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Abigail Mason

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CG art is originally done by Dazza and Xavrmov with touchups by The Hanging Tree.

Story is by The Hanging Tree.

Abigail Mason is much like many women in their early twenties. She attends the University of the Virgin Martyrs where she is working on her PhD. Abigail (known as “Abby”) passes time in her less exciting classes the way many young women do.

class 027.gif

She has several boyfriends.

cook 061 d.jpg

They are more than willing to help Abby with her severe sexual desires.

bull 006.jpg

But Abby has a darker interest. She loves to see women hanged- by their necks until they are dead!

Abigail got her start when she picked up an old copy of Crux Chronicle. It was an edition dedicated to the hanging of witches and female criminals. All were hanged naked and their strangulations were graphicly photographed. Abby decided she had to see a woman hanged.

Abby was no fool. She put on a comely outfit and drove to nearby big city. She picked up a woman at a gay bar and drove her to her place. The woman was quite inebriated and it wasn’t difficult to get her naked and tie her wrists behind her back. It wasn’t that hard to get a noose around her neck.

hang 082 c.jpg

Once the woman was noosed with her hands tied behind her back she began to show concern over her predicament.

hang 082 e.jpg

Abigail hushed her saying it won’t last long. Then she kicked the stool from beneath the woman’s feet.

hang 082 A.jpg

One thing for sure, it took the woman almost five minutes for her to pass out. Her twitching lasted a couple more before she died. It was a good thing Abby recorded the whole event. It was quite a show!


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Abigail’s interest in watching the video she made of the woman hanged began to fade. How many times could a 10-minute video of a woman being hanged to death be entertaining? A few months later she seduced a woman named Sharon to her house. She forcible tied the woman’s hands behind her back and mounted her on a stool and noosed her.

hang 012 - Copy.jpg

Abby hanged the woman and she lasted almost a quarter hour before the noose choked her to death!

hang 017 - Copy.jpg

Abby co-starred in the video she made of her hanging Sharon. It was a 30-minute video and Sharon put up a vibrant fight for her life all for naught. The noose eventually was victorious!

But Abby’s obsession with watch women hang to death could not be satisfied. She used her charm (and sexuality) to lure Manon and Laetitia to her home. While the trio enjoyed a wholesome threesome Abby spiked Manon’s and Laetitia’s wine with mind-numbing drugs.

les 079.jpg

Needless to say she hanged the women and videoed their twenty minute deaths as they hanged from their nooses.

hang 763.png

Abigail was becoming quite adept at constructing nooses that would make her videos last longer was paying off for Abby but hardly the same could not be said for her victims. They suffered horrible deaths with their hands bound behind their acks as the nooses slowly choked the lives out of them.

Abigail became greedy. She bought a new digital recorder that could store hours of hanged women on its memory card. Then she seduced a woman named Barbara Moore. Barbara held a PhD from the UVM on female criminology and along with her boyfriend Stan Goldman she was working on finding the ‘missing’ women on the suspicion the women had run into foul play.

Barbara went to Abigail’s house needing the wine offered to her by Abby to calm her nerves. She was most cooperative when Abby tied her wrists behind her back. She offered no resistance as Abby perched her on a stool and draped the noose around Barb’s neck. Afterall, Barbara thought Stan Goldman would burst in and save her from being hanged.

Hang 345 a.jpg

But there was no Stan Goldman rushing to save her when Abby kicked the stool from beneath her feet.

hang 481.jpg

Barbara tried to scream for help but the noose pressing against her larynx allowed only squawks escape her mouth. 15 minutes later Barb’s feet were thrashing for footing as Barb began to choke to death.

hang 384.jpg

Still there was no rescue by her boyfriend. At twenty minutes Barbara was literally choking to death as the rope closed around her neck. In her last moments Barbara’s bladder released and her piss streamed down between her dangling feet.

hang 478.jpg

Barb breathed her last and soon passed out and died hanging by her neck.

hang 290.jpg

She did not know Stan had worked the night shift and he slept while Barb was hanged!


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Shortly after Abby hanged Barbara, Goldman found a note written to him by Barbara that she was going to Abby’s house to ‘see is she knew anything’. Goldman got an arrest warrant for Abby and a search warrant for her home. Blue state judges can be very liberal handing out such warrants when a woman is mysteriously missing. He notifies a buddy of his to be there when he brings out the suspect. Good camera time is hard for a cop to get and Goldman can use some.

He busts Abigail at her home. She is splendidly naked and being an ace detective that he is denies her the opportunity to dress before he handcuffs her.

cuffs 067.jpg

He takes her outside and says “You are heading to jail till your trial comes up.”

Smugly she says “You have nothing on me, cop!”

“I’ve got a search warrant for your house. I’ll bet I find something that will put you in the big house!” Goldman growls.

couple 099.png

He hands her over to a uniformed cop who will take her to the station.

cuff 47.jpg

Seems the uniformed cop got the camera time. Not really, the press was more interested in Abby’s nude body. Abby is thrilled to show off to the press.

perp arrest 065.jpg

Abby is brought to the police station where a scrubby looking man asks if she needs a lawyer.

perp arrest 067.jpg

She snaps back “I wouldn’t hire you if you were the last attorney on earth!”

‘Whatever’ thinks Tree.

Abigail is escorted to her cell in the station.

perp arrest 052.jpg

She hopes Goldman does not find the camera and slides…


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As it turns out, Goldman not only found the camera and slides, he viewed the hangings repeatedly (especially Barb’s hanging just to be sure it was Barb that Abby had hanged).

hang 925.jpg

Abigail was tried and convicted of multiple murders. She was sentenced to death ‘in kind’ for her crimes. She did not understand what her sentence meant until the news conference after the trial. That’s when Spike Sharp asked her what she thought of going to the gallows to be hanged.

court 244 c.jpg

At first Abigail did not understand the question until a guard whispered in her hear the that is indeed what she was sentenced to! The image of her being hanged flashed through her head.

hang 136 C.jpg

The thought of her dying strangling from a noose closing around her neck both frightened her and made her crotch very moist!


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Abigail’s automatic appeals of her sentence are rushed through the higher courts. None saw a reason to spare her from the gallows. In fact, the U.S. Supreme court issued a written statement saying only her appeal is denied. Abigail is moved to a cell where she will spend her last week alive before she is hanged.

prison 124.jpg

She is given a medical checkup to insure she is ‘healthy enough’ to be executed.

prison 171.jpg

Then she is taken to her cell where she will wait for her hanging.

prison 223.jpg

She is placed on ‘suicide watch’ to insure she doesn’t kill herself before the state can hang her.

prison 179.jpg

It seems the Crux Chronicle has paid good money to broadcast her hanging.


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Abigail’s last week alive seemed to fly by. She attained her ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ being interviewed by the major (cable) networks.
prison 201.jpg

She was forcibly taken back to her cell where she would wait for her date with the gallows.

prison 217.jpg

As much as being hanged to death frightened Abigail the thought of being hanged by her neck aroused her quite a bit!
prison 190.jpg

Half of the thought she prayed it would be a swift death while the other half hoped she would slowly strangle to death hanging from the noose!


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It is hanging day for Abigail. The executioner has visited the prisoner and determined she is healthy enough to hang to death. He left her in the cell while he went to make on last test of the gallows. Abigail clings to the cell door.

She is already naked. The is the way she will be hanged. There is no reason to give her a prison outfit that she could use to kill herself with or would soil as she is hanged. No need to waste a prisoner’s uniform to kill her in it.

h 1070.jpg

Abigail has less than an hour before she is hanged. It is just passed 11 AM and she will be hanged at noon. She wonders if it will hurt much. She guesses she will find out soon enough.

The executioner returns to Abigail’s cell and orders her to stand back from the door. She does even though he would not tell her his name. When she had asked for it, he coldly told her she would remember it that long anyway. He slides the door open and it. Abigail posed as alluring as she could, secretly hoping they would have sex one last time before she is hanged.

h 1071.jpg

It was not to be. He looked at her like she had already been hanged. Instead he pulled Abigail from her cell and roughly drew her arms behind her.

h 1072.jpg

Next, he crosses her wrists and ties them together behind her back.

h 1073.jpg

Grabbing Abigail with both hand he leans her over the table.

h 1074.jpg

She starts to protest but his erection fills her cunt. With violent thrusts he gives her the fuck she had been hoping for. He grunts “I don’t hang virgins but you don’t feel like one anyway.”

h 1075.jpg

Abigail comes right as he loads her pussy with cum. He tucks his tool away and jerks her upright. She can feel his cum oozing out of her pussy as he escorts her past her empty cell.

h 1076.jpg

She hopes evidence of their sex doesn’t drip down her legs.


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I am led down halls I have never been in before. The halls have terrazzo floors and the walls are neatly covered with glass tiles. They are air-conditioned unlike the cells I have been confined in. My executioner escorting me is wearing fairly warm clothes. While not used to it, I am naked except for the rope binding my wrists behind my back. I am damn chilled in this cool air. My nipples are hard and my tits stand firm in the chilled air.

We get to a door. He presses in a door code and reached for the door’s handle. I wonder where we are heading.

h 1077.jpg

The door swings open and there is an auditorium ahead. There are a few people sitting looking up at a structure- my gallows!

h 1078.jpg

They get up and stare at me and my bare body.

h 1079.jpg

My executioner explains “They are relatives and friends of the women you hanged. They are here to see you hanged.”

A few of they wave to the executioner.

h 1080.jpg

They seem anxious for him to do his job. He leads me to the gallows and hustles me up the stairs.

h 1081.jpg

“Come on, Abigail. We have a schedule to keep” my executioner says.

-Abagail Mason


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Abigail arrives on the gallows’ deck. Although it is constructed of smooth wood beams, it feels coarse under her bare feet.

h 1082.jpg

Without concern for her comfort, the executioner leads Abigail to the noose fashioned from ¾ inch rope.

h 1083.jpg

Abigail can only look at the people who have come to see her hanged.

h 1084.jpg

The executioner steps in front of her holding the noose’s loop before her face. He says “Time to get your noose on, Abigail.”

h 1085.jpg

He slides the noose over her head and tightens the loop around her neck. Sternly he says “You’re almost ready to be hanged.”

h 1086.jpg

He steps behind Abigail and covers her eyes with a leather blindfold.

h 1087.jpg

Abigail protests loudly saying “I don’t need a blindfold! Take it off!”

“You are dressed to be hanged, Abigail” he firmly states.

h 1088.jpg

He circles before her and grabs her face. Smiling he says “It’s not to blindfold you. Its to keep the witnesses from seeing your bloodshot eyes while you choke to death.”

h 1089.jpg

“But the drop will break my neck, won’t it” Abigail asks.

He places his hands on her neck and gently rubs it.

h 1090.jpg

“The chart says you have to drop 8’ 9” to break your neck. The height of the ceiling limits your drop to only six feet. You will choke to death, Abilgail.”


Staff member
“You will choke to death, Abigail.” God, what a thought! I am blindfolded. My wrists are bond behind me and I wear the noose around my neck. I am naked before the people who have come to see me hanged. What else could happen?

My executioner lowers his hands from my neck and places them on my breasts.

h 1091.jpg

I do not protest. If he only knew how close I am to cuming again! I feel his hands slide off my breasts and run down my body.

h 1092.jpg

If he would just touch my pussy! In front of the spectators and cameras I will surely cum! Then he does it! He reaches between my thighs and strokes my wet cunt. He massages it until I shamelessly come. I even groan with pleasure as I orgasm to his touch.

h 1093.jpg

By his voice I can tell he is standing before me. Softly he says “I think you are ready to hang, Abigail.”

h 1094.jpg

My head shakes ‘no’ but my pussy says ‘yes’. He stands behind me and loudly announces “Abigail Mason, you have been sentenced to death by hanging. It is time for your sentence to be served.”

h 1095.jpg

I feel a tremor beneath my feet as he grabs the lever and slowly pulls it!



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h 1099.jpg

The gallows groan when the noose stops Abigail’s fall. Her scream is silenced as the rope hangs Abigail. Her mouth contorts as the noose crushes her throat.

h 1100.jpg

She kicks for a few minutes before the rope closes her throat. Her kicks become frantic before her body relaxes and hangs limp beneath her neck. She appears to have passes away.

h 1101.jpg

The witnesses gather around her limp body. One of the people ask “Is she dead?”

h 1102.jpg

“Let’s find out” the executioner says.

h 1103.jpg

He digs out a stethoscope and presses it against Abigail’s chest between her breasts.

h 1104.jpg

Abigail feels the cold metal but doesn’t move. The executioner notes “There is a faint heartbeat. She’ll be dead before they take her down in a couple hours.”

They step back and look at Abigail’s hanged body.

h 1105.jpg

Abigail hangs motionlessly.

h 1106.jpg

She will be left hanged for two more hours before her body is taken down an buried in an unmarked grave.

bury 020.jpg

Justice has been served.

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