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People from Pompei

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This thread is not related to sex, whether BDSM or not, but I decided to write it down and post it since someone could be interested at least for curiosity.

In a previous thread last summer I talked about a man and a woman, her master and his slavegirl, presumably lovers, dead in Pompei the day of the eruption of mount Vesuvius, the year 79 a:C.

Two REAL people, a couple master-slave who were surely lovers, I mean fallen each other.

Today I found an article about a recent discovery, question of a few days ago, of two bodies dead in the same eruption of 79.

This time they are two man, a middle aged one and a younger, presumably a teen or in his early twenties.

Not lovers in this case, aa far as we can guess, just related by a relation master-slave without evident sexual implication.

The short video below shows what I'm talking about.

The posture is somewhat dramatic.

One of the bodies is wrapped in a garment of wool.

This is a further evidence that the date of the eruption suggested by the scientists up to now (24th august 79) is presumably wrong. and the most probable real date was two months later, the 24th october.

Because in some houses were found jars of autumn fruits, like walnuts ripening in september-october, and tools ready for wine making, so eruption took place after grapes and walnuts were ripe.

Besides that, the man you can see in the video was wearing a wool garment, and you don't wear such a garment the end of august in southern Italy.

The archaeologists say thast the estimated date of death was the 25th october, the second day of the eruption, the day of the pyroclastic surges (first day: rain of pumices, second day: pyroclastic surges that buried everything).

Here is the short movie, a document opening a window in the past.

Here some more photos:


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Here's the story in English, for those who can't read Italian:
Here's some more Pompeii stuff. It turns out a lot of what we thought we knew was guess work and fiction.
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