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A walk down the road...

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It was at the height of the Roman empire. By the side of the road a woman hangs crucified on a cross. Besides the nails through her feet and wrists, she is a bit worse for wear having been abused by the guards prior to being crucified.

c 0082 c.jpg

Still, with her body stretched out on the cross, she makes for an interesting site.

crux 298 b.jpg

I have never seen a woman crucified. Most of the time the Romans just cut their hearts out and let them die quietly. But here she is, displayed in all her glory spread nailed to the cross.

c 0093.jpg

She glares down at me and harshly asks “Hasn’t a man your age seen a naked woman before?”

crux 332.jpg

“Not one nailed to a cross- before now” I reply. “What did you do to piss them off?”


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“I refused the governor’s advancements” the woman groans from the cross.

couple 078.jpg

“Not that it did any good… he still tied me up and raped me” she hisses in anger.

couple 062.jpg

I look up at the woman stretched out on the cross and reckon the governor at least has excellent taste in a woman’s body. I mutter perhaps too loudly “He at least wants the finest…”

She cuts me off. With an angry voice she says “I did not come here to study men’s cocks! I was told Rome had the greatest philosophers. I came to meet them and learn from them!”

Such education of women was rarely afforded to them. Even the well-connected women of prestigious families were taught only things like cooking and satisfying their men though I never had an encounter with such a woman.

I reach for my flask and take a drink. It is a hard liquor with a bit more bite than I like… I’ll get the recipe right soon… it is better than my last batch. I look up at the woman. I have to admit she looks rather tempting stretched naked on the cross. I think ‘She would look better in my bed’ but in truth she is all but dead already. There isn’t a way to take her from the cross and she’d live long enough to sleep with.

She glares down at me and asks “What are you thinking?”

crux 284.jpg

I don’t tell her…


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The silence is disturbed only by the woman gasping for her next breath of air. Changing the subject I ask “How long have you been up there?”

Her face darkened by the lack of blood flow, she says “They did this to me this morning.”

crux 308 - Copy.jpg

“How long does it take… to die?” she asks. It is late in the afternoon. I guess she has been crucified for most of the day.

“I’ve never seen a woman crucified before” I say feigning ignorance. I dare not tell her men have lasted days on the cross before passing on. “So the governor crucified you because you wouldn’t have sex with him?”

“The governor hasn’t the balls to do that. No, he held a trial to determine if I was a subversive to the Roman empire. I was presented naked before the elders wearing only irons around my wrists. The jurors found me guilty and condemned me to death on this cross.”

court 247 D.jpg

“Still without clothes they gave me this cross to carry out of the city and up this hill.”

crux carry 102.jpg

“They only kept the crowd back enough so they couldn’t touch me. Then I got to this hill where they nailed me to the cross.”

c 0060.jpg

“Then they lifted me and the cross up. I don’t really remember anything but the pain I didn’t think I could endure!”

c 0078.jpg

“The next thing I remembered was hanging stretched out on the cross and the crowd jeering at me.”

c 0081.jpg

“I hanged naked from the cross. The spikes held my arms wide and my feet to the post. In addition to all the pain there was- and still isn’t- anyway to hide from their looks or their disgusting shouts.”

c 0093 c.jpg

“I was the center of their attention and there was no escape from their taunts. They kept at it for a while.”

crux 212.jpg

“They eventually left- for lunch I guess- but left me here to wait to die. A few by passers glanced up but it was more curiosity seeing me hanging here. You are the only one who stopped. I don’t suppose you could save me” she says.

“I am no doctor so I couldn’t help you much even if I took you from the cross” I reply.

“Could you kill me, at least” she asks.

“It isn’t good to fuck with the Romans” I sigh…


Assistant executioner
Before her trial and sentence, this girl must have been a free citizen. Given that the various levels of the administration is fundamentally corrupt, it may be possible to find somebody to accept a bribe to free the girl into your custody.


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I have been at the crucifixion site for a while. I can see she is fading into the hands of death. I tell her I have to go even though leaving her will leave her alone on the cross with a couple of fairly drunk guards huddled by their campfire.

barb crux 18.jpg

She looks down at me and says “Will I see you tomorrow?”

crux 171 a.jpg

“Sure” I lie. She doesn’t have a chance of living till tomorrow. I walk away. I never asked her name. If she’s lucky she’ll be buried in an unmarked grave but more likely her body will be used for pig food. Anyway, she’ll be dead before I am up. I wonder what her last hours will be like. I don’t care to imagine.

I am still alive. I am spread naked on the cross for the travelers to take a casual glance at my displayed body. The spikes insure my arms are spread wide and my feet are held to the upright by a third spike.

crux 332.jpg

Evening disappears and the night takes over. I squirm on the cross trying to gasp in a full breath. My chest does not allow for that.

crux 144 c.jpg

I am exhausted. Every joint ached from being stretched out. The moon rises. It is there to mock my final time on the cross.

crux 104 A.jpg

I am so tired. I lay my head down to rest my neck.

crux 290 B.jpg

Sometime in the dark night the woman succumbs to the torments of the cross. As the first lights of morning welcome the coming day, it will dawn without the woman.

crux 373 d.jpg

She has died on the cross…



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