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The Caning of Wen Cuiping (From A Medical Officer's Account)

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The Caning of Wen Cuiping (From A Medical Officer's Account)
Dr. Nathan, a prison medical officer who was assigned to provide medical checks for Wen Cuiping at the time of her flogging, and he recounted the whole process of Wen's flogging:

I was assigned to be in charge of the medical fitness of the female inmates who were being whipped in room 102, I had to measure their blood pressure, heart rates and other basic physiological indices before the whipping, and to assess the degree of injuries after the whipping. The main purpose was to avoid accidents where the prisoner was flogged to death, and to provide proper and timely treatment for the injuries after the execution. I took the medical equipment and my assistant to Room 102, a room of no more than 60 square metres that was closed on all sides and surrounded by soundproof walls. In the middle of the room was a flogging rack covered with a black fur-like cloth, with buckled hand and foot straps at each end and wide leather straps hanging from the middle, which were used to immobilize the arms, legs and waist of the prisoner to prevent her from struggling and worsening her wounds. On the sides were cushions to raise the prisoner's buttocks to facilitate concentrated flogging, as the whipping must be confined to her buttocks and the rule was that each stroke must hit her buttocks without deviating from it. To the right of the rack was a row of neatly hung rigid rattan canes of different models, all of which were made of carefully selected and specially processed materials and were extremely hard and resilient, making them painful like 'knives on the flesh' and very powerful.

The female warden in charge of today's whipping, Anna, has been in her job as a warden for five or six years. I heard that she has an extremely strong desire to torture, and all the female prisoners who were tortured under her were beaten to death and badly injured. Today she is wearing a grey uniform and black leather gloves and is taking down a medium-sized rattan cane and soaking it in a bucket of water to prevent it from being suspended too long and losing its weight. The chief torturer and the recorder were already seated at the desk at the bottom of the rack, facing the door, and I reported to them and sat down at my desk on the left side of the rack.

At exactly 3 p.m., the female prisoner was brought in by two policewomen, struggling and almost dragged to the punishment room – a terrible place that no one wanted to be. It was a very sexy and beautiful woman, with shoulder-length perm hair, a very fair and pretty face, a pair of enchanting eyes, and a sky-blue, tight-fitting dress. She wore a sky-blue tight-fitting suit skirt. Her slim waist, round, plump buttocks and thighs were wrapped tightly in a sky-blue skirt. Handcuffed, she cried out and struggled to no avail as two policewomen pulled her to the edge of the table, unlocked the handcuffs, pulled her to the rack, buckled her arms into the front straps with their strong hands, tied her legs into the lower straps, and anchored her slim waist in the middle of the rack with a wide belt, so that she could not move.

With this done, the chief torturer began to announce the execution. She was sentenced to ten strokes of the rattan and six months' imprisonment for her involvement in drug trafficking in [removed]. I was surprised to learn that this might be the first time an exceptional female offender had been sentenced to flogging in the new prison since the new sentence was imposed on female offenders in 2020.

At this point, the chief magistrate told Anna and me to get ready, and my assistant and I took her blood pressure and heart rate, which were normal, except for a slightly faster heart rate due to fear. She was crying and struggling, but we could not understand her language, and she seemed to be begging. Anna ignored her and unzipped Wen's lower skirt, pulling down Wen Cuiping's tight skirt and the white cotton panties. Wen's plump buttocks were completely naked, a very sexy buttock, round and fair, without any extra fat, which made my heart ache. I couldn't help but turn my attention back to her seductive ass, and suddenly saw that her panties were already moist and wet, and she had obviously urinated in fear.

Anna lifted the cushion beside her and placed it underneath Wen's bare belly, the position made her buttocks more prominent, round and fleshy, and her struggling hips, with the deep pink slit of flesh and pubic hair between her buttocks. Anna seemed to be in the mood, too, the rattan, positioned about half a meter above Wen's buttocks, was positioned at the right spot, and then whipped down, whistling with the wind, on Wen's buttocks, the plump flesh of her buttocks trembled violently, and Wen had a painful spasm all over, the rattan almost sinking into the flesh. Her cheeks tilted upward in agony, her pretty face twisted by the pain.

I knew it was an unbearable pain like a knife, though I had never tried it before. Anna was relentless, she gave a second flogging in the same manner, and this time Wen screamed out in complete agony, a new bruise on her buttock just beneath the previous one, the blooming flesh oozing blood again.

Anna then proceeded with five strokes of the cane, but Wen stopped moaning and fainted. Her blood pressure was very low and her heart rate was very weak, so if she continued to be flogged, I feared that it would be dangerous. I suggested that the sentence of whipping be suspended. The chief sentencing officer listened to my suggestion and announced that She's sentence of five strokes of the whip would be suspended until the following morning. In view of Wen's injuries, I asked my assistant to inject a cardiac stimulant into the outside of her fleshy buttocks. Since the prisoner could not be cared for while the whipping was in progress, she had to be taken - or rather carried - back to her cell. After the torturer had untied her, I wiped the wound with cotton wool, and every time she moved, she shivered, as it was obvious that she was badly injured. To prevent wound infection, before she was taken away, she was given a pair of loose sanitary trousers with a disinfected, non-staining cotton wool lining, which was not a trivial matter and would have completely rotted her bottom. I suggested giving Wen Cuiping an intravenous dose of glucose to keep her going.

The morning after, we were all ready. Wen was carried into the torture room with her hair in disarray, her face as pale as a wax figure, her eyes red and swollen, and she was too weak to cry out. She was only moaning faintly. It was obvious that her wounds were in severe pain. The police put her on the rack and used a belt to hold her in place, but if they didn't use the thick belt to restrain her, I was afraid she would fall off. Her trousers were oozing blood. When the torturer gave the order, Anna took the cane out of the bucket and came over to Wen, placing it under her abdomen and moving it in such a way that made her cry from the pain. Anna roughly pulled off Wen's trousers, and saw that Wen's buttocks were clearly visible, with five purple welts from the previous day's whipping, arching over a finger's height, the flesh and blood drying together at the openings, and her whole bottom completely red and swollen. Wen definitely did not want to be whipped again, but the law was merciless, and the whipping was cruel.

Anna's cane came down again, and under the blow, the old whip marks immediately opened up, blood oozed out and splattered, at the same time a new blood mark was deeply imprinted on the female prisoner's poor buttocks, Wen let out an indescribable scream and trembled in pain. "SIX" "SEVEN" "EIGHT", Anna's cane came down one after another, and Wen's ass was completely blossomed, with blood running down the sides of her buttocks. "NINE" "TEN". I reckon the female prisoner had passed out by the ninth stroke. The whipping was finally complete. When I came to examine Wen, I couldn't bear to look at the sexy, attractive, round, plump buttocks, now a bloody mess of flesh. When I was finished, the assistant could barely find a piece of gluteal muscle to inject her with a cardiac stimulant. Anna nodded professionally as she admired the work of flesh that had been blossomed under her hands.

Wen Cuiping was taken back to the treatment room on a stretcher. I gave her a whiplash injury assessment:

The epidermal and subcutaneous tissues of the buttocks were highly whiplashed, and the gluteal muscles were severely caned. Wen was lying in a blanket supported by an iron frame, moaning in pain. Based on the condition of her injuries, I concluded that she had to lie on the bed with her buttocks up for two weeks before she could move.

This was what I witnessed of a caned foreign, sexy, beautiful woman.

Original Title: 温翠萍受鞭刑(狱医的口述)
Source: Unidentified


This story from a doctor's viewpoint reminded me of a French flagellation novel, "Corrections féminines. Souvenirs d'un médecin français. La Flagellation des esclaves aux États-Unis" by Jean de Virgans (1908), which I have mentioned earlier.
This novel is told on behalf of a French doctor who comes from France to the United States in 1848 at the invitation of the owner of a house of punishment for female slaves in South Carolina. This doctor, Henri Barois, becomes an admirer of female flogging, this process fascinates him. However, in the end, realizing that he has gone the wrong way, Barois rescues a white slavegirl, an abolitionist from the North, who becomes his wife. Of course, the punishments described by the doctor's eyes were very severe and prolonged, but not too damaging, in accordance with the rules of Mr. Burton, the owner of this institution.

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