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Jenia on photo

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she seems already pregnant, when doing the crucifixation pics. Hot girl!


i like the pain on her face a lot :)
Jenia is to me the most sensitive crucifixion. Because we see her pain, of course, it's the aim ; but at the end, we see her supplications, her tears as she is crying, imploring mercy to leave. Exhaustion and her arms so stretched at some moments, her so pale skin.. But never she spreads her legs, never we see her intimate vulva ! And in the same time, all her crucifixion duration, i see her belly. Just after her child delivery, her belly has the traces of her past pregnancy. A new Pain again, this once on the cross.... Her breast are inflated with milk. And she's on the cross to earn money (maybe few in Eastern countries) to feed her baby : a maternal sacrifice for her family. Through her magnificent crucifixion, Jenia sends us a very strong message about life wich is a permanent struggle, the pain, sacrifice, etc.
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