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Nordic Peril: The Sequel to Gone Missing in Sweden

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As usual, I come up with an alternative ending ::D

“As soon as The Great Leader in Pyongyang was informed that the Syndicate operations in northern Sweden were not going as planned, He decided to take action Himself. With a squad of elite Proletarian Workers and Farmers Stormtroopers, The Great Leader immediately boarded His hypersonic Kimcraft, that brought Him to Sweden in five minutes. Hoovering above the snowy forests around Sollefteå, the pilot warned The Great Leader, that landing could be dangerous, because of the snowstorm. But The Great Leader made a wide wave with His hand. Immediately, the storm obediently created a path of calm for the Kimcraft and windlessness and the snow curtain moved open, to assure optimal visibility for The Great Leader.

Having reached Persson’s house, The Great Leader immediately oversaw the situation, with His all-seeing eyes, that even pierce trough walls. A few snaps of The Great Leader’s hand sent as many lightning bolts to the place, and well-aimed as they were, they killed all males present in or around the house.

The stormtroopers dashed out of the Kimcraft and in no time, they had collected all the five women present : Barb, Gun, Chang, Annika and Marina! Satisfied, The Great Leader disembarked Himself. He announced the women, that they would all have the honour to be His guests in Pyongyang. But first, He would proceed to a little ceremony!

So, soon, Barb, Gun, Chang, Annika and Marina found themselves stark naked and together shackled to the old whipping post. Ready for receiving a flogging.

Behind them stood The Great Leader Himself, ready with an authentic North Korea crafted cat o’nine tails. Soon, the harsh strokes fell on the lady’s backsides. Shackled close to each other, their twisting and swinging bodies rubbed against each other’s. As they squirmed and shrieked under The Great Leader’s well aimed lashes, their cries soon turned into orgasmic screams, once they realized what privilege and honour they had been granted, by being flogged by none less than The Beloved Great Leader Himself!”
Priceless, Lox! Absolutely priceless! ❤️
Skagman, Marina and Chang actually should be secured in a safehouse, until they get a new identity. There is still a mole in SAPO, however, who could compromise the entire operation.
Even Sweden is not safe yet, leave Tokyo!
And curiously, no action is taken against The Syndicate. Can't Hobart G. Moore pop-in into the Oval Office to pull some strings?
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