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Consensual Or Non-consensual

what do you find sexier when a woman faces her execution?

  • Consensual

  • Non-consensual

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Teller of Tales
Good day.

I'm a scientist. Studying the history of corporal punishment in Russia. The last 35 years. I am interested in cultural studies, the history of everyday life and social relations of Europeans of the 17-19 centuries.

Best regards, DLV.

P.S. European languages with a dictionary. My posts are translated by the program. If you want to ask something - write just.
As a fellow scientist, I highly commend your research on this important topic. Maybe you should apply for a grant to further your studies!!!


A tough choice....
In a fantasy scenario...I'd,go Non-Consensual
In real-life I'd go Consensual.
So,with that in mind,I can't really vote for both.... :(
Non consensual always.
Ancient executions are so much better because the good ones were prolonged and included extra torture. Bullets and even hanging is too quick .
I want to be begging for mercy, fighting each step, crying, and piss myself in fear.
Prolonged suffering in torment and agony. Screaming and thrashing against my bondage, chains rattling and all futile


when a sexy female is executed for her "crimes" what do you find turns you on more. When the woma fights hard against her captures shouting her innocence and screaming in fury as she is strapped/nailed down. Or the woman accepts her fate puts her tits in the vice, her head on the block or lies on her cross willingly? I love them both and they both get me turned on in a different way. Consensual is a deeper turn on very thought provoking and sensual whereas non consensual is more animalistic and about punishment. If pushed I believe I would choose non consensual. She is a victim after all! How about you?
I'll concur with "both are interesting". If I had to pick, I would have her reasonably submissive when being brought to the gallows/block/cruxfields, but resist when it becomes clear there will be no last minute reprieve. Of course, between her restraints, the guards, and a bloodthirsty audience she has almost no chance of actual escape.

That being said, I prefer fantasies which are "non-consensual" in the usual definition of the term, in that the victim has not sought out pain & death. Whether they are guilty or innocent, resisting or passive is not the deciding factor for me. Either can be arousing, depending on the presentation. Therefore, I have no clear preference in answer to your question, so I have not made a choice in the poll.
Yes. another distinction - I can have her resist her fate or accept it, but it's a lot more of a stretch for her to seek it, save out of deep guilt and self-loathing.

Reading about hangings in England, the condemned were always encouraged to accept their fate and go quietly. They were assured of a quick and painless end. Of course in roman or other times, they knew otherwise!
If they had watched hangings themselves, though (and most would have had) they would know that's far from a guarantee.


I like a mixture of the two: but with a little more non-consensual ... under the threat of a more painful execution for example or in return for a sum of money which will be paid to the convicted's family only if she's cooperative during its execution ...
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