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I Will Be Dropping Off For A While .................

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I haven't visited CF since 'before C19' -- first too much work, and then the pandemic put me in a decidedly non-crux mood.

However, with time one gets used to everything... okay, with the exception of nails. I hope everyone is doing well, considering the circumstances the planet has found itself in.
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Good to see you Marcius - yes, this is one place that's never closed, only us slavegirls are locked down when we're not being crucified, and face-masks are not required, though ball-gags may be worn. By females, nothing else.


Good to see you back, Marcius. The crosses are six feet apart and the soldiers keep the crowd back, so yes....as for floggings, we've had to do away with the riding crops and go to the bullwhips so the floggers can keep their distance...There is always a price to be paid
That's a very thoughtful and considerate approach... I'm certain cruxettes are made to understand the necessity of bullwhips. :span1:


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Sadly I spoke too soon.... :( :(
He's now deleted his account. :eek: :oops: :BangHead::mad:
Heavens knows why ?!
(perhaps he wasn't comfortable,I dunno...??)

Sorry to see that, there could be many reasons why.
See you James, my best wishes go with you.

It was for reasons outside this group, some people just need a clean break. I've known him from several groups over the years, I was sorry to see him go but it was amicable.
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