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Fantasy pictures and stories by Art

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Her dreamed fantasy comes true.

Hermione has the same dream over and over again, since she was twelve years old. In her fantasy, she is tied naked to a cross, all alone in the vault where she used to play with her best friend Timothy in her youth. Now Timothy and Hermione are a couple. They also had their first sex in this vault. In the process, she revealed her secret dream to Timothy.

On her eighteenth birthday, the two went to her favorite place. Timo said he had a present for her there. He acted very mysterious and blindfolded her before the two entering the vault.

When he took off her blindfold in the vault, she could not believe her eyes at first. In the dim light she recognized a mighty wooden cross with thick ropes attached to it.

Timo called out: "Happy birthday, my darling. Now the moment has come when dreams come true."

For her birthday, in addition to the cross, he gave her an almost transparent loincloth and a scarf made of the same material.

She quickly undressed and full of expectation put on the loincloth and let Timo tie her to the cross. Timo took the scarf and hung it over Hermione's arm.

Then he said, "I will leave you alone now for half an hour my beloved. You and the scarf. This scarf shall always remind you of probably the most beautiful time in your life."

Said it and left the vault.


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Good job, the 2 characters are interesting and well "in situation".

Would like to see the female once again -:)
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An excellent interpretation.
I like this page in the forum here. Here I want to publish things that do not fit into my usual scheme, such as the story of Hermione's dream. But also interpretations of drawings, of classics that have been with me for a long time in our particular genre. Thanks for your comment.


Good job, the 2 characters are interesting and well "in situation".

Would like to see the female once again -:)
Unfortunately, I won't be able to fulfill your this wish. As a 3D maker, you have to make a lot of compromises when recreating drawings. This is because artists don't always stick to proportions and perspectives. This is not noticeable in the finished drawings, and without the deviation from perspective rules, these artworks would not look good either.
Well, by now, after long practice as a 3D artist, I can do that too. You can also call it trickery. In the case of the lady's face, I had to make changes that only work from that perspective. The same goes for the thighs. That's why it won't work well and look bad from another perspective.
Thanks for your comment and please don't be mad at me for using the lady only once.


From my white line.

Naomy at the Hansaplatz in Hamburg. HDRI by Greg Zaal.

I like to watch some videos from the show "The Voice" on YouTube from time to time.

There are two main reasons for that. First, I see new characters and their movements. Furthermore I like the show because in the blind auditions always the reactions of the relatives and friends are shown. Of course also the reactions of the talents. This is what I love.

Today I noticed one talent in particular, Naomy. I sat down directly at the PC and tried to recreate her. I especially wanted to show her friendly nature and her naturalness. I think I succeeded very well. But judge for yourself.


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