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Punishment in the gym

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Hi there. Actually this story developed after a conversation with someone from here and recollecting my memories, by putting them over the top, and ar beyond that. But I guess the story will be quite strange, since it originates in the reality. So I will give you the first chapter:

Shortly after his 20th birthday John had to move to a new city. His daddy was employed by the police force of the small mid European state Winterburg in the center of the continent. In that position he changes his working place every five years. That is the reason John had to change his former college class and go to a new school. Winterburg is famous of having a long-standing school system, so Winterburger students do not start before reaching 21. With his 20 year old classmates John agrees that the school should finally end and they wanted to start working or their studies. Unfortunately enough most of them have to serve in the military for 9 months, after the school, which most consider as nearly death sentence. At least he gets new impressions of his new city and learn to socialize with his new classmates. Interestingly his class consisted of 15 girls and 5 boys.

In Winterburg most males start working with the age of 17, with the ending of the obligatory school and the higher schools are mostly populated by females, both as scholars and as teachers. Only two males serve as teacher for his new class, the sport teacher and the mathematics teacher. The other teachers he got are females. His classmates looked rather ordinary, not bad-looking and all quite nice, what you expect in the case of 15 20 year old young females. He remarked a girl called Jessica. She was a sporty young girl, with short blond hair, just like Doris Day in her better days.

'That would be a good match', thought John.

So far he had not much success in finding a girl and that troubled him and even more his father. He had become a quite old boy, who never had a girl friend. Actually being around so many female classmates and even worser female teachers also does not increase his interest in the other gender. Horribly enough, his class teacher, the english and french teacher is an older, he guessed over 40 years old, female with short brown hair. She seem not to have breasts, but he was not able to confirm, because of the ugly clothes she wears, at least today. John immediately thought to see one of the most unattractive females he ever saw.

The first contact didn't went well. He had to present himself in the first french lesson and while after saying his name and going to his hobbies, she looked at him with dangerous blinking eyes and said:

You use the beautiful french language the same way as an SS officer in a cheap war movie, but you do not only sound like one, you also look like one. I am sure for that you will be punished!' With that she continued teaching without further addressing, or even taking a note of him.

'That does not start well', does John think, 'and it is not good for the final year in a school.'

He looks helplessly at Jessica, the admired girl was sitting left to him for help. But she seems to smile, obviously amusing herself about the happening. She is really not the great help he desperately looks for. So the lessons continues endlessly in the eyes of John. Finally the french lesson ended. After that there was a biology lesson, but before John managed to talk to Jessica.

'What kind of punishment do you have in your school, do I have to clean up the cabinets, help the janitor or do some copying out of a book?' he asks her.

She looks at him rather astonished, 'Nothing of these things, you do not know our punishments?'

,Never mind, it will be the same stuff as on every school, I will not have any problem of sitting that punishment out', he replied.

'Some enjoy it', she replies with a astonished look, 'I didn't thoughyou are that kind of boy, well with sitting you might get some problems later.'

'What do you mind with problem with sitting', an astonished John asks, but then the bell shouted and Jessica run into the biology room.
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Promising start..

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The misbehave of John....

The biology lesson was about evolution theory, you guessed. John was annoyed. But also that lesson finally ended and the sport lesson will start after the long break. John went down to the sport facilities in the basement.

The sport facilities were quite impressive. One of the former students made a good living in the computer industry and spent some money to the college. After the stairs you go to the right side to the men's changing rooms on the left side to the female changing rooms. Behind the mens room was a shower and from the shower you enter the gym. The left side had also showers and behind female showers there was a reasonably large swimming pool of 25m. Huge and expensive!

The females could walk behind the showers of the men to the gym and the males could walk behind the females shower to the bathing facilities.

Today the setup was the following: First the males of the class, all five, had their gym whilst the females were swimming. In the second lesson the males were swimming while the females did some volley ball in gym. After the gym of the boys they had to change to their bathing clothes.
Naturally John forgot his swimming trunks and he had to recover them from his cabinet. So he excused himself by the sport teacher, runned with his sport suit to the cabinet in the second floor to pick up his swimm thongs and runned back to the male changing room.

Before entering School he got a note from the sport teacher that for the swimming, they had to come in thongs. It was surprising, but the explanation, that the teacher had to see the muscles to correct errors made perfect sense. So he had to buy a new thong, it was one in beautiful blue.

Obviously in the meantime the others allready went to the swimming pool. John undresses and tries his new thongs.

'That is quite erotic', he thinks, when the thong entered between his ass cheeks. He begins to masturbate, but remembers that he has to head for the swimming pool, so he tries to push back his erection in the thongs. That worked reasonably well.

He went through the door to the shower, on the left side there was a door to enter a corridor he turned left, as it was said to him by his schoolmates. He went through the corridor and oppend a door and saw showers.

'Wrong door', he thougth and found another door while forgetting to close that one. He was relieved when he found that he succeeded to find the swimming pool.

At the border of the pool his four schoolmates were standing, the teacher was also wearing a thong and showing a very well trained backside.

'The females of the class will surely love the sport lessons', was the first thougth of John, but then he remebered that they most probably have a female teacher.

He also noticed, that Pawel, the class speaker was standing nude at the left side of the row of classmates. John must have looked staggered since the teacher explained him:

'We have a tradition here. At the beginning of the lesson we make a short 100m swimming race to warm up, and the winner can be the whole lesson without swimmsuit. That is more convenient and since it is only us five, now six, we do not care.'

'I allways win', said Pawel. He showed a rather impressively sized cut cock and smiled at John, who allready had the intention to be the nude winner next lesson.

'In that case, it was worthless that I went back to get my thong', replied John.

'Yes, true, but I wanted not to tell you everything immediately and you got some additional break, I need you after the lesson for 10 minutes', explained the teacher.

The lesson went on without any flurries. They trained the start, made some diving exercises and at the end, everyone jumped from the 3m diving platform. Pawel changed many times between erect and flacid state and John tried not to see it. 10 Minutes before the end of the lesson, to the surprise of John, the ugly french teacher ender the swimming pool and called for Pawel. He came out of the water stark naked with erection and left with the class teacher the pool area.

That lesson passed very quickly and at the end the teacher said to John: 'John, please stay here you have to do the obligatory test, which your collegues allready did, you must dive 20 m, swimm 100 m in less than 100 seconds and the jump from the diving platform I allready noted.'

The others left for the shower and the teacher and John were alone.

'Okay, I guess also without swimmsuit', said John and removed his thong.

'As you wish', said an annoyed teacher. John did his two assignements and jumped from the diving platform, the teacher did his marks, said bye and went to the teachers facilitiess. The view of teachers backside get John a little aroused, he retook his thongs and headed for the shower. When he passed the wrong door he remarked the door was still open and behind there were people showering. He carefully looked through the slit and saw his classmate Jaqueline, a very large, thin female standing under the shower. Her clit was shaven and she passionately rubbed it. 'This school is better than I thougth', was passing the mind of John and he rubbed his penis through the thong.

'Look the piglet here!', shouted Barbara the friend of Jesica. The two opend the door grapped him professionally by the arms and pull him into the females shower. John tried to stare at the pussy lips of Jaqueline, but Jesica managed to rotate him in a way that he could see nothing.

'I am sorry, but now you passed it', said a disapointed Jesica, 'your punishment is waiting now.'
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The trial

All of the females in the class seem to surround John in the shower. Some were nude some had a shirt but were else bottomless some had their trousers on, but were topless. Barbara managed to get a pair of handcuffs and John was forced to sit at a wall.

'I think the sentence is defined anyway. He opend the door', explained Jaqueline, 'that is punished by one finger!'

'One finger, what does it mean?', asked John, 'and I did not know that!'

'Ignorance does not protect against punishment', states Jaqueline, the class nodes.

'But I believe him', says Jesica, 'and he is a freshman, we just let him go.'

'Oh, I saw how he looked at you, we have a new love pair! How sweet', says eagerly Barbara.

'Naturally, he looks at me. I am the most beautiful girl of the class', explains Jesica.

'That is not judicable', says Jaqueline and looks at John: 'You looked at me, because I am ugly?'

'Nonono, you are beautiful, such a nice pussy and beautiful breast and...', says a thrightend John.

'I am for 2 fingers!' shouts an angry Jesica. 'Who is with me?'

'2 fingers for little piglet', shout the other girls.

'Okay, okay, we will see. Melanie you are dressed, please reach for the class teacher, she is responsible for disciplinary punishments', says Jaqueline and the dressed one of the girl leaves.

'To execution place', says Barbara.

'Stop! First we have to dress him', says Jaqueline.

'Sorry just forgot', says Barbara, 'could you give a hand Jesica?'

Barbara graps the left side of the thong of John, Jesica the right side and they managed to remove Johns thong in a second.

'Are you crazy?', asks John and tries to hide his privates, which is completely impossible since he is handcuffed.

'That one is okay, well equipped is always better', says Jacqueline looking at his dick.

'Pawels little is bigger', assures the still angry Jesica.

'Dick is dick is dick, pussy is all', declamates Barbara and together with Jesica they pull John through the door, into the corridor in the direction of the gym.


The via dolorosa

'Hey wait', shouts John after seeing what the girls plan to do, 'you can not drag me into the gym. I am naked! And in case you didn't notice you are naked to, at least most of you.'

'Stop it, Jesica and Barbara the convicted is loud', orders Jaqueline. Jesica and Barbara let John go and he fell to earth. Jaqueline was standing with spread legs above the head of John and begins to lower her body.
'Will you stop or I will sit on your face', says Jaqueline.

'Please do not', comes a softly sound out of the mouth of John.

'He mocks us', says an angry Jaqueline and sits on the face of John and a second later with a scream she jumps up and run away.

'What happened?', ask a surprised Jesica.

Jaqueline has come down: ,That pig put his tongue way up my asshole! He must be punished with 3 fingers!'

'Forget that', says Jesica, 'why did you do that ?' She asks John.

'It is not only the pussy of Jaqueline, which is marvelous, it is also the asshole! So tasty and so flexible, bring it back to me!' jokes John.

'4 Fingers', claims Jesica.

'He is mocking us', understands Barbara, 'best we give him over to the class teacher.

'A moment I have an idea', says Barbara and goes back to the changing room where she removes the belt from her trousers and
comes back with it. She then whispers in the ear of Jesica, which nodes and walks with a smile towards John.

'Let's see if my little lair is not nicer than Jacquelines', with that she stands over John, opening her ass cheeks and begin to squat.

'Yes', says John and lifts his head with his exceptional long tongue sticking out of his mouth. But before he reached his aim, the belt hit the belly with a cloud whipping sound. John collapses and fell down to the floor again. He tried it five times and then he resigns and Jesica stands up an make two steps to the left.

'Jaquelines is more pretty, anyway', says John.

'Doesn't seem so', explains Jaqueline pointing at a tremendous erection John now shows. She grabs his enlarged member and make two strokes, ,Jesica?'

Jesica also kneels down and makes two strokes, 'Barbara?'

'Okay but now we bring him first into the gym onto the wall bars', says Jaqueline.

So they drag him through the corridor into the gym before the wall bars. In the meantime the females of the class were able to dress themselves except Jaqueline, Jesica which do not get time and are still completely naked.

'Okay, here is the wall bar, so what', asks John.

'You will see', says Barbara, 'look Miriam brought us some ropes.' Indeed Miriam a red haired beauty arrived with many medium sized ropes.


'What you do?', asks John. Nonone answers. Barabara and Jesica bind one end of a rope around the feet of John, while Jaqueline puts the other ends around the top rung of the wall bar. Finished with that other classmates takes the ends. John is pulled over the flor and then up the wall later.

'Aua, that hurts!', he shouts. He end spread eageled with his backside to the wall bar. The girls surround him and Jesica says: 'So you know learn our punishments, you can easy sit that out?

We will see!'

Okay now we have to decide how the story continues. My favorite is a) !

a) Now it is enough, the boys and girls come back to reeason. They let John down and sin g a gospel together, then they drink tea and eat the famous cake of Wintergarten.

b) The heterosexual one: The french teacher comes, flogs John, and after that they have pationately sex.

c) The homosexual one: The two teachers come in, the females of the class run away because of the music of the ghetto blaster (Village people and Queen) of the 2 homosexual males. Then they all fell in love and ride in the pink evening.

e) The bisexual one: The other males and the sport teacher also come in, they are bound to the other wall bars, sucked off together with John. All have sex with each other, notably John, the sport teacher and John, such as Barbara and Melanie.

f) The kinky one: The schoolmates torture John by inserting finger and other stuff in his anus he comes patiently and has sex with the teacher and Jesica.



'Okay, now it is enough', claimed John, 'you had your fun! You have heard what the author said, let me down, we eat some potato cake and sing a gospel!'

'You don't know any gospel', guesses Jaqueline.

'Yes I do!', says John and starts loudly singing 'Oh when the saints, go marching in.'

'That is not a gospel and by the way, who is this author?', asks Jesica.

'The author, that sounds nice, must be a decent guy. I want to fuck him', declares Melanie.

'You can not fuck the author', explains Jaqueline, 'he is not part of the story and by the way he is much to old for nyphomanic 20year old girls.'

'And he has a smaller dick', assures John. 'Look at mine!'

'Your dick does not interest me, it is not you which I want to fuck', explains Melanie.

'The author also looked at girls bathroom by accident, but he did not get caught that is why you are on the cross bar and not him', explains Jaquelin the stupborn John.

'And he did not mock and ridicule females like you, that is why he did not get fingered', adds Barbara.

'Oh yes, he mocked, he once explainend a girl why books are more interesting than girls and even worse it was a book about the american civil war. And he would have starred at the girl if his scrambled brain would have realised what he saw, not hours later', corrects John.

''Yes but he did not stare at the pussy of his classmates while masturbating', defends now Barbara the author.

'He did not see pussys before reaching 40. He is not normal!' means John.

'But you are? You are just a perverse copy of him, he just invented you, you are not better than he is', states Jaqueline.

'Enough of it', says John and tries to bend his body and nearly reached his feet, but before he was able to do it, Barbara and Jesica forced by a sign of Jaqueline him down again and also bend his arms to the lowest rung of the cross bar, so he was finaly exposed to the watching female crowd.

'Hello girls, ah here is my class', says the class teacher by entering the gym. She looks at the nude spread-eageld John, still showing an impressive erection and asks, 'what is going on here?'

'We are singing a gospel.' John is the first to answer.

'I see', says the class teacher, 'and what have you to do with that?'

'I am Jesus!', explains John.

The class teacher nods her head, 'Nice try, but you are hanging upside down, there is no crown of thorns, the shield is missing and the roman soldiers are missing to.'

'And he is naked', adds Melanie.

'No Melanie' explains the disappointed class teacher, 'that is the only thing which is correct, but I guess he was stripped by the girls anyway.'

'Do not listen to that thing there', means Jesica pointing at John, 'he spyed and masturbated looking in our shower room.'

'Oh I see', says the class teacher, 'that give a 1 or even a 2 finger. But he will also get bottled because of his behavior in the french class.'

Jesica turned white, 'no, not bottling! I do not think he will endure that. Remember that Pawel then had to visit the hospital after being bottled.'

'But now he is okay', tells Jaqueline which now dates with Pawel, 'and we bottle now nearly every day.'

'You bottle?', Barbara shakes her head in disbelieve.

'Pawel deserved bottling, he did not do the homework', means the class teacher.

'Okay let's start with it, so we can close the punishment before noon', says the class teacher and the surprised John sees how his class teacher begin to remove her clothes. When nude she turned to him, showing a shaved vagina. It seems that all females here are shaved, notes John and he is positively surprised by the aged but still attractive body of the class teacher. She had small breast which were not shaggy at all and the belly had some wrinkles due to her age. Her pussy was quite similar to one of his younger classmates. That part seems not to age thought John. She was approaching him, inspecting his body so he was able to see her from below. After being confronted with Jaqueline's unused assholes he remarked that his class teacher ones looked different. It seemed as if the sphincter muscle was swollen and leaked out. Meanwhile she was inspecting in details his glans pressing his glans and his scrotum, lifted up his shaft, noting how it jumps back. She the spread his ass cheekslooking intenselyon his asshole.

'You like what you see?', asks she John.

'Mmhm. yes mam', grumbled John.

'Okay, not a SS officer, naturaly. How would I see it when we were 100 years back, Jesica?'

'He is circumsized', answers Jesica.

'Can you nasty ladies, only think on that?', says an angry class teacher, 'I should bottle you for that answer, but John will take the bottle for you. I saw he is quite able to do it. No, he has no tatoo on arm as all SS members would have. You learned in history and how the germans covered it.'

'Oh no! Please do not bottle him, I will take the bottle for him', Jesica is crying in tears, 'please bottle me. And why did you squezed John's nobs, if not looking for the circumsizions?

'That is an old teacher trick, you thought that John's penis had to do with the answer, if I hold it when I ask the question. And you can not bottle yet, John has to be bottled for you, later I will allow you to comfort him.'

'Please, not the bottle that destroys this nice boy', begs Jesica again and cries in pitty for John realising how much she cares about him.

Okay this ends up that chapter. Lots of questions have to be solved in the conclusion. Why is the french teacher nude for the bottling, is Jesica able to comfort John after botteling and is John finally socially accepted by his female classmates? Only thing we know for sure is that Melanie definitively can not fuck with the author and that is actually the only bad thing which speaks against a happy end for all.


'The sentence is 1 finger, 2 finger and 1 bottle as capital punishment of John and Jesica, but only John has to serve the bottling and a double comfort execute by me', tells the class teacher after reconsidering the evidence.

'I state objection against bottle, in the name of my client, Jesica', declare Barbara, which tries to look like Matlock, despite she is completely nude. 'Conditionally, she will take bottle.'

'Okay, case for the jury', says the class teacher, 'anyone against the bottle?'

No one of the class objects, but then Melanie steps out: 'It is now more important that we found this author, so we can fuck him, but me first!'

'That is not possible', explains the class teacher, 'the second point is if the bottle should pass to Jesica, anyone for that sentence?'

'Me', says Barbara and a few other of the classmates agree but it is not enough, most are for giving John over to the bottle.

'Okay then it is set: 1 and 2 finger, and bottling for John, rehabilitation through comfort by me and Jesica, so it is in the name of the school', finishes the class teacher the sentence, 'Melanie please bring the instruments.'

Melanie leavesthe gym and 2 minutes later she comes back with a big box of cocos grease and different half litter bottles of mineral water. The classmates build a line, first the nude Jaqueline, the nude Barbara, the rest of the class and at the end is the also nude Jessica, which tries to hide her tears.

'Just wait, what means 1 and 2 fingers and what is the stuff with the bottle?' asks John which now begins to worry.

'You will see', says Melanie, 'it is your fought, why did you not want to help me finding the author.'

'You, first, Jaqueline', says the class teacher. She puts the ring finger into the box of coconut grease and distribute it over her ring finger. The she approaches John from the left side, looks at his ass cheeks and shoves with one violentpush the ring finger through John's sphincter as deep as it is possible for her.

'Aua, that hurts! Are you crazy?' screams John.

'Next', says the class teacher. Barbara takes her middle finger and with disgust she does the one finger punishment. And so are all classmates doing the punishment, some take the ring other the middle finger. All just made one strike. Melanie naturally takes the thumb and competently she reaches the prostate.John immediately reacts with a hardening of the now semi-erectcock. Jesica sniffs when she sees that. Finally, John alreadysweats and complains permanentlyit is the turn of Jesica.

'Last one', says the class teacher. Jesica takes the ring finger and patientlyfucks John.

'Since I am the last one, I had to open for the second finger', explains she for John.

'Stop that is silly', says John, 'I also want to see the author! I go looking for him with Melanie.'

'Forget it', says Jesica and puts in the second finger.

'Hm', makes John. 'It went easy', says Jesica to their classmates with disappointment.So it is now the rest of the class which conducts the 2 finger punishment. At about half of the class John seem to have enough and closes his eyes as if he sleep. At the end it is Jaqueline again which fucks him multiple time, since she is last.

'Let us see', says the class teacher and spread Johns ass cheeks, 'should be enough, Jesica bring the bottle.'

Jesica takes one of the mineral bottles and she carefully applies the coconut grease around the bottle and steps to John. She now also inspects the now slightly open ass hole and says, 'no not enough for a bottle.'

'Yes it is enough', declares the class teacher, 'put that thing in his hole.'

Jesica puts the bottom of the bottle carefully on John's hole, but it does not enter.

'Harder!', says the class teacher and Jesica pushes more but it does not enter.

'Stop! Wait! That is not a good idea! It already hurts', shouts John.

In that moment Jesica pushes more, convinced the bottle will stay outside, the class teacher observe it, gave a small clap to John's buttock, he relaxes his sphincter, the bottle rushes in, Jesica fell in on her front and John cries loudly.

'All okay with you two', asks the class teacher looking at the red painful distorted face of John and the shockingly looking Jesica.

'Hm, hm why did you have you destroyed my hole Jesica, you could just pretend to push.... ow it hurts', comes out of the mouth of John.

'It was not my fault', assures Jesica.

'Enough, Jesica, please stand up and take the bottle half out', says the class teacher. Jesica stands up pulls on the bottle, John again cries but now she reached the prostate and his is now in fully erected state.

'In again', shouts the class teacher.

'No, it hurts, take it out', shouts John.

Jesica hesitates, but the angry look of the class teacher forces her to shove it in again to the same deep. John screams.

'More', orders the teacher. Jesica obeys and John screams louder.

'Please do not destroy my sphincter muscle, be careful', begs John.

'Please be silent', orders the class teacher and dresses the class. 'Ass we have seen the sphincter muscle is able to adapt quite large objects. Naturally it is not as flexible as females genitalia, where a complete baby comes out. Normally males have a big pleasure, when their hole is opened, since close to the opening is the so called prostate. When later married you have to touch that often with your spouse since it develops cancer...' and so she continues with her teaching. Meanwhile John's head get redder and redder and nearly silently he begs, 'please take it out, please, please.'

Finally the class teacher has finished his lengthy lecture and looks at Jesica.

'Yes?', asks Jesica. 'What yes? You might continue, if you please', orders the class teacher,
'till he come,'

'I will not come, I am in pain', is the nearly silent voice of John to hear. Jesica looks down and she is sure to see some tears running down, respectively up the face of John. However she has no chance and pulls the bottle nearly out of John's ass and shoves it halfway back in. A pitiful scream comes out of the mouth of John.

'Deeper', says the class teacher. She grabs the bottle and pushes it in more, forcefully it goes up and down at an increasing speed. John stops screaming and suddenly he feels again how is dick hardens in painful way and he begins shooting scum first only little and then in four forceful spits. The class teacher throws the bottle away and says: 'Jesica, Barbara and Jaqueline, please take him down.'


Actually bottling is not recommended, but it exists, as you may now, see pic to now, how John will now look....johndes.jpg


Okay, so we come to the conclusion:

After taking him down John lies at the floor of the gym in a fetal position.

'Put him orderly on the back', orders the class teacher.

'Please', says Jesica and earns angry views from the class.

Barbara and Jaqueline put John on his back and hold his arms, so he can not cover his limb and cum covered dick.

'He is of no use for me, like that!', explains the class teacher, 'Jesica bring him back to form, if you please!'

Jesica takes the penis of John in her mouth and desperately sucks him, essentially with no effect.

'No, that is not okay', says the class teacher, 'anyone, Melanie?'

Melanie approaches John, and indeed she is able to make him hard again. Jesica sees it, and starts crying again.

'I think it would be more fun with the author', explains she the class.

'Yes that is okay', says the teacher, 'you know good teaching means, that the teacher also demonstrate some of the exercise. With that, remember she is still naked, she stands with spread legs over John facing the class, or the female part of it, she lowers her-elf on the now again hard dick of John.

'What the heck? What crazy things go on here?' asks John when he realizes what is going to happen.

'Okay, I show you first again vaginal intercourse', with that she sits on the pelvis of John, while his erection impales her vagina. 'Any questions?'

'No, we already know that', replies Melanie, while Jesica sniffs again and seems more and more desperate.

'Okay', says the teacher and stands up again. The dick of John slips out, John looks disappointed and Jesica continues the crying.

'We continue with the anal intercourse', explains the class teacher. 'What do we have to consider in anal intercourse, Jaqueline?'

Jaqueline tries to express their disgust with her eyebrows, 'well, hm, lubrication and dilatation before and active relaxation like if you poop.'

'Yes, that is correct. Did you ever had anal intercourse, Jaqueline?' states the class teacher.

'Yes', says Jaqueline.

'Melanie?' , 'Yes, but I would like to have with the author to!'

'Jesica?', 'No', cries Jesica, 'don't like it...' John looks surprised at Jesica.

'Okay, let us go at it', means the class teacher.

'First, you need some lubrication', is the first instruction the class teacher turn her back to Barbara. Barbara uses the box of the lubricant, which was used for the bottle of John, spreads the ass cheeks of her teacher and smears carefully some grease around the asshole of her.

'One also needs some in the inner part', says the class teacher again exposing her ass to Barbara. Barbara sniffs and and put two finger in the asshole of her and distributes some grease inside.

'Secondly we need some dilatation', explains the class teacher, 'fortunately enough I did that half an hour ago with your classmate Pawel exactly that.' John get big eyes and looked at his teacher in a troubled way.

'The third thing is to press the sphincter muscle, that is easy', says the teacher and already she sits on the cock. John feels a burning on his glades as he is forced to enter her. It slips in and out.

'Oops', says the class teacher, grasp his dick, press his balls, out a finger in his now very loos ass and put it in again. Forcefully she goes up and down and finally he fills her up with his cum.

'Ok, that was it, need a shower', says the class teacher, 'the lesson ends.' She picks up her clothes and goes stark nude as she is back to the shower together with the rest of the class. 'Please look for, John, Jesica, he does not look good.'

Jesica wishes away her tears and looks at John. She find that he looks very good, but seems to have problems. He lies sideways holding his knees and breaths heavily.

'Are you okay?', asks Jesica petting his face.

'Donotknow, my ass hurts extremly, couldyounlok?', ask John nearly ununderstandable.

Jesica spreads his ass cheeks, she sees some redish backside, his asshole loks not like she is used to see. It is longer in length and on the side there is small red wall around it. Actually it looks more like a pussy, she thinks.

'It looks all quite normal, looks like mine, and of all other people', she assures him.

'Hm, thatngoodeynthink, couldnyougetcloser?', he asks her.

She gets closer to his face, he catches her and gives her a passionate kiss. Quite surprised she does not resist, she is also quite tired, because of the disappointing events. So they continue kissing for about ten minutes, while she lies naked on him and it comes as it has to come, suddenly his dick get errect and finds its way into Jesica.

'No', Jesica says.

'Should I grap for the bottle?', asks John.

'Well then bette like this', says Jesica and they fuck each other till climax. Two minutes later they stand up and go hand in hand to the shower, even not noticing the boys of the class who have observed them.

'Isn't love not a beautiful thing?', asks one of them his classmates, 'and not anyone is close to the class teacher, such as you Pavel!'

'Shut up', answers Pawel.

Well so this horrible Moritat (that is the german word for a crime story with some singing) ends with a happy end, better than a story of Rosamund Pilcher only some loose ends will be flying around: When will the class teacher finally stop her horrible teaching, will John's asshole ever come back to the normal form or will it be destroyed forever also by continued bottling by the class teacher or Jesica, and will Melanie and the author finally find a way together? No one knows, and actually no one wants to know.

I will try to find a pic, of a nude person similar to the class teacher I imagine, it is hard to describe.


Was easier than I thought! The interabyss, has to many ugly nude females, actually I imagined her with round boobs, but that one is fine to...... So see the class teacherclassteach.jpg
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