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A Night to Remember (at the Snuff Club)

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Sometimes when I really need it Stewart chokes me out during sex. Being breathless really gets me off. The orgasms are phenomenal! But with the wrong client it can be a very dangerous game… and one hell of a risk!

When he lets me go I pant heavily for breath. My cunt throbs with a terrible ache. My pussy wants him inside me so fucking bad that it hurts.

I can’t give in just yet. I’ve got to think my way out of this. That’s when he throws me against the bed.

He bellows, “KNEEL, BITCH!” I tremble like crazy. Then I brace myself up over the mattress.

I mentally chant, “Fuck my ass – fuck my ass – fuck my ass!” I wriggle my butt at him, hoping to attract him to my puckered anus. That’s when I feel him push into my burning cunt.

I grunt in horror, trying to blink back the tears… No – no – NO – NOOO! Maybe I’m not fertile tonight. But something tells me that I am.

As my mind cries out in fear and arousal, my stupid cunt ravenously accepts him, pulling his member deep inside. I hear him gasp in pleasure as he fills me. Instinctively I start milking him the way my hungering pussy was designed to do.

It’s a primal instinct. I’m hardwired to take his seed deep in my womb so as to continue propagating the species. I just can’t help myself.

“Now that’s the way a whore should feel!” he gasps, thrusting hard and deep. Then I feel his hands wrap around my neck again. He squeezes tightly and I shudder erotically.

“I could snuff you right now, bitch!” Then he squeezes my throat hard. My cunt instinctively tightens around his thrusting manhood.

It’s the worst possible thing he could have done to me. I grunt as my body responds. I can’t help pushing back against him in an effort to drive him even deeper into my fertile womb.

I choke and shudder erotically, my mind screaming in horror at what might happen to me. But my cunt hungrily pulls him into me, milking him hard as my muscles try to convince him to empty himself inside me. No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot interrupt the process. It feels too fucking good!

My heart hammers in my chest. My vision blurs. I fight for breath.

I’m being exquisitely asphyxiated. My body is on fire. My last hope is he’s one of those guys who likes to pull out and spray his seed all over my backside.

I find myself fervently hoping he’ll do just that. But my hungry cunt refuses to let go. In its thirst for pleasure, it spasms all around his throbbing shaft.

The walls of my overheated love canal feel his hot cock start to swell. Unless he pulls out now, his deadly seed will be implanted deep inside me. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed about it tonight.

I try to force myself to hold off. I even try to act disinterested and bored. But my body knows it’s a hollow lie.

Deep down I want it. The fucking bastard accommodates me by squeezing my neck harder. I can barely breathe. It’s enough to set me off.

My body jerks and spasms. Then I start to cum all over his cock. It’s purely instinctive.

My cunt furiously milks him in a frantic attempt to make him erupt. I can’t stop myself. I gasp as I shudder in erotic alarm.

I hear him roar out his release. Then I feel him spew his seed deep inside me. It triggers a second orgasm hot on the heels of the last one.

I shudder as I’m filled with hot waves of pleasure. It’s a pleasure that could very well spell my doom. But it’s all too damned erotic to resist.

I feel myself start to black out. I’m all caught up in the asphyxiated throes of a devastating climax. Then he lets go of my neck.


I gasp for breath as his cock finishes pulsing the rest of his seed into my fertile cunt. It fills my canal to overflowing. I even feel some of it ooze out.

He pulls out, roughly spinning me around in the process. Then he jams his twitching cock into my mouth. The bastard demands I lick him clean again.

I can’t believe he’s cum twice. Then I remember those damn blue pills that often get secretly added to some of their drinks. It makes the customer horny so they’ll shell out more coin in the fuck rooms.

A thought hits me, and I shiver with dread. Did that bitch Monique get him liquored up on purpose? Gawd; I think I’m so fucking screwed!

I lick and suck automatically, instinctively trying to please him as my mind races. My thoughts are now on the little bathroom in the corner of the room. If I can hurry this up and then get in there to clean myself out with a douche or something, I just might have a fighting chance.

Denny’s my supervisor; he’s a decent sort. Maybe I can get him to end my shift early so I can get the hell out of here before it’s too damned late. But this bastard’s not done with me just yet.

As precious seconds tick by, I continue licking a cock that remains hard and dangerous. He abruptly stands me up. Then he bends me over the bed.

“Now I’m gonna fuck your ass, bitch!” Then he presses his dick against my anus before thrusting in hard. I cry out in pain as he brutally sodomizes me.

Gawd; I don’t have time for this! Every minute I remain inside the Club walls is one minute closer to my potential demise should my egg become fertilized with his killing seed. If only I wasn’t so damned horny right now.

My fear adds to my arousal. I grunt as he mercilessly pounds my ass. He fucks me like I’m some back-alley street-whore.

He grabs my hair and roughly yanks my head back. That’s when it occurs to me. I might not have to wait until my sensor pops. The bastard might actually snuff me right here, regardless of the fact this is not an official snuff room.

I shiver from a terrible excitement. His cock fills my rectum. I feel his enthusiasm as he enjoys thoroughly violating me.

He lasts longer than I expect him to. He turns me around and makes me taste my ass on his cock as he slams it into my mouth. I’m brutally throat-fucked for a couple of minutes before he turns me back around. Then he goes back to sodomizing me until I’m being relentlessly pounded.

He pulls out and sits on the edge of the bed. Then he forces me to sit in his lap, impaling myself on his dick. He drives it deep up my ass as he bounces me up and down.

It hurts like hell. And yet it’s terribly erotic. I cry out in pain as he fucks a brutal pleasure into me.

I’m consciously aware of the minutes as they tick by. My delay is giving his seed in my cunt a chance to go for the gold. The thought both scares and arouses me.

I’m afraid tonight my luck may have just run out. I’ve never been so scared, nor so excited. Gawd; I think I’m gonna cum with his cock up my ass!

Once more he pulls me off. He sadistically turns me around and makes me suck his dick. I taste my own ass on his throbbing cock.

I can’t believe how slutty I feel. It makes me feel like a filthy whore. I shiver again from an unbelievable arousal.

It tastes nasty. But I’m quite used to it. I can’t help sucking greedily and hungrily.

I’m frantic as I try to exhaust him. I need to get the hell out of here. But he seems to have an infinite supply of energy.


Once more I’m back in his lap. He bounces me up and down with his cock up my ass. Strangely I feel my life slipping away like sand through an hourglass. But despite my fear, I can’t help feeling a perverse thrill.

Hands suddenly wrap around my neck again. OHGAWD, NO! That’s when I start to choke.

I feel it well up within me again. My sphincter instinctively squeezes harder. I’m alarmed he might discover I’m a breath-play whore.

Gawd; what if he senses I want to be choked out?? My heart skips a beat as he frightens me with his next words. “How’d you like to die with my cock up your ass?”

He laughs at me as he squeezes harder. Once more I start to choke. Then I eagerly bounce up and down in his lap as though I really want it, impaled with his throbbing shaft deep up my rectum.

At that moment I’m certain he senses my secret. I feel it swell inside me. It’s a massive orgasm that threatens to obliterate my senses.

I’m more and more convinced I won’t make it out of this room alive. It’s both frightening and exhilarating. Then he squeezes tighter until I’m certain this is it!

My vision starts to blur. That’s when I instinctively clamp onto his thrusting member with my muscles. I’m desperate to pull him deep inside my dirty hole.

Almost immediately he goes off, his hot seed filling my rectum. I’m hit with a massive wave of white-hot pleasure. Then I go into spasms from lack of air.

I shudder helplessly as my orgasm devastates me. For some reason he actually lets me go. I cough as I manage to pull fresh, reviving air into my lungs.

My vision clears as he pushes me off. I tumble weakly onto the floor. That’s when he demands I clean his cock.

I manage to rise up and gulp down his erection. I can taste my ass mixed with his cum. He thrusts hard into my mouth until I end up grunting as he savagely rapes my skull.

Once more I’m pulled back into his lap for more brutality. This time his cock is impaled deep in my fuck tunnel. I’m certain my fertile cunt can’t resist a second load, much less the first one.

I shudder from a frightening arousal. It actually feels like he’s fucking death into my pussy. It’s unbelievably exciting.

He fucks me hard, reaching around and savagely groping my tits. Then he lifts me up off his throbbing dick. He spins me around until I’m facing him, once more impaled upon his raging boner.

“Whore!” the animal snarls, bouncing me up and down on his hard, throbbing cock. “Fucking bitch! I should snuff your ass right now!”

It gives me a dreadful shiver of incredible arousal. My stupid cunt squeezes ever tighter around his thrusting fuck-stick. That’s when his hand lashes out.

I submissively bare my neck to him, giving him easy access. My willpower is gone, my cunt on fire as he ravages me. I just can’t help myself.

My body is in charge now. My muscles pull him deep inside me. I know I’m about to get another helping of his deadly seed. Damn those drinks he was given!

He squeezes my neck until I feel my face turn red from lack of air. My body feels like it’s been plugged into an electrical outlet. That’s when the betraying words bubble to my lips.

I’m horrified to hear my voice murmur, “Harder… choke me… strangle me…” My mind screams, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?? THIS BASTARD IS NOTHING LIKE STEWART!” But I simply can’t help myself.

He looks at me in surprise. Then he gets this look on his face that scares the hell out of me. That’s when I know I’m so fucking dead.

“You want it, bitch?” he says incredulously. Then a look of pure evil fills his face.

“Then you got it, sister!” That’s when he rolls me over. The bastard pins me underneath him before squeezing my neck hard as he starts brutally raping my cunt.


I start to choke as my eyes open wide. I’m certain he can see the arousal that’s displayed in my expression. My cunt now believes that it’s Stewart who’s violating me.

My body wants that massive orgasm that comes from being choked out. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s as though a totally different individual has taken over my sweat-stained body.

My lips move and I hear the words, “Snuff me, lover.” I’m absolutely horrified to recognize my own voice. Fuck; I think I just bought the farm.

The bastard grins down at me as he throttles me with both hands. That’s when I know it’s all over. “We aim to please, miss,” he says with a cruel smile.

All of the sudden I can’t breathe at all. My tongue slithers out of my mouth in surrender. My hands instinctively claw at his arms.

My body is on fire, my asphyxiation sublime. It’s similar to the way Stewart takes me right to the edge. But this time I sense there’ll be no coming back.

My arms fall weakly to my sides. My body gives in to the inevitable. A moment later it explodes within me, a fireball of a climax.

It envelops me like a warm blanket. All of my senses short out. And I still can’t breathe.

As darkness closes in on me, I feel his hot seed fill my spasming cunt one last time. I find myself mentally cursing Monique for setting me up. Then I mentally apologize to Stewart for my foolish lack of self-control…


I moan softly as consciousness returns. For a moment I wonder if I’m in heaven. I’m weak all over.

There’s a feeling of immense sexual satisfaction flowing through me. Then my eyes flutter open. I’m lying flat on my back on the bed in the sex room.

I bolt upright in alarm as it comes rushing back to me. Then I frantically check my sensor.

It hasn’t popped yet…

Good; I still have time. But how much time do I have? How long have I been out??

When I stand up, I feel cum leak out of my cunt and ass. It makes me gasp in alarm. This can’t be good.

I rush into the bathroom and clean myself up as quickly as possible. But I’m certain it’s too late. Surely his deadly seed is deep in my womb now, racing to fertilize my egg.

I’ve got to find my supervisor right away. I need to get permission to leave early. Maybe Stewart won’t mind if he’s not the father, although I suppose there’s a remote possibility that it could be his.

It occurs to me I might be all right. There’s no need to panic. Attendants have been lucky in the past, so I might have gotten lucky tonight.

But that animal’s seed might be approaching my egg any second now. I might only have minutes to spare. He filled my cunt twice, the bastard. If I am indeed fertile, there’s no time to lose!

I’m back in my uniform in record time. Then I rush breathlessly out the door. Almost immediately I detect the red glow from the Entertainment stage.

It hits me like an ominous warning. I’d better get the hell out of here while I still can. I rush over to my station, hoping my supervisor will be there.

When I arrive, he’s nowhere in sight. I know in a flash where he’s at. “Where have you been??” Doris gasps as she rushes up to me.

She’s a couple of years older than me. But she’s a real sweetie. She’s been looking out for me.

“They need drinks and Denny’s over watching the executions. You know he never fails to miss one. But this time we have customers hanging around. They need to be served.”

“Doris, I need to go!” I blurt out anxiously.


I can’t help glancing down in the direction of that dreadful sensor in my navel. She follows my glance and gasps in horror. “Is it…?” she starts to ask.

She sees it’s not red and glowing. She slaps her head with her hand in a “Duh” moment. If it would have gone off by now, people would already have been alerted.

She winces, and I see a pained look on her face. “What!?” I blurt out anxiously. This can’t be good.

“I’m kinda swamped!” she gasps.

She looks around before making a decision. “Make a single pass with a tray of drinks, ok? Then get the hell out of here. I’ll cover for you. I wish I could do more, honey. But we need someone to make at least one pass through here! Hang in there; you’ll be all right!”

She pats me on the shoulder before hissing “Now SCOOT!” She gives me a quick swat on the ass. I thank her and then rush off, grateful for her efforts.

Maybe Denny would let me go sooner. But I can’t spend precious minutes trying to find him in that crowd of spectators. I sincerely doubt he’d respond to a page from me right in the middle of an execution.

I pick up a tray and put on my best smile. Then I slowly walk through my section. I have to keep from rushing through the area.

My heart is beating a mile a minute. I feel a flush of adrenaline. It’s all I can do to keep from breaking out in a run for the exit.

There are clients who aren’t the least bit interested in executions. But they are totally addicted to gambling. These are the ones I encounter as I make my way through the machines and tables.

I moan quietly in despair when my tray is empty before I make a complete pass. I pick up the empties and take them back. I have to fetch a second tray to make sure I’ve completed the round.

I quickly pick up another tray. Then I make my way through the section once more, smiling and nodding politely. A quick glance down indicates I’m still ok.

My insides are churning. I find myself hoping no one wants me for anything more than a refill. Things could get bad real fast.

Some guy could stop me for another sex session. It would no doubt take me past the end of my shift. My sensor could pop while we’re fucking. Then I’ll really be screwed.

There are drinks still left on my tray when I complete my pass through my section. Thankfully I take it back with more empties. Then I head for the exit, forcing myself not to break into a run.

Maybe I’ll be ok. I tell myself to calm down and breathe easy. Maybe I won’t get pregnant tonight.

When I get home, Stewart and I will have a laugh. I’ve probably gotten myself all worked up over nothing. But I still have this uneasy feeling that time is running out.

An older couple stops me with a question. I pause to answer it with a smile on my face despite the wild beating of my heart. This shouldn’t take long.

They talk to me for one… two… three full minutes. I find myself mentally thinking, ‘Gawd, won’t they ever shut UP??’ Then they head back to their gambling.

Several steps later I’m finally out of my section. I walk faster, hoping to get out within the next couple of minutes. But there’s always the chance I could get reeled into another part of the Club.

I carefully maneuver myself through the casino. I try to avoid sections where I might run into some sex-hungry gambler. Us attendants get a nice percentage of the proceeds. But tonight I need to split.

Most of the patrons are either watching the executions or are intent on gambling. Thankfully I’m not corralled by another request. I breathe a sigh of relief as I see the counter up ahead.

Once I’m there I’ll be able to remove my sensor. Then I’ll be home free. From there it’s just a matter of getting back to Stewart and buying a home pregnancy kit to find out if I might be –


I stop dead in my tracks, doubling over as a small, yet distinct pain knifes me in my navel. In an instant I know what it is. That’s when the color drains from my face.

I start to shake uncontrollably. There’s no point making a mad dash for the exit now. I’ll just trip the sensors and have attendants on me in a flash, restraining me as they take me back to the Entertainment stage for my farewell performance.

2010; 2020 (written Apr 2 ’10; Ed. Feb 9 ‘20 by riwa)

Coming soon - The conclusion to Tia's story


A night to remember 5: Tia’s story (part 2)

I stare at the exit less than twenty feet in front of me as tears well up in my eyes. With a lump in my throat I turn and find a nearby chair to collapse into. That’s when I acknowledge Monique has finally gotten her wish…

That fucking bastard from Manhattan has killed me. My life is over.

I reach into my tunic and numbly pull out my cell phone. Then I call Stewart to give him the bad news. It instantly transfers to voicemail.

The bastard must be out with the guys again. I have no idea where he is or what he’s doing. How can I leave a message telling him his blushing bride won’t be coming home tonight because she’s pregnant at the club and needs to be snuffed?

I look up to see Nicole approaching me. She has a little tracking device in her hand to locate the person whose sensor has popped. Two attendants are trailing behind, flanking her in case they run into someone who might give them a fight.

She points it right at me. I see a look of shock and then sympathy in her features. “Yes, honey; it’s me,” I want to say to her. But I just lower my head in despair.

I look down as I blink the tears out of my eyes. When I look up, the attendants are gone. She must have waved them away.

She knows I’m not going anywhere. She knows they won’t be needed. After all, it’s only me they have to deal with.

“Tia?” she asks with sadness in her voice.

In response I lift up my tunic. For the first time I see the damned thing. It’s popped and glowing, confirming the worst.

Nicole tears up as she sits down next to me. She sympathetically puts an arm around my shoulder. All I can think about is my husband and the fact we’ll never have kids… that I’ll never have kids.

“I can’t get in touch with Stewart,” I tell her as tears fill my eyes. “He might be out with the guys. Otherwise I don’t know where he could be.”

She takes my hand to comfort me. Nicole tells me she’ll be at my side for as long as it takes. Then we hear a roar from the direction of the Entertainment stage.

We both detect cheers and wild applause. No doubt they’ve just watched someone get executed. “They’ll be cheering for me soon,” I tell her bitterly.

She gives me this strange look as she rubs my shoulder. Then she says, “Actually I think I’m a little jealous.”


My eyes open wide in disbelief. I stare at her incredulously. How can she be jealous??

She gently asks, “So who are you gonna have do it?” I look at her in surprise. I hadn’t even thought that far ahead.

I see something in her face. It’s as though she knows the answer. But I don’t understand as I’m numb with grief.

“I don’t know,” I sniffle bitterly. “I suppose I could have Mistress do it. She loves snuffing us attendants.” But if Mistress snuffs me, Monique will no doubt be close by to watch or take part in my death.

“Anyone else?” Nicole asks gently.

What is she getting at? I can’t think of anyone I’d like to snuff me. Certainly I wouldn’t want it to be any of tonight’s customers.

“I don’t know,” I answer numbly. “I suppose I could ask Mr. Rick if he’d like to do it. I know he gets off…”

My voice trails off as I look at her incredulously. A light suddenly goes off in my head. Nicole actually gives me a knowing smile.

She knows I get it now. Of course! In that moment I feel a sudden burst of erotic tingles.

“Now you know why I’m jealous,” she says as she touches me comfortingly on the shoulder.


She glances over in the direction of the Entertainment stage. The red glow is gone. “Most of them have cleared out by now, Tia. Let’s get you over there. Let’s just get this thing over with.”

I give her a sad little smile. We stand up and hug each other. Then she takes my hand.

We walk together as I go to face my destiny. The two of us slowly make our way to the Entertainment stage. I’m somewhat relieved to notice it has cleared out.

I see Mistress and Monique. Mr. Rick is there as well. Nadia and Felicity are hovering near two naked females who I recognize from the poker game as Carmen and Sophia.

All of them are watching attendants remove the dead, naked bodies from up on stage. One woman hangs limp in the noose in a black garter, fishnet stockings and heels. There’s a strange mixture of pain and pleasure in her lifeless eyes.

Manhattan’s naked bitch is slumped in the electric chair. Parts of her body smolder with drifting tendrils of vapor. She looks like she really suffered as she fried. There’s a terrified expression frozen on her face, and I shiver with dread.

There’s fresh blood around the guillotines. But I see no body. I suspect she’s already been hauled away. I’m glad I don’t have to see the severed head.

Two attendants are in the process of carting away the impaled girl. I’m pretty certain she’s off to be roasted. That’s certainly not how I want to go out. But I might not have a choice in the matter. That’s when I shiver from a mixture of fear along with a disturbing excitement.

Chastity sees my expression and speaks up. “Is something the matter, honey?” The others all turn to look in my direction.

I can’t stop the tears from welling up in my eyes. I silently lift up my tunic as though that will be explanation enough. My glowing sensor elicits a few raised eyebrows and a couple of quiet gasps.

“Oh my,” Chastity observes. She actually sounds sympathetic. “Now that’s unfortunate.”

The moment of sympathy passes. Her eyes twinkle with lustful excitement. The bitch is always up to watch another female being snuffed onstage.

“I think we can fit another execution into my schedule,” she says thoughtfully. Then she smiles. I can tell right away she’s going to enjoy watching me die.

She surprises me next when she says, “So tell me, my dear girl. How would you like to be snuffed?” Apparently she’s in a good mood by allowing me to pick the manner of my own death.

It’s not unusual for her to allow pregnant attendants to decide how they want to be snuffed. I feel Nicole give me a nudge and a knowing smile. That’s when I look right at the club’s male co-owner.

I’m hit with a massive burst of erotic tingles. This is my only chance to perform in front of the man I have a severe crush on. “Mr. Rick,” I say in a trembling voice. “I want Mr. Rick to do it.”

He looks at me in astonishment. It’s an astonishment that quickly gives way to wanton lust. Damn; he wants me bad!


I’m suddenly all a-tingle from an incredible excitement. There’s a gleam in Mistress’ eyes. Then she hungrily licks her lips.

“How?” she asks again. “How do you want Mr. Rick to snuff you, my dear girl?”

I’ve had dark fantasies of this moment. Could they actually become a reality? I can barely get the words out; I’m trembling like a leaf.

“I want him to rape me,” I stammer. “Th-then I want him to strangle me with his bare hands with his cock inside me while we’re sitting in the chair.”

I’m amazed I admitted that out loud. Is that what I really want? Is that how I want to die??

I feel a sudden surge of incredible arousal swell within me. I nearly orgasm with excitement. Thank gawd the dead bodies are nearly gone.

The bitch in the chair has been hauled away. The damned thing is now empty, beckoning ominously to me. I stare at it as my mouth goes dry.

They’re just now getting around to taking the last one down from the gallows. That means I’ll have the stage all to myself. Gawd; I can’t stop trembling!

Mistress purrs with excitement. Then she asks me if I want a larger audience. “It’s not necessary,” I tell her.

My eyes are glued upon the man who is going to kill me. I can see a familiar look in his eyes, a look of murderous lust. I shudder from a terrible excitement.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Nicole asks. It shakes me out of my hypnotic trance. I look at her and then look at Mr. Rick.

For some reason it’s no longer my death I’m so worried about. Now I’m trying to think about his pleasure. But I’m shaking like a leaf. Maybe her touch will help calm me down.

I quietly suggest she take me up on stage and disrobe me. Nicole smiles and nods. I can tell she feels a special honor has just been bestowed upon her.

I also have ulterior motives. It will also attract Mr. Rick’s attention to her. She can consider it a small gift from me.

Having another attendant strip me naked up onstage should help get everyone in the mood. It’s not like they’ll need much help or effort in that department. Knowing I’m going to be snuffed in a few minutes should be a turn-on to them for the most part.

Nicole leads me up the steps onto the now empty stage. I’m glad the bodies are gone. This is going to be hard enough as it is.

She turns me around to face the small party that remains in the area. Mistress and Monique take up seats on the couch. I see them motion for Carmen and Sophia to kneel before them. Nadia and Felicity hover nearby as Mr. Rick watches intently.

Nicole starts slowly, working my outfit off one seductive item at a time. It’s incredibly erotic as she touches me all over. Eventually I’m left naked and trembling.


“Thank you for letting me do this,” she whispers quietly. But I’m not done with her yet. My next request has got to be the stupidest idea I’ve had yet!

“Go get the pain injections,” I tell her. My quivering voice carries loud enough for my intimate audience to hear.

I see a flash of eager excitement in Mistress’ eyes. And I can tell how turned on Monique is. ‘You may get to watch me die, bitch,’ I think, looking at the co-owner’s wife. ‘But I’m going to give your husband a snuff he’s never going to forget… that is, if I can be courageous enough to go through with it.’

Nicole gives me a curious look. She whispers, “You’re kidding; right, Tia?” When I shake my head she smiles knowingly.

Nicole descends the stage before going over to Monique’s station. She thoughtfully makes it so the chair is the only execution item left near the front of the stage. Then she comes back with three syringes.

I stare at them in her hand as she steps back up onto the stage. Gawd! I must be insane!

“You’re really going all out, are you?” she whispers. There’s a distinct tone of excitement in her voice.

I nod, my heart hammering in my chest. Then she shakes her head. Maybe she doesn’t believe I’m going to go through with it.

She removes the cover to the needle of the first syringe. She lifts it up to my left breast. I see everyone instinctively lean forward as though eager to witness my suffering.

My nipples are painfully hard. I’m trembling like crazy when she punctures the left one dead center. I cry out in pain.

The looks on the faces I see watching me are filled with lust and sadistic cruelty. They are loving it immensely. Carmen and Sophia are already being forced to service the dripping cunts sitting in front of them on the couch.

Nicole injects my left breast with chemicals. Then she proceeds to do the same to my right. Once more she hits my erect nipple dead center.

I cry out again. The compound she is filling them with will make my tits react in pain. It doesn’t matter if it’s the slightest touch or the most savage of squeezes.

My heart beats double time as she turns me around and bends me over, exposing my ass to my private audience. I whimper in fear, clenching instinctively at what I know is coming. A moment later I really cry out when Nicole sticks my perineum, that soft, smooth tissue between my pussy and anus.

I feel a fire invade my most intimate area. It spreads outward towards my cunt and ass. It instinctively makes me clench.

It will hurt a hundred times worse when a cock invades those holes. I pant heavily for breath, wondering what the hell I’m submitting myself to. Then Nicole stands me up and turns me around.

I’m whimpering when she quietly asks, “Anything else, honey?” I figure I’ve gone this far. I might as well go all the way.

“Make sure Stewart gets a video copy; ok?” More tears well up in my eyes. Then I tell her, “Champagne for all. But for me and Mr. Rick… a special blend for a special toast… you know what I’m thinking.”

Nicole’s eyes flash with understanding as she nods. She knows what I want. Then she leaves the stage to complete my request.


I can see it in Mr. Rick’s eyes. Now he wants me so fucking bad! It makes me go all gooey inside despite the pain in my tits and crotch.

My cunt and ass are already spasming in discomfort from the injection. The champagne I ordered is going to make things that much worse. I still can’t believe I’m doing this!

It’s time for my last little speech of sorts. It’s time to prime the pump. “In a moment we’ll have a special toast,” I say to them all. “My sensor has popped; the die is cast. I accept I’m nothing but a snuff whore now.”

I’m shaking again as my voice fails me. That’s when I think of Stewart. It takes a few moments to compose myself before I can continue.

“I want to thank Mistress for giving me this job. And a special thanks to all my attendant friends who have been such an encouragement to me.” Doris isn’t here, but I don’t think she wants to watch me die.

“I also want to thank Mistress for allowing this more intimate gathering… although I have no problem if anyone else wanders in and wishes to watch Mr. Rick snuff me.” Mistress nods at me with an appreciative smile as she grabs Carmen’s head and jams it hard into her pussy. I can tell her excitement level is rising.

“This bitch is ready to die for Mr. Rick’s pleasure,” I declare.

I feel a dreadful shudder ripple through me. I’m terrified, and yet I’m aroused like never before. I look right at our club co-owner as I say, “A true snuff-whore gives herself totally, and that is my wish. Mr. Rick, I want to be the best snuff you’ve ever had!”

Nicole returns with a tray of champagne glasses. She passes them around to Nadia, Felicity, Mistress and Monique. A special glass is marked for Mr. Rick while mine has a skull and crossbones on it.

Nicole saves the last one for herself. Carmen and Sophia are too busy getting a special liquid reserved just for them. That’s because their faces are mashed into a pair of cunts.

Nicole brings mine up to me and then takes hers for herself. I tremble as I lift my glass in a toast. “To Mr. Rick and my death! May the erotic raping of my holes and my violent death give him the intense pleasure he so richly deserves!”

There are cries of “Here, here”. I see Monique’s eyes flash angrily. She’s going to be so happy watching me die.

Mr. Rick’s eyes flash lustfully as he drains his glass. I shiver with erotic anticipation. Soon I’ll have his cock all to myself, if only until the end of my shortened life.

I bring my glass to my lips, trembling as I drink it all. It burns as it goes down. Once more I ask myself what the hell I’m doing!

Nicole knew exactly what I wanted. The poison in the champagne will soon attack my internal organs and nerve endings. I remind myself this is all for Mr. Rick.

I finally invite him to come up onstage and rape his worthless snuff-whore. Nicole takes my glass and whispers into my ear. She tells me she’ll make sure the chair is ready and that my husband is contacted.

She steps away as Mr. Rick slowly comes up onstage. I remove his shirt. As we kiss, his hands grope my tits, causing me to cry out into his mouth from the breast pain.

I’m oblivious to everything around me as Mr. Rick takes me. He paws me until I feel fire everywhere he touches. It makes me writhe and whimper.


I fall to my knees to pull his pants down, freeing his impressive member. I smile at his wife as though indicating he’s mine now for the next several minutes. Then I start making love to his cock, kissing and licking it all over.

There’s no thought of Stewart whatsoever as I take that thick fuck-stick into my mouth. I finally get a taste of the forbidden fruit. Now I understand why Nicole was so jealous.

This is going to cost me my life. But my life was already over the moment that poker player fucked my cunt. All that is left for me now is to be filled by Mr. Rick’s wonderful rape-tool.

“Use me!” I gasp before he shoves his dick toward the back of my mouth. I feel him grab the back of my head. Then he drives it deep down my throat.

I gag on it as I feel the first stirrings of something more deadly. That’s when my stomach convulses. It’s begun.

He rapes my skull with a vengeance. It makes me wonder if he got any relief during the previous executions. I’m certain he did. But a quick cupping of his balls indicates he’s full and ready to explode. The stuff Nicole slipped into his drink isn’t taking already taking, is it?

I get enough of a glance to see Mistress and Monique being well serviced. Their two sluts’ faces are mashed into their pussies. Both bitches are aroused watching my suffering. Behind me I can hear Nicole working on the seat so it’ll be ready for my final performance.

Mr. Rick lets out a roar. His seed fills my mouth to overflowing. I’m astonished there’s so much of it.

I gulp it down as best I can. But it still leaks out around the sides of my mouth. His cum streaks down my cheeks. Having the opportunity to have my mouth fucked and then swallowing his load gives me an incredible warmth.

He pulls out of my mouth and roughly stands me up. He turns me around and gropes my tits. I cry out from the pain.

The fire I feel all through my body is horrible. I’m starting to regret my decision. Then he bends me forward.

I grab onto the chair before me that is now ready for the two of us. He brutally stabs my ass with his fuck-stick, pushing it all the way inside. My muscles clench hard from a burning fire.

I scream at the pain and violation. Then he savagely rapes me, pounding me mercilessly. My stomach convulses again.

A moment later my orgasm explodes violently. It’s a nasty side effect from the compounds in my body. I scream as my body shakes all over. The pleasure is mixed with mind-numbing pain from the additional chemicals as he continues to violently sodomize me.

I can’t help myself. The chemicals cause me to clench hard around his thrusting shaft. I furiously milk him just as hard as I can.

Instinctively I try to draw him deeper inside me. The pain is intense. I clench my lips in an effort not to cry out.

It hurts too much. I scream again as a second orgasm tears through my body. It’s incredible pleasure mixed with unbelievable misery.

I suddenly feel his fingers wrap around my throat. As he squeezes, my orgasm intensifies. That’s when I become a wild, pain-filled fuck-beast.


I buck and jerk as he brutally rapes my ass, deliciously squeezing my neck. Then he pulls out. He roughly twists my body around until he makes me kneel so he can jam that nasty-tasting cock into my mouth.

I taste my own shit-hole. The excitement and revulsion makes me shiver from an intense sexual lust. I’ve become his filthy whore.

He turns me back around to bend me over the chair. He stabs my ass again. Once more I scream out in pain.

A moment later another orgasm tears through me. I’m brutally ravaged by the sensations of pain and pleasure. It’s indescribable.

Hands savagely grope my fiery tits until I cry out again. Then they return to my neck, squeezing exquisitely. My scream is choked off.

I shudder uncontrollably as his cock explodes in my ass, spewing hot seed deep into my rectum. It feels like hot lava. It must be due to the chemicals reacting to the extremely sensitive membrane of my anal passage.

He pulls back out, throws my body around and cries out, “CLEAN IT, WHORE!” I fall to my knees where I gulp him down. He’s using me like a dirty whore.

Stewart, forgive me! God forgive me; I love it so! I want it so bad that it feels like I can’t seem to get enough.

He sits down in the chair. I notice it’s been properly prepared. Nicole is no longer on the stage; I must have missed the moment she left.

I’m forced into his lap with my back to him. My cunt is impaled on his throbbing dick. I face our private little audience.

Carmen and Sophia are being shared with Nadia and Felicity. Now they’re kneeling and licking out those two cunts. The attendants moan while watching me.

Mistress and Monique sit on the couch with their legs parted. I can see their wet arousal as they watch me get fucked. I can’t tell if Monique is jealous or if she’s just happy I’m about to be gloriously snuffed.

Two couples have wandered in. No doubt they’re here to investigate my screams coming from the stage. They watch in wide-eyed wonder.

Mr. Rick reaches around and savagely gropes my tits again. Another convulsion grips my stomach. I feel fire from my tits.

Another painful spasm takes me. The poison I’ve ingested is starting to set in. I won’t be alive much longer.

He starts bouncing me up and down in his lap. His cock goes deep in my cunt. Fingers wrap once more around my neck.

His squeeze sets me off again. Gawd; the orgasms are coming thick and fast! I can’t find my voice to scream anymore.

My body shudders as I gawk and gurgle. I cum all over his cock. His lap becomes wet with my flowing juices.


It’s so much better, yet far, far worse than I could’ve possibly imagined. My body is on fire as he rapes me. And yet I feel such an incredible warmth that I’m finally getting the fucking I deserve from the Club’s co-owner.

There is no thought of Stewart at all. It’s as though I’m not even married. All I can think about is Mr. Rick’s glorious rape-tool as he fucks and snuffs me.

He squeezes harder until another orgasm slams into me. It batters me mercilessly. I almost wish I could pass out. But the multiple poisons flowing through me won’t permit that.

I’m destined to experience it all. I’ll remain fully conscious for as long as I’m alive. I shudder hard, feeling as though my whole body is on fire.

My stomach convulses in pain again. I nearly bend over from the agony. His cock fills me as I feel it thrust up and down inside me.

The walls of my cunt spasm and clench around his pumping member with a terrible fire. I simply can’t let go of him. The damned thing is killing me… fucking me to death.

I have one last request. Somehow I manage to blurt it out through the fiery haze that is my vision. ”I want….. to see…. your face!”

He lifts me off his lap and spins me around. He fits my legs through the openings in the arms of the chair. Then I’m gloriously impaled in his lap again.

The pain is intense; it feels like I’m on fire. Then I’m cumming all over again. I scream into the air as it devastates me.

My shriek is cut off as he lashes out. He grabs my neck and chokes me hard. My whole body seizes up as another orgasm sets in.

The poison is really starting to take effect now. I’m having painful spasms almost continuously. My heart feels like it’s going to explode in my chest.

I ride him furiously, bucking up and down. I impale myself so hard on his dick that I try to drive it all the way up through my cervix. Then I look deeply into his eyes.

I can see it; he wants this badly. He wants me… wants to fuck me… wants to snuff me! Seeing his lusts on full display drive me out of my mind…

“Snuff…. me…. need it….. now….. snuff your….. worthless….. fuck-whore!!”

His hands wrap tighter as he squeezes my neck. I feel my face flush red from lack of oxygen. A moment later I’m cumming all over his cock again as my eyes roll up into the back of my head.

The pain from the injections feels overwhelming. The poison inside me is all-consuming. My asphyxiation is so exquisite, so sublime. It’s all coming together now as my body writhes in pure agony.

His hands tighten and I feel my eyes start to bug out. At the same time I go into a series of seizures as the poison spreads throughout my body, interacting with the injections. My tongue slithers out as I try to gasp for breath.

I’m filled with an all-consuming fire. God; please make it stop! No, ravage me and make me suffer like the whore I’ve become!


The orgasms won’t stop now. They just keep coming one after another. My senses are overloading.

I pray for unconsciousness; pray for relief. But it’s brutally denied me. The only thing that will deliver me now is Mr. Rick snuffing me himself.

I look weakly into his face, mentally begging him to end me. Now I want deliverance. I’m at that point where my death is the only thing that will satisfy the both of us.

I see it in his face; gawd – he’s enjoying himself! An orgasm in particular hits me with devastating fury. I buck and shudder in his grasp.

My eyes beg him… “PLEASE!” I feel his fingers tighten. Then I can’t breathe at all.

My lungs heave; I can’t catch my breath. Now it just won’t stop. It’s never ending.

I gurgle as I feel his hands squeeze harder. I feel cartilage giving way as my throat is crushed. I hear little cricks, indicating my neck is being broken. Gawd; he’s really doing it!

My life flashes before my eyes. It goes by so fast. Then there’s a moment of clarity.

I think of Doris and Nicole. I’m grateful to Mistress. And I hope Monique is jealous as hell.

I feel something give with a snap. The pain is blinding, my orgasm a volcanic eruption. Then it’s suddenly gone in a flash… wiped away in a moment like chalk wiped from a chalkboard.

There’s nothing but my eyes bugging out. My tongue protrudes grotesquely. I’m astonished I can’t feel anything below my neck.

My face feels hot and flushed. I can’t feel my heart pounding in my chest as though it wants to explode. I can’t feel my lungs scream for air.

Then it’s gone – all gone. There’s nothing but everlasting darkness and relief. My vision collapses into nothingness. My expression of terror… lust… arousal… pain… all remain frozen on my face for all time.

I have no conscious knowledge of my bladder releasing into his lap. Nor do I feel his cock explode one last time into my fertile, dying cunt…


Tia died with my hands wrapped around her neck, pissing into my lap at the very end. There was a gurgle as her body shuddered. But there was nothing left in her eyes. I’d crushed her neck, leaving her limp in my grasp.

On the couch, Mistress and Monique were panting heavily. Both had been serviced again. I saw them allow their sluts to kneel and gasp for breath, each face dripping with fluids. Chastity and my wife both looked worn out as Carmen and Sophia panted quietly.

By now several clients had gathered. They were privileged to watch the ending even though Tia was facing me. Some ended up fucking each other while they watched, which was ok with me.

When it was all over they quietly filed out, no doubt feeling as though they had been privileged to witness a private snuff show up on stage. Nicole seemed to know it was over. She quickly came up on stage with a towel in hand. There were tears in her eyes.

She began to disentangle Tia’s body from mine. “I’ll take care of her for you, sir,” she said quietly. “I’ll also notify Stewart.” I nodded at her as I accepted the towel, using it to dry myself off before putting my clothes back on.

Mistress was enthusiastic as always. “My dear boy, that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever witnessed! She really went all out for you, didn’t she?”

Monique gave me a bit of a dark look. I got the impression she was glad the attendant was dead. Then Mistress rose up with a sigh before looking at her two remaining trophies.

“I’m a little worn out from watching that. But I think we can find something to occupy these two until I get my second wind. Come along, bitches!”

Carmen and Sophia obediently rose to their feet. We all quietly filed out. We left Nicole to deal with Tia, yet another dead female in a steady stream of unlucky, snuffed attendants…

2010; 2020 (written Apr 2 ’10; ed. Feb 28 ‘20 by riwa)

Coming soon - Chapter 6 (It's a long one, ain't it, folks?)


A night to remember 6: Torturing Carmen and Sophia

Chastity was in a generous mood. She had enjoyed snuffing her “winnings” from the card game up on stage earlier. Then she enjoyed watching me snuff Tia the attendant.

I followed her and Monique as they led her last two prizes – Carmen and Sophia – into a sex room. She smiled evilly as she told them, “I think I’ll have you bitches entertain me until I’m ready to snuff you.”

Their wrists were tied together behind their backs. Their ankles were secured with ropes dangling from the ceiling so they could hang suspended. Knees were bent and parted so their cunts were invitingly exposed. Mouths were forced open with ring-gags.

A couple of attendants helped lift both women up into the air by the ropes attached to ankles and secured wrists. The Latina and French girl were fully suspended off the floor. Mouths and pussies dangled at a convenient height.

Chastity, Monique and I took up seats at a small table where drinks were furnished. “Bring in the clients,” Mistress announced with a wave of her hand. “I do hope they don’t mind us watching. The bitches are now available to one and all for no charge. Consider their holes ‘on the house’. I’m in a good mood tonight.”

For the next couple of hours we watched as Carmen and Sophia were fucked in every hole. Males and females came in to enjoy them both. Chastity was gracious to one and all as each client was allowed to make use of her “winnings” from the card game.

She was especially enthusiastic whenever either one was fucked by a female. She especially encouraged those clients to “Go right ahead and fuck ‘em hard, ladies! Make ‘em scream for me. That’s what they’re here for.”

As a submissive, the French slut seemed resigned to her fate, if not actually a little excited about it. She was multi-orgasmic, cumming hard time and time again. She often got off both Chastity and my wife Monique simply by her moans and cries.

On the other hand Carmen was a stubborn, defiant bitch. It was a character trait that worked against her. Once our clients discovered her flaw, they showed no mercy, ruthlessly fucking her again and again. Orgasms were virtually raped out of her body.

Of the two bitches I think Carmen’s performance aroused me more. It brought out Chastity’s cruel side. She encouraged everyone to “Rape that fucking whore! Put the damned bitch in her place!”

I’m not sure if the Latina had much practice being a submissive slut. She was certainly getting an education now. It was arousing as hell.

Halfway through the fucking Mistress suggested I go and relieve myself. She told me to show the stubborn bitch how to take it like her submissive French slut. Naturally I couldn’t resist an offer like that.

I got up to give her a taste of my cock. I raped her cunt hard, pounding her mercilessly. It made her body rock and jerk in her suspension.

Monique decided to come over and join me. She assisted by fucking Sophia with a strap-on. The French submissive was brutally fucked as she was forced to watch me bang her Mistress.


I shifted to Carmen’s ass, fucking her rectum hard. Mistress leaned forward excitedly, urging me to brutalize the bitch. Carmen tried to be defiant, but it was no use.

She cursed me through that ring gag in her mouth. I was oblivious to her cries as I pounded her shit-hole harder. I was delighted when I raped an orgasm right out of her. Her body shuddered violently as she came like a whore.

I finished her off by making her suck my cock clean after leaving a dripping deposit in her anus. She was forced to taste her ass on my still hard dick. I was not merciful as I shoved it deep down her throat.

“Gag the fucking whore, honey!” my wife urged excitedly. She spun Sophia around. Then she fucked the French girl’s mouth as well so that together as husband and wife we pounded both oral cavities.

“Make her choke on it, my dear boy!” Mistress urged me with a cruel laugh. She stood up, came over and tugged violently on Carmen’s tits. The Latina screamed with a mouthful of cock.

“Not so high and mighty now; are we, honey,” Chastity told her, her voice dripping with venom.

After we finished, Monique and I rejoined Mistress. We all went back over to the table for refreshments. Chastity raised her glass in a toast.

“Well done, my pretties” she praised us, eyeing her victims coldly. “Now that’s how you rape a couple of deserving whores, especially one who tries to be such a dominating bitch. Let’s open those holes back up for business, shall we?”

She smiled cruelly as the three of us settled in. More clients came in to partake in the two slut freebies the Club was offering. It amazed me where they kept coming from.

At the end of the second hour I was hard again. Mistress encouraged my wife and I to go ahead and fuck them for round two. By then Carmen was too weak to protest.

She still tried to act a little defiant. This time I fucked her French submissive. I allowed my wife Monique to take on the Latina bitch.

Monique was especially cruel. She fisted Carmen’s cunt while taunting her. She told her to watch me fuck her French bitch and that there wasn’t a damned thing she could do to stop it. Then she shoved a second fist into Carmen’s ass as I raped her blonde submissive.

Sophia experienced my hard cock deep inside her fertile cunt. She was helpless as she watched her poor Mistress get brutally violated. It must have aroused her greatly because she certainly endured one hell of an orgasm.

Her spasming cunt milked me dry. I filled her fuck-hole with my seed. Her continuous banging left copious amounts of cum dripping out of all of her holes.

Carmen finally went off like a rocket, going from one devastating orgasm to the next. It must have been humiliating for her. She howled through her ring gag as Monique fisted her cunt and ass.

I don’t know if it was the fisting or the sight of me abusing her little slut. Maybe it was the humiliation of her situation that ultimately set her off. Her system finally overloaded because she suddenly passed out, hanging limp and lifeless in her suspension.

Chastity stood up and applauded, loving what we’d done to her card game bitches. She instructed her attendants to take them down to her suite. She quietly gave them instructions on how to prepare them. Then the three of us left to do a walk-through of the casino while her orders were being carried out.


We wandered through the casino for several minutes, saying hi to our many clients. Mistress Chastity finally decided it was time for us to attend to her bitches down in her suite. I was curious as to her plans.

I inquired as to what she intended to do with them. “Why I plan on torturing them, my dear boy!” she said with great delight. “Then I intend to snuff them. Does that satisfy your curiosity?”

My wife looked at me if to say “Wasn’t it obvious? Did you really have to ask?”

I could tell by the expression on her face that she was really looking forward to it. I felt properly chastised. “My apologies for being such a dunce.”

“Not at all, my dear boy,” Mistress replied good-naturedly. Then she patted me on the chest. “By all means… DO come and join us. It promises to be quite stimulating, a glorious ending to a wonderful evening.”

“It will certainly be a night to remember,” Monique agreed. She purred happily as she wrapped her arms through mine, allowing me to escort her.

We reached Chastity’s suite and stepped inside. We found Carmen and Sophia bound and ready to play with. The naked Latina dom had her arms roped outward and upward above her to the ceiling, her legs splayed open by a spreader bar.

A rope came down behind her from her neck. Twin threads ran down tightly through her crotch. They went right back up between her breasts to wrap around her throat, threatening to strangle her. She was not gagged and was permitted to observe her bound submissive.

Sophia lay naked on her back. She was strapped onto a body-board on a hydraulic pedestal. A section of floor opened directly below her head, revealing water.

Her arms were secured tightly to her body. But the naked French girl’s legs were spread wide. She stared helplessly up at the ceiling.

She was unable to tip her head back far enough to observe her former Mistress’ plight. She whimpered uncertainly, fearful of the known and the unknown. My cock quickly started to harden again.

Beside both bound females were a couple of small tables on wheels. Each table contained various implements of sadistic cruelty. I anticipated a forthcoming mixture of pain and pleasure.

“So how are my bitches?” Mistress asked with a smile. “Are my cunts ready for some pain? Ready to die for me, my pretties?”

“Go to hell,” Carmen panted. But there was little enthusiasm to her words. Either she was exhausted or she was simply putting on an act.

A thought occurred to me. Was it possible this whole thing had been set up from the very beginning? That seemed unlikely. After all, it could very easily have been Mistress Chastity stuck with that last losing hand instead of Carmen and her submissive.

“I’m going to have the most fun with you,” Chastity purred at her. “We’re going to have a great time together. But not to worry. I’m sure Monique will enjoy torturing your precious little sub.”

“Fuck you!”

“No, honey,” Chastity said as she sauntered over. “I plan on fucking YOU!”


She motioned for Monique to take care of Sophia. Then she instructed me to pull up a chair. “Have a drink, my dear boy. Enjoy the show.”

My wife freed the latches to the table. Then she brutally tilted it downward. Sophia’s head was immediately submerged into the water below. “Bubble for me, bitch!” she demanded.

When no bubbles were forthcoming, she grabbed an erect nipple. Then she gave it a good, hard twist while declaring “I said BUBBLE for me, you fucking whore!”

Sophia screamed a flurry of bubbles. Her body writhed and struggled. Monique slapped her tits hard before pulling on her erect nipples. “You fucking LOVE it; don’t you, whore!”

She laughed cruelly, happily abusing the bubbling blonde. I looked over and saw Mistress pawing the tits of her captor. I noticed a flogger in her free hand.

“You love it; don’t you, honey,” she chuckled mercilessly. “You love watching my dear Monique torture your slutty sub, don’t you?”

“Go to hell!”

“Tell me you don’t love hearing her bubbly screams,” Chastity demanded, pulling on her nipples. “Tell me that doesn’t get you off. Tell me you don’t love the idea of my dear girl drowning your sexy bitch!”

“Damn you!” Carmen panted. But I think Mistress was right. The more abuse Monique heaped upon her sub, the more the Latina panted heavily.

Her eyes were wide despite her distress. It was as though she couldn’t help being affected by what she was witnessing. It wasn’t long until she started to moan.

I heard a sound, followed by Sophia’s screams. Monique was flogging her pussy hard while her head was out of the water. The many tails of the whip stung the poor girl’s crotch.

The board was abruptly tipped downward. The French girl screamed with her head underwater. More bubbles came up as Monique flogged the exposed pussy a couple more times.

Carmen suddenly yelped as she received a similar whipping on her crotch. “Tell me you love it, bitch!” Chastity yelled, cruelly flogging her cunt and ass. “Tell me you fucking LOVE it!”

The Club’s co-owner whipped the mistress while my wife flogged the submissive. Occasionally Monique lifted Sophia’s head up for a breath. Then she would dunk her head again, forcing her to hold her breath while flogging her exposed cunt.

Sophia screamed above and below the water. Bubbles fountained upward with her explosive breaths and painful cries. Chastity and Monique worked in tandem until the room was filled with delicious screams and shrieks.

Carmen shrieked from her pain. But still her eyes remained focused on her sub. “Cum for me, bitch!” Chastity crowed triumphantly. “Listen to your sub’s juicy screams… and then cum for me!”


Mistress whipped her hard until the Latina screamed. She shuddered as an orgasm was literally flogged right out of her. But she wasn’t the only one orgasming.

Sophia screamed a froth of bubbles from her blows. She squirted her orgasm, drenching the flogger in Monique’s hand. That just turned my wife on even more, making her more sadistic as she hit her again and again with the wet tails of the whip.

Sophia was given a break from her dunkings, only to have her tits severely whipped. At the same time I saw Mistress clamp Carmen’s nipples together with a chain. She hung weights from a link between her cleavage to add to her misery, causing her to cry out in pain.

It was arousing as hell. My cock was hard in no time at all. Chastity saw my need and responded accordingly.

“Go on over, my dear boy,” she suggested with a wink while jerking on Carmen’s chain. “Why don’t you rape that ass over there while I rape this one over here?”

Carmen whimpered, her defiance having been beaten out of her. There was this strange look in her eyes. I doubt she would have ever admitted it. But I think she was looking forward to watching me fuck her blonde assistant.

As I walked over, my wife handed me something. “Use this on her cunt when you’re not fucking her, honey.” I looked down at the item and smiled, recognizing it as a taser.

I looked over at Carmen and saw that her eyes were wide, her breathing labored. “Gawd, baby; this is going to be so good!” Mistress purred into her ear.

With my eyes locked onto Carmen’s I pushed the taser against Sophia’s dripping pussy. It was red from her whippings. The taser crackled, causing the blonde to scream in pain as her body writhed uncontrollably.

Monique savagely dunked her, telling me to do it again. Once more I cruelly tasered that exposed pink cunt-flesh. We were rewarded with another bubbly scream.

“You too, bitch,” I heard Chastity tell her captive as Monique brought Sophia back up. A moment later I saw her jam a taser against Carmen’s cunt. I couldn’t help myself as I tasered the French girl’s crotch at the same time.

Both bitches screamed in unison. Mistress got this big smile on her face. “Music to my ears,” she sighed happily.

I pushed my cock against Sophia’s puckered anus. Then I thrust hard into her quivering hole. She let out a cry as I began fucking her ass hard.

Mistress sighed again as she wrapped an arm around her captor. “He’s really raping her ass, isn’t he? Don’t you just love it? You know what it makes ME want to do, don’t you? It makes me want to rape YOUR ass!”

As I pounded Sophia’s rectum, I watched Mistress grab the handle to her flogger. She reached down as though trying to pull the rope open enough to find Carmen’s anus. A moment later she shoved the handle inside.

The Latina cried out, her body jerking. “Don’t you just love it, honey?” Mistress delightedly told her captive. “I just LOVE sodomizing a bitch like you! I’m sure you’ve fucked your slut up her shit-hole many times before. Now it’s my turn to fuck yours.”

As I thrust hard into Sophia I watched Mistress fuck Carmen with the whip handle. But Chastity’s eyes seemed to be upon me more than anything else. I exaggerated my thrusts as she did the same.

Both girls grunted in unison. It’s as though we were fucking them together as one entity. So when I hefted the taser in my hand, Mistress hefted hers while giving me a sly wink.

“I think you’re in for a shock, honey,” Monique giggled at Sophia as she caressed the poor girl’s quivering tits.
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