The girl felt wild orgasms in her sleep instead of the pain she would really receive.

After telling each other all these fantasies the girls were very horny. So they made love to each other despite the ties.


At dawn dozens of brutal executioners and guards woke the girls up and they did it brutally, hitting their batons on the bars, throwing buckets of ice water on them or directly with pressurized water hoses.
images (15).jpgjailbirds_by_a_sennov-dah88vt.jpgimages (21).jpgin_the_hole_by_syndicatewars_dbgs3gq-pre.jpg

Hearing that noise, many girls felt their heartbeats because they were already looking for them. Some embraced to give each other courage.

Come on whores !, wake up !, all up !, the guardians shouted at them, today a long day awaits you.
images (14).jpgimages (20).jpg
The girls were thus brutally removed from their cells and, with lashes and kicks, were taken to the daily toilet.



Come on baby! Before breakfast you must go to the toilet ha, ha!

images (25).jpgimages (16).jpgimages (17).jpgimages (18).jpg
The morning cleaning in jail was especially humiliating.
The first thing was to introduce a hot enema into their anus.
3272351b51482dbc17b0ae2233929660.6.jpgimages (2).jpgimages (3).jpgunnamed.jpgh_350lyo00011jp-1.jpg
The girls screamed in pain when they felt the heat that invaded their insides.


images (8).jpgimages (10).jpgdescarga.jpg
Some of them, like Skin, were hanged by the arms and placed with their legs open on a sink.

Then the girls had to retain the liquid inside their intestines despite the painful cramps because they were prohibited from shitting without permission.
They obeyed and made desperate efforts to control their sphincters because they knew that the first one to drop her load was punished for having to clean the dirty ass of all the other slaves with her own tongue once they had shit.

The executioners laughed amused seeing those beautiful women tied in that grotesque posture writhing like worms on a hook and still farting. Suddenly Adrianna could not take it anymore, rolled her eyes, felt an intense dizziness and a jet of brown water shot out between her buttocks.
Seeing that, the others breathed with relief and loosened their sphincters.


Poor girls felt so much pleasure that moaned as in an orgasm


unnamed (4).jpg(m=eaf8Ggaaaa)(mh=jZOCB3og9Vih84TE)8.jpg2993794_15_p.jpgimages (6).jpg

Finally, all the shit realeased while the farts of the bitches and the laughter of the guardians, they forced the unfortunate Adrianna to lick the dirty anus of all the other volunteers,..... one by one. It was quite nasty and disgusting for the poor girl who felt as she were in hell.
images (3).jpgimages.jpgth.jpg
After this appalling humiliation they were all showered with pressurized cold water hoses and scrubbed with stiff-bristled brushes.
images (8).jpgimages (10).jpgimages (11).jpg
The bristles of the brushes scratched their skin so hard that it looked like they were going to be skinned. Logically the girls screamed in pain during this wild bath and the executioners laughed amused at the suffering and humiliation they caused.


(m=eV1ZGgaaaa)(mh=S2CQZWqrntcgqYDC)15.jpg3394678_2_o.jpg3394678_9_o.jpgDogFours_(12).pngDogFours_(13).pngimages (49).jpgtumblr_ozuwhaGD7D1r63xkmo1_400.jpg
After the bath, the girls were able to eat something, but they had to do it on their knees and with their tits hanging and brushing the floor. In reality breakfast was a smelly slop in which executioners used to piss or sperm.


Come on, bitches, eat it all if you don't want to take our lashes.



Then all of them were taken to a big open hangar close to the courtyard of the fortress.
There the volunteers had to wait in long lines, motionless, naked and soaked for about three hours until Mr Smith arrived with his guests.
images (3).jpg2.jpg
Only for fun the executioners forced them to remain standing with their legs spread, their heels on tiptoe and their arms up over head holding a heavy stone.
Poor girls were allowed to rest only after holding the stone up for an hour

All those girls were shivering because in the morning it was cold although later the temperature rose. However all of them were very horny and impatient to be exposed to the crowd

Meanwhile, the guests of Mr Smith, who had been joined by Mr. Kobayashi and Ito, Reiko's uncle, had had a wonderful dinner served by the beautiful Alli, the rich man's niece.
There she had put on a few rags of a French maiden, so she served them a half-naked and very sexy dinner. While he served the table he allowed himself to be touched and caressed submissively by all those old men. The girl did not protest at any time but simply smiled at those filthy when they touched her with their hands.

After that she did a sensual strip tease taking off the little clothes she was wearing while dancing for her guests.
unnamed (1).jpg
Once completely naked, she make them enjoy their glasses and cigars more over on her knees and sucked their cocks gently and slowly for a couple of hours.


During fellatio Alli could hear these sadists talking about the torture that the volunteers were going to suffer the next day and how one of the volunteers was going to be executed in a extreme painful way. The men also decided how they were going to choose the victim, although Mr Smith did not want to explain the way in which the volunteer was going to be executed, since he assured that it was a surprise. Apparently, to choose the lucky girl the girls would have to carry out a fellatio race to the guardians and the one that took the longest to extract the cum from the cock would be the one chosen for the slowly torture until death.
Hearing all this made Alli very horny so she approached her uncle and whispered a wish.

Mr Smith nodded pleased and asked his guests if they wanted to have a BDSM session with his young niece.


Minutes after she was tied up in the basement playroom


images (8).jpg
Next morning, after being abused and tortured all night, Alli did not have enough, so she begged her uncle on her knees to let her participate in the bondage outdoor show as a slave girl, at first his uncle did not agree. Perhaps do you think you will be able to stand it?
I am going to make you a proposal, if I bear the torture of today without crying or screaming, you will let me sign the crucifixion contract and you will have me crucified in the arena the day after tomorrow with the rest of the volunteers.

Mr Smith thought about it for a few seconds before answering.

No, if you endure today, you will spend the next few months in the dungeons of the fortress and only then you will be crucified.

Okay so we have a deal

Then Mr Smith phoned eight black guardians to take care of his niece. These were eight sadistic thugs who came from an African prison where they had been locked up as rapists. Mr Smith had spoken to the prison authorities assuring that prisoners on his island would be rehabilitated and would no longer be a danger to their country. When those men knew they were going to have all the women they wanted to satisfy all their sadistic fantasies, they did not hesitate a second to accept the rich man's proposal.

When they arrived Mr Smith´s mansion He spoke them.

I don't want her to have any privilege for being my nieces, I want her to be treated like one more common slave, so do with her whatever you want.

Yes sir they said looking at the beautiful Alli naked and drooling at the prospect of raping her at that time.

So Mr Smith left his niece at the mercy of those sadists who caught her and started slapping while they tried to kiss her and caressed her everywhere, passing from one to the other as if she were a romper.
So after being brutally shaken by the guards and having to eat all of their cock, balls and ass, the girl was repeatedly raped from all her holes.


While all those brutes brutally fucked Alli, Mr Smith who was calmly watching the scene and who was very excited, explained to his guests what a contubernium was.

It was a group of eight legionaries who lived under the same tent. They made life together, food, etc. I imagine when a centurion ordered a beautiful young girl to be crucified, they did something similar to what they are doing to my niece before flogging and nailing her to the cross.
After repeatedly raping and leaving her face filled with a filthy bukkake Alli, was tied up with an elaborate bondage formed by a long wooden hairpin that served to tie and gag her at the same time. And so, with that humiliating bondage they took her out into the street.

allie_james_enjoys_bdsm_pleasures_outdoors-3.jpgimages (18).jpg
The girl had to walk the route from Mr Smith's house to the Cabo Florido fortress on bare and handcuffed feet. The executioners spared him no lashes or punctures with giant barbecue forks. Sometimes they tormented her without reason because she obeyed with submission all the time.
images (9).jpg
Despite all the brutality, the girl felt her pussy getting wet as she saw dozens of completely naked crucified girls on both sides of the road. The executioners did not spend much on making these crosses, since in most cases they used the tree trunks as a stipe of the cross.

images (19).jpg
Also while walking Alli felt the gaze of all the strangers who crowded the street and who did not stop taking photos with their mobile phones on his naked body. The young woman saw lust and sadism in the eyes of all those men and women, and prayed to herself that an empty cross remained for her.
Minutes after Mr Smith´s niece fulfilled her dream and ejoyed outdoor bondage hanging from a cross.

During all the hours she was crucified, Alli endured the torture with no scream and no cry. So she was allowed to sign a crucifixion contract.


When all of Mr Smith group reached the fortress courtyard, Sánchez had already taken care of tying the condemned women in lines of four or five with chains or ropes around their necks, waists, crotches and between the ankles.

For a few moments the rich man delighted himself inspecting all those beautiful naked women waiting with submission and visibly excited for his martyrdom to begin

Are you ready, hangman?

Yes sir.

Well, take them inmediatly out, the public is impatient, they have spent hours waiting for them and there are thousands of people out there.

Have you heard whores ?, before suffering your punishment you are going to be the protagonists of a lot of perverted videos.




And giving the first lash on Reiko´s butt and thighs the executioners forced the young women to walk.

Mr Smith himself took care of walking Adriana like an obedient dog around the island.


As I promised I will walk you naked and handcuffed throughout my "kingdom " so that I can introduce you the more perverts inhabitants of Cabo Florido, you will see, you are going to lose count of all the cocks that are going to penetrate you today , ha ha .. But before I go pinch those fat nipples you have, ha ha.


Despite the pain of those hateful clamps crushing her delicate nipples and clitoris, Adriana submitted submissively and remembered that indeed the day she arrived on the island, Mr Smith had promised her that she would walk her naked and chained through her domain. The beautiful milf had dreamed with it everynight chained in dungeon.

However, before that she was released for a while to lick Mr Smith's old cock, which was already like her old friend.

Ha ha, I see that you know it well, you like its smell and taste , surely you dream of it when you don't have in your mouth.

In fact Mr Smith´s old cock was nasty and quite disgusting but she was only a worthless slave.



Adriana tucked it deep inside her throat but gagged and had to remove it. This angered Mr Smith.

unnamed (1).jpg



Come on bitch, don't be lazy and suck hard or I'll have you crucified today.
Yes, yes I suck, I suck



Hunt dogs barked like mad and the first lashes hit the girls´ butts and backs. Slowly the rows of naked slaves crossed the gates and the fortress moat. The volunteers headed for the road that led to the town of Santa Marta. The guards at the towers mocked them because the flesh on their asses and tits trembled obscenely as they walked. The volunteers walked awkwardly, handicapped by ropes and ankle ropes and by whipping from guards.


Although some girls cried, most of the volunteers resignedly endured the torment of the whip and only emitted small cries or complaints.

45.jpgimages (7).jpg
After walking a little less than a kilometer the girls saw the first crucified girls on both sides of the road, in front of the trees, and this impressed them to the point that they stopped their march.

Come on, walk, don't stop, the guards urged them with their whips.
5FA017A.jpgimages (9).jpg
All of the girls hanging from their crosses were completely naked and had been crucified with thick ropes that tied their wrists and ankles to the wood. The executioners had not yet provided them with any kind of seat or cornu, so the girls literally hung with all their weight on their limbs.
images (8).jpg
In fact, they had been hanging from their crosses for more than three hours and they were going through hell because none of them seemed to have muscles capable of supporting their weight for a long time.
images (20).jpg
Consequently the inevitable cramps tormented his legs and arms incessantly and the seizure of the muscles caused that any movement was an ordeal.
descarga (1).jpg
The girls tried to change their posture and contorted their bodies in a desperate attempt to find a minimally bearable posture.

images (20).jpgimages (10).jpg

Also the difficulties to breathe to the full lung were increasing so some girls tried to lift themselves on their legs to breathe to the full lung for a few moments


However,exhaustion ended up defeating them and the girls fell back onto their legs hanging from their arms.



Some cried desperately to be taken down from the crosses while the large audience watched those sordid scenes without showing the slightest bit of pity for these girls. On the contrary, many did not stop taking pictures or recording the scenes with their mobile phones and laughed and mocked the girls.

images (6).jpgth (4).jpgimages (23).jpg438bcb2d7c96b8c507ede841c2f59265.jpg

Despite their sufferings, many of the crucified girls were clearly horny as their shiny wet skinned sexes and hard erect nipples showed.
Sin título.png

This was partly because every time they asked for water, the guards supplied it with a sponge punctured at the end of a stick, but before they mixed the water with an aphrodisiac substance that made them horny all the time.


In fact some girls had an ambiguous expression between pain and pleasure. When they realized that people were recording them with too much insistence, some closed their legs to try to hide their excited sexes.


From time to time new girls came to be crucified along with the others.
These girls came already naked and in a submissive way with the patibulum on their backs tied to their arms.
image1.jpgimages (13).jpgA497146.jpg
Apparently the girls walked without being forced ignoring the laughter and ridicule of people .
descarga (5).jpg1996129797.jpeg
They did not seem concerned to see how their companions contorted. They were actually excited and eager to take their place on the cross and display their obscenely naked body in front of all those cruel people.
unnamed (10).jpg
At the direction of the executioners, the new victims would lie on the ground so that their wrists would be tied to the crossbar with sure and thus prevent them from falling from the crosses.
damian07.jpgIn the Fields of Anjou 2.jpg
To the greater ridicule of all those masochistic naked bitches, many men and women had dressed up as Roman legionaries or matronae to prove the disguise they would display on the day of execution.


One of these new volunteers was Alice a skinny little rehead who had just turned eighteen and was going to the same classroom as Alli.
The young teenager had a beautiful and sweet face and huge blue eyes. Alli had already told his uncle Mr Smith about little Alice and her masochistic obsessions with the crucifixion, however, when she turned himself in to her uncle she did not want Alice to accompany her because she was jealous of her.

It was Mr Smith himself who was very interested in the new volunteer and that being a classmate of his niece made it more morbid. The rich old man invited Alice to come to the Island as soon as she was eighteen, and she did so.

The young teenager arrived precisely this morning ready and anxious to sign the crucifixion contract. However, before she wanted to put a condition.

Which one? Asked Mr Smith, looking at the naked body of the girl that could be seen perfectly under her dress.

I want to be crucified immediately on the Sunday show, I don't think I can wait.

Okay, no problem, I'll save you a cross and nails for the show in the arena, Mr Smith said, bringing a contract near to her. The girl signed it without hesitation although a shiver ran through her slim body as she did so.
And now undress, little bitch, you will experience the pleasures of the crucifixion much sooner than you think. Guards!
descarga (1).jpg
Alice did so and almost immediately rude guards tied her arms behind her back and, putting a noose on her neck, took her away to crucify her.
making_movies_in_the_crux_forest___shackled_by_bobnearled_dcgkpgu-200h.jpgimages (1).jpgth.jpg
Only half an hour later Alice was walking naked with the patibulum on her shoulders...............
images (2).jpgdescarga (2).jpg
and a few minutes later she was "dancing" on the cross with the others.


Yulia enjoyed with her boyfriend Yuri the show of seeing the beautiful Alice debating naked on the cross.
Oh my love, she is really gorgeous, don´t you think?

Yes, but no more than you, honey
The russian young girl wanted Yuri to take some photos of her in front of the crucified girls to immortalize the moment.

At one point, Yulia lifted her shirt, showing her stone-stiff nipples while laughting,......actually she was very hot.
images (4).jpg
How old do you think she is? I don't think she is over eighteen.

The executioners have told me that as soon as she has arrived on the island today she has asked to be crucified immediately. Of course Mr Smith has not rejected her wish.
th (2).jpg
Well, now she doesn't seem like having a good time, look at her face.

Yes, she seems she suffers a lot, but surely if one of those brutes touches her she will have an orgasm.

I hope so, what will feel crucified and naked there in front of all these people?

Do you want to check it Yulia?

images (19).jpg

Oh I am,... I am very horny, I would like to know what it feels like, but.....but I do not dare, I am afraid of the tormentors torture and crucify me in real way I mean,...with nails,.... whips an.... red hot tongs, oh God!.

You seem so horny, my love. You have always had fantasies about that, Yulia, you really like the stories and images of crucified Christian martyrs in the amphitheater. In fact you asked me to come see this show by yourself.
Sin título.png
Yulia´s hard nipples were marked under the shirt, at that time she imagined herself crucified during the circenses games. That image always made her reach orgasm every time she was fucked by Yuri. But she had never join enough courage to sign the crucifixion contract.

Yes, but this is real, Yuri, if I sign the contract they will really crucify me, they have also told me that the new volunteers will spend several months in the dungeons of the Cabo Florido fortress and there they will suffer torture every day. I don't think I can endure something like that.

Yuri smiled when he heard his girlfriend Yulia speak, in fact she did not know it but he had already reached an agreement with Mr Smith about her beautiful girlfriend..

I have an idea Yulia, let's go see Mr Smith!.


I'm going to negotiate with him if he can let you try the cross without signing the contract.

Yulia got horny just thinking about it.

Do you agree my love?
images (19).jpg
Yes,....yes, come on

Several minutes later.....
............So this is your girlfriend Yulia.


She is very pretty, and is she a good girlfriend?

While the men chatted, the girl remained silent, eyes down and in submission behaviour, on tip toes, legs open and hands behind her neck.

Yes, she is very obedient, and he likes to satisfy all my whims. In fact, I said I wanted to see her crucified out there and she said yes right away.

What do you say? Would you let yourself be crucified naked in front of all those people?

Yulia lowered her blushing head.

Yes, master.

But there is a problem, she does not want to sign the crucifixion contract, he is afraid of the real torture.

Well, in your case and being such a submissive girlfriend we can make an exception.

For real?

Yes, but first I want to see how pretty you are, get naked baby.
Smiling at her boyfriend, Yulia obeyed and took off her clothes.

Very well, you are quite pretty, come here on your knees and suck it.

Shyly Yulia asked her boyfriend for permission and he nodded.
While fellatio the rich man and Yuri exchanged knowing looks.

When yulia finished the blow job Mr Smith called his men to carry the girl with chains and take her outside to crucify.

The men tied her hands behind her back as she distilled vaginal fluid of pure excitement.

Can I carry her to the cross myself? Yuri said.

Of course, but first put this on those so hard nipples, so you can take her wherever you want without resistance.
Yulia endured the pain when the clamps crushed her sensitive nipples, but she couldn't help crying.

And now walking bitch!, your cross is waiting for you.
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Yulia was led naked and chained to the cross by her own boyfriend.

You're a whore ... .. So you like to be naked in front of everyone .. take, and take, ... .. and shaking gave her a couple of slaps.
Look at her, look bitch, that's what you want, right? Yuri forced her to kneel in front of a cross where a girl was trying to hide her sex by squeezing her legs.

Prepare a cross for my girlfriend, he told the guards. And you meanwhile are going to suck it in front of everyone so they can see the whore you are.
The beautiful Yulia was mistreated by her boyfriend and accepted with submission a long blowjob while out of the corner of her eye she saw how several dozen mobile phones recording the scene.
descarga (3).jpg
So, so, suck, suck, ooohhh Yuri told her, alternating fellatio with more smacks and slaps.

Meanwhile the guards had prepared another patibulum on the floor for Yulia. Seeing all these preparations, the girl got even more horny and asked Yuri to fuck hard her before being crucified.
Finally and after ejaculating on his face, Yuri asked the executioners for help and Yulia was crucified along with the others in a few minutes.
The young woman had not reached orgasm while her boyfriend fucked her, but now, hanging from the cross completely naked in front of all those people, she felt helpless and very excited. Meanwhile her boyfriend's sperm slipped by her shiny crotch.
unnamed (11).jpg
Seeing that, the public kept taking photos and videos with their mobile phones while others made obscene comments about her body. Yulia felt so ashamed that she turned her reddened face away and hid it in her silky long hair.
After half an hour hanging on the cross, the spected torment began little by little. The muscles went numb, the pain reached the joints, and no posture was bearable for more than two minutes in a row. Time slowed down and every minute seemed like a century.
Yulia looked left and right and saw the other girls crying and struggling at their crosses without stopping to "dance." Many girls had been crucified for two and three hours and desperately pleaded with their executioners to remove them from their crosses.
Then Yulia saw Yuri approach her with another executioner, it was Sánchez.

So is this your girlfriend?

Yes, Yuri said stroking her thigh.

Tell me, baby, said Sanchez stroking her other leg. The next show will be in twenty days, do you want to die crucified then or do you prefer to wait longer? Three ... six months perhaps?

What, what does this man say?

Mr Smith has told me to give you a choice, now the new volunteers are going to be allowed to choose your suplice date. If you prefer you can advance or delay your execution. Of course if you delay it you will live longer, but it will be in the dungeons of the fortress enduring torture daily, ha, ha.

While speaking, Sánchez spread Yulia's legs with one hand and began to masturbate her.

The young woman looked at her boyfriend in fear without understanding.

But I have not signed any contract, said candidly .

I already know my girl, but you will sign it very soon, be sure of that, I will take charge of torturing you until you sign it, and saying this Sánchez began to lick Yulia's nipple, which hardened at the contact of the hangman's tongue.

No, Yuri, no, please, no.

Come on honey, Yuri said kissing her on her bare skin, you had wanted to experience the ordeal of the cross for years, but since you did not dare I have had to help you. In addition, Mr Smith has hired me as an executioner, thank you very much my love, that was my own dream.

Yulia finally understood, her own boyfriend had given her to those sadists and now a long and painful ordeal awaited her.

No Yuri, no, please, free me!, get me out of here!, I beg you!, I will not be able to bear it.

Sanchez, I think my girlfriend should sign the contract for the longest period of time, six months you said, right?

Yes, although perhaps Mr Smith will extend it even further, who knows?

While they were talking about the long sentence that awaited the girl, the two men continued to caress her and in a few minutes they began to make love to her.
Sin título.png
Yulia allowed herself to be fucked while she was crucified, then closed her eyes and imagined herself crucified in the roman arena before a brutal legionary ready to torture her. Then she got a deep and sweet orgasm. This time her dream would come true.
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