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Electric City Productions

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Extreme Torture Scenes

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Hours of extreme torture scenes available online!
Military Interrogations , Electric Torture , Whipping , Beatings, Burning , Bastinado , Suspension , Feet Torture and much more!

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Emilia Vega, the young rebel student leader of the protest against the dictator in Argentina, is still in the hands of her captors.

After weeks of unimaginable torture, she is still alive and they want to keep her as an example of what's happening to those who are fighting the power.Several videos has been sent to the protersters headquarters and Emilia is the most horrible chapter.
In the fifth horrible footage they spread her arms and legs on the wall. Emilia has bruises all over her tender body and wires attached to her breasts and clips on her genitals.
Also another jumper cable is attached to the chain that secure her wrist.

The interrogator shouts on her: TALK, TALK!
She has still the strength to refuse to talk and her destiny is getting harder and harder.The voltage increases and the poor Emilia screams loudly. In the prison everyone can hear her horrible screams of pain.She passes out and the interrogator wakes her up. He starts to beat her violently on her face and then he decides to take a metal prod attached to a higher voltage device. The pain increases and the poor Emilia can't get anymore...

They don'y care. The torture goes on and on, the walls of the prison are constantly echoing the sounds of her screams of agony. Emilia is a strong teenager rebel girl, but they want to break her resistance at any cost.





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Thank you everyone for downloading our videos, the last Emilia Vega part 5 has been and is still"devoured" by all our followers!! We didn't expect that success!

We have another exciting news cause we are working on a new exclusive video.
The Rape and Torture of Emilia Vega and this time her captors will discover that she is virgin!
The video should be released tomorrow at a very special discount price for all of you and here you can see some preview pictures!

The video's Title will be ( Virgin Tortured and Raped )

Emilia Vega Tortured and Raped (Preview1)

Virgin Tortured and Raped 1.jpg

Preview 2

Virgin Tortured and Raped 2.jpg
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(Virgin Raped and Tortured)

The agony for the poor rebel student Emilia Vega is not finished yet.
This time, after a long Picana session, they will rape her and they will get a surprise.

She is in the hands of the military Junta by months and they are keeping her alive untill they get what they want.
Her tender body is destroyed by the amount of horrible torture that she was subjected to. Electro Torture , Suspension , Whipped , Heavily beaten , punched in face and belly , burned and finally .. horribly raped.

After the picana session the interrogator decided to rape her violently and her pussy will begin to bleed cause the poor rebel student, is still virgin.


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