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ERIN the Brave

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A real milking parlor, the best I can do is the bedroom, dungeon or the barn.


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Hello (Groeten) Admihoek, I love your Hucow milking parlor set, I just would like a "yes" or "no" as to if you would be okay about using one of them as a GIMP backdrop? I post mainly on here but did also have Deviant Art in mind. Look forward to hearing back from you. Take care and stay safe, Tot ziens Pippa

Pippa Hucow+Lonely Cow Weeps At Dawn-(2003)07-001.jpg
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Oh! melissa what a gem picture, two beautiful babes both loaded with juicy milk in their beautiful breasts enjoying themselves to the full.

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Beth puts her fresh complexion and ample bust down down to a healthy diet. She often enjoys a nice warming glass of fresh witch
milk before retiring for the night. On this evening she'll be taking cow number 28 to bed with her after giving her a good milking
Beth's supper1.jpg


This former woman has been unsuccessful in meeting the slave grade. Although her luscious, fat body would be desirable to many, her blatant uncooperative behavior towards the slave handlers, deemed her not worth the time of training her for the market, and earned her the demotion from slave to cow. Her arms has thus been bound behind her back, as cows are not allowed free use of their arms, and while being transported to her new home she has been gagged for inappropriately talking.
She thought she could escape her captors, but completely naked, her arms bound behind her back, and running on foot, barefooted, she won't go very far.
As she runs, she can't help the bouncing of her fat breasts betraying what her true purpose is. When she is eventually caught, her naked fat body will be severely punished, like all animals.
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