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Original Manipulations by Cruxforums Members

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Threads on CFs do take on a life of their own, don't they? :)

Fit, Lovely Ladies Crucified was actually set up as a thread to present manips of the images sourced from threads such as the Lovely Ladies Thread and Fitness Girls but (due primarily to a non-specific title) it has more recently become the home of pictures and especially videos from the wider internet.

Which is fine, but I would like a thread which gets back to my original intention of providing a place for photomanipulators who may be inspired by those threads or others on this site to produce images.

So I'll set a few guidelines for this thread, if I may:

  • Original work by CF members only. This thread is not for the reproduction of images found elsewhere on the internet (unless those same CF members have published them on, say Crux Foundation or the now more or less defunct Deviant Art).
  • I'd like to keep it for photomanipulations, please. I love 3D art as much as the next person (though @lbogo will confirm that I, personally, am hopeless at it), but there are plenty of threads for 3D art.
  • Having said that, if artists wish to incorporate elements of 3D art in a photomanipulation then that is absolutely fine! :)
  • Amateur artwork only. No links to paysites or other commercial sites.
Hope that all makes sense!

(The weird date on this post was because I tried to copy posts from FLLC but of course they all appeared before my introduction! :doh: )

I shall start off by copying over posts from FLLC.
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To start us off, this is an old image from 'Fitness Girls':

The siege had been going on for weeks. The people of the city were close to starving.

Princess Marisa was not content to sit back and leave the defence of the city to the men. She led a group of tough soldiers in a brave counterattack.

Brave, but doomed.

Siege Crucifixion.jpg

Now she could only hang on her cross, in screaming agony, and watch her beloved city being destroyed.


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Innah was hundreds of miles from her home, several days ride from the nearest person who cared about her.

She didn't even speak the same language as these accursed Romans who had enslaved her. She still had no idea what she was accused of.

innah waits.jpg

Stretched out, completely nude, her loincloth laying uselessly beneath her, she watched the Romans approach.

When she saw the hammer, she looked away. She wasn't sure what would happen next, but she was pretty sure it wouldn't be nice.


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One of Messaline's deep fantasies:

Paskell, the amazon, too had not the chance to win again the Huns : harshly whipped ,crucified to a tree, the old archer was diverting with her hung body and she only could see the Huns'parade in front of her ...

39 My deep fantasy.jpg


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"I say, Titus, that fellow looks very pleased to see me!"

"I'm sure he is, milady," replied Titus, diplomatically, "Your grace and beauty is famed throughout the empire!"

"Oh you sweet man!" she purred, "you shall get your reward when you come to my bed tonight."

Titus felt his own cock stirring, while at the same time offering a silent prayer to the gods that Lady Felicia's husband remained ignorant of their affair. Everyone was talking about the noblewoman, Babria Moria, who had died naked on a cross in an arena with only a Nubian slave for company. Her lover, Phlebas, had not gone to a cross, although the story was told that he'd yearned for crucifixion as an easier option since his wife had found out about him and Babria....

Felicia's gaze strayed from the phallus to its owner. "Who is he, anyway?" And then to the five young women crucified in various attitudes around him. "What's happening here?"

The crucified were yelling for help and mercy. Felicia looked at one, crucified with her arms over the patibulum, nails through her forearms. She was shrieking for Jesus to save her. "These are Christians, aren't they?"

"Indeed they are, milady. This is their priest. We thought it might be, um, 'entertaining' to crucify him surrounded by the more comely members of his followers. She," he nodded to the girl shrieking for Jesus, "is Simone. That position shows her breasts to considerable advantage, we thought."

"You're an artist, Titus. What about her?" One of the girls had been crucified facing her cross.

"That's Katharina. We had the devil's own job stripping her for her cross. Fought us tooth and nail. Said she didn't want to be naked in front of the priest. So we nailed her facing the wood. Besides," he added, gazing thoughtfully in her direction, "she has a nice ass."

"They are all nailed," she observed, "except her?" The woman nearest the gate had only been tied to her cross.

"Anna," he said. "The priest's wife. We crucified her first. She watched them all being crucified, and now she can watch them all die. She should last at least a week, like that. Opposite her is Poppy. And the last one is Jenia. Lovely isn't she?"

"They all are, and you're a bastard, Titus. And I love you. You've made me hotter than hell! Quick! Get me home to bed!"

Is he pleased to see me.jpg
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