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Carrying the Cross

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Thanks a million! I have been a fan of Dante from the first time I saw his stuff, even though I'm not particularly fond of exaggerated body shapes. However, I like his, I would say, combination of realism and absurdity; and, above all the sweaty bodies and the way he does nipples and feet. I had never seen a crucifixion by him.

Here's another Dante crucifixion for you Cuervo, a bit gory in places



Thanks, classic Dante. I must be going senile, which is not a strange thing at my age. I had completely forgotten about this scene. I have it in my Silvio Dante collection. Thanks not only for sharing these but also for refreshing my tattered memory.


Loosely translated,as Latin,for "Pain in the Arse"...
( I requested it,via an Admin )
My attempt at self-deprecating humour.
Somehow I don't think you get to author new words in Latin... Too bad my former Latin teacher has been gone for years. In the 40 years I was in the schools, I didn't see Latin being taught in any of them...French, Spanish, even Russian...but no Latin any more.
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