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Polina's execution (a terrible nightmare)

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A picture story by Esmeralda with text by Heineudo

Esmeralda asked me to write the story for her new picture story. I was happy to do that, because drawing or photo manipulation are not really my strengths and I feel more comfortable writing texts. Her it is:

Polina's execution (a terrible nightmare)

Polina's fiance had betrayed her and wanted to 'dispose of' her. He was an influential man and was able to use bribes to get Polina sentenced to death for a bank robbery in

which she allegedly murdered a bank employee. The poor girl was completely innocent, but she had observed that her fiance himself had shot the man. She had

repeatedly protested her innocence in vain. All the judges and lawyers in the court were paid by her ex-fiance, even her public defender accidentally told her once that he

works full-time in the law firm that represents her ex. She never had a chance to prove her innocence. When Polina was arrested, she asked the officers to be allowed to

put on her comfortable sheer leather shoes, which looked so good on her feet. These shoes were her absolute favorites, because they were very thin and comfortable on

the feet, even though she had a closet with more than 100 shoes.

When she was admitted to prison, the girl was surprised that she was treated in a relatively humane manner; she was even allowed to keep her own clothes, a long skirt

and a T-shirt. However, she was forced to give up her underwear and bra. But she was allowed to keep her shoes and knowing that she looked extremely sexy when she

wore these shoes. She had already received a lot of compliments because these shoes looked really perfect on her feet. However, she had no idea that the court was not

enthusiastic about her appearance. “This rich slut just appears in her normal clothes in court instead of appearing in

court like every normal defendant in prison clothes and with the mandatory cloth shoes. So arrogant, she must not expect any mercy from us. "

The death sentence against Polina was therefore decided before the trial really began. Polina's defense attorney was of no help either, he only asked the court for a mild

and quick execution.

The court decided that Polina should be killed very slowly by Tatar execution specialists. The device of choice for executions in this part of the country was a stake that

looked like an upsidedown Y. The delinquents were attached to it with their legs apart, and their hands could be tied or even nailed above their heads if necessary.

After half a year on death row, Polina was told that she would be led to be executed at sunrise on Saturday morning. On the morning of the last day of her life, she had to

shower again and received a hearty breakfast.

She was then visited by the two chief executioners of the prefecture. At first Polina should be tied up but when one of the two noticed the provocative shoes of her future

victim, which fascinated him, he persuaded the second man Polina to rape first. One of them was particularly interested in feet. “I'm coming, your shoes make me so hot.

Yeah wiggle your toes, straighten them! I love how your toes can be seen through the soft leather, aahh, I'm cumming again. ”'I love it, like your beautiful narrow feet: the

subtly shaped balls of the big toes, the structure of the toes, which are regularly getting smaller, the well-groomed toenails that shine in the soft leather like little round

pieces of money, the edges of the toenails that protrude slightly in the leather ... the toe bones that dance up and down when she moves her toes ... the shoes that feel like

a second skin hugging you tightly and every twitch of your toes betrayed by bumps and folds. Every time my

colleague pokes her into her, she spreads her toes apart like fans and then clasps them together like little fists. The leather of the shoes reveals every detail ... when my

assistant pulls it out again, the toes slowly relax. ‘. She couldn't really defend herself against two strong men and no one in this prison was interested in her cries for help.

The young woman was then injected with a sedative by the prison doctor. She was then forced to drink a quarter liter of vodka. When poor Polina was led to the place of

execution, she was already feeling the effects of the alcohol.

As clothing, she was only allowed light summer trousers and her beloved ultra-thin flat shoes. Upper body free, underwear not permitted, no stockings.

Polina was put on the stake for execution and the executioners, all of whom wore hoods to protect their anonymity. While the feet were tied, the men admired the girl's

feet and soft shoes. At the same time, the victim's hands were handcuffed behind the stake. Two of the executioners decided to 'decorate' their delinquent's shoes with

male semen.

"Stop you perverted pigs, what are you doing, that's disgusting."

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Assistant: "Quiet bitch, this is much better than shoe polish."

She had to understand that her fancy shoes were of no benefit to her and that she might be treated worse because of it.

The shoes were then polished with what was left of Polina's underwear, and her fears came true, her pants were pulled down, and both hangmen raped her.

"No, no, no, you are not allowed to do that, please stop!" During the rape orgy, the executioner, who had already finished mistreating Polina's vagina, began to drive a nail

through the victim's left foot, although he regretted it having to damage the beautiful shoe. "Actually, it is a shame to have to damage these wonderful shoes, they sit on

your feet like a second skin." The next blow drives the nail through the sole of the shoe, a faint "tickling" can be heard, then a dull crack , the nail has hit the ground. Now

he has to hit harder ... faster and faster ... the nail goes deep into the ground. Polina's single screams combine to a piercing moan, she rolls her eyes, sweat covers her whole

face ... She is totally tense. The hangman inside her likes it. Now the assistant grabs a really big nail again. Polina is very dazed ... just moans.

She cries out when the first nail is driven into her left foot. It is a large, very long nail that is usually used for roof trusses and it also penetrates deep into the ground so

that the foot is really anchored in the ground 'I can feel some bones breaking and now resistance, what is it ... Ah the sole of the shoe, another three to four blows and the

shoe is firmly anchored in the ground. She will never be able to take off her shoes again. Interesting how she cramps her feet as soon as the nail starts

to penetrate her foot ‘.

"You can't do that if you're crazy you shouldn't do that, no, ouch, auu ... stop, it hurts so much!"

The hangman who raped Polina thought to himself: 'Interesting every time a hammer blows on her foot, her pussy cramps violently around my cock and then lets go again.

It almost feels as if she wants to milk my cock, that's so cool, hopefully my assistant has several nails with him ‘.

"So done, the left foot is anchored in the ground. I'll hammer the next nail through her big toe, you can clearly see the toenail through the thin leather." the soft leather.

The toenail is literally reflected in the leather like a small coin with a diameter of 2cm. He starts in the middle and strikes. He notices how Polina flinches and screams.

The hangman gives a short moan, because her pussy clenched around his cock like a fist. Then the assistant hits again, a little harder. The metallic click is followed by a soft

crack. He sees through the leather how her toenail splits right in the middle. The edge that the nail presses into the front of the leather is now split in two. Again their

screeches, and the hangman's moans. The next blow with the hammer, Polina screams like a banshee ... he continues hammering, feels the nail cracking the bone. The next

blow is very easy, it penetrates the soft toe meat and hits the sole of the shoe. The other moans louder and louder ... their screams become more and more hectic ...

“No not in the big toe, ouch !! No more nails, please! ”'Interesting idea, my mate will nail her toes and I'll nail her pussy.'

Assistant: “So done, the left foot is nailed, boss can we swap places now? Now it's the other foot's turn. "

"Ouch, this unbearable pain, you pigs, stop it, my toe, my left foot, please don't nail the other foot!"

Executioner: "So, now you can use her pussy, we'll swap places."

“So I nail her right foot now, but very carefully and first through her big toe. Nice and slow with weak blows, then my helper doesn't have to do anything himself while

fucking, with every blow of the hammer her pussy cramps around his cock so much that he doesn't have to move anything anymore, she does all the work unintentionally

so she fucks herself on his penis, so to speak ... Ha ha ... "

"So, now I'm about to fix her foot, but slowly, I'll do it like the ancient Romans and drive the nail through the foot between the second and third bones of the foot."

'Interesting how she cramps her toes in pain, now I've reached the sole of the shoe and I'm through. Oops, I think I've deflowered your right shoe now. ‘

"Aahh, aahh, please stop, this pain,I can't stand it anymore. Ouch, ouch, ouch."

Polina_10.jpeg Polina_11.jpeg Polina_12.jpeg Polina_13.jpeg


"Hurry up, she could lose consciousness in a moment, but she spasms her pussy really hard around my cock, yes, I'm coming, I will cum inside her now." Hangman: 'yes and I

only need a few more blows with him Hammer and she is permanently attached to the floor with her shoes. She will never be able to move from that point again. ‘

Assistant: "I still have a nail left, we will drive it through her hands now." The poor girl had passed out in the meantime. While she was hanging unconscious on the stake,

she suddenly woke up again, but had no chance against the two strong men.

Polina: "Uh h ... uh h ... hrrr ... Ouch ... Ouch." I didn't want my wrists to be nailed down, didn't want me to have to endure even worse pain. The pain got worse moment by

moment. I didn't have a choice, but then it wasn't up to me to change anyway.

"So let's do some archery, I have two bows over there and a big quiver full of arrows."

“No, what are you going to do, not my feet again. No arrows, please don't! "

Assistant: “Let's see if we can completely pierce your foot with an arrow. I'll bet you I'll make it on the first try ”.

Executioner: “Good about a bottle of vodka. Just look how she cramps her toes, it must hurt a lot with the nails in there, but she seems to put it away ”. Both arrows

penetrate the sides of both of the balls of her big toes with great precision, ram straight through the entire foot and shred the soft leather exactly where

her little toes are, as if they penetrated butter. When the second arrow pierces her right foot, her screaming stops abruptly ... Polina rolls her eyes and groans. A gush of

urine flows out of her pussy.

Please give your opinion, should the story go on or not?
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