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The New Is A Well-forgotten Old.

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Starting from October 12, we will start publishing some sets from closed site Crucified Women.
Photo to attract attention. Famous model Krista:

Thanks IM. Rest assured, Krista has never been forgotten!

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Excellent news ImageMaker:clapping:
I never visited Crucified Women, but if this is what they had, I wish I did.

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Like a scene from a young woman's nightmare--or, perhaps, a devoutly wished for fantasy--bound to a tree in the woods, as though crucified to a stake, naked and terrified, and utterly alone!

Or is she? It's been hours since, since . . . she was taken. She remembers little. Just blind fear and darkness, and rough hands all over her body. Then to feel the cool air against her skin as she was stripped and stretched out against this tree. Her back is raw from rubbing against the rough bark and her muscles are bunched in spasms of agony from being forced to maintain this unnatural position for hours.

Now, every forest sound is a possible danger approaching, whether it means of the four-legged or two-legged variety. Which is the most dangerous? Well, the two-legged variety put her here, and this is Arkansas. So, lady beware!

What's that? She hears a twig snap. Her head swivels around to the sound. First she hears footsteps, then nothing.

"Who's there?" She screams. But she's too scared to know. If it was someone willing to help her wouldn't they already have made themselves known and begun untying her.

No, this is something else. Man or animal? She's a city girl and these are the deeps woods of Arkansas. More rustling footsteps, directly behind her. She cannot turn her head enough to see.

Breathing heavily, tears begin welling up in her eyes. Her bladder is suddenly full. She shudders as an icy-cold fear spreads through her. The day has been overcast and cool. Goosebumps cover her skin and her nipples stiffen. She clenches her thighs together as she becomes all the more aware of her nakedness. She doesn't struggle, just listens, terrified of what might be behind her. Someone, or something is there! But she cannot see.

"Oh, please, help me!" She sobs, in utter, trembling terror, as tears flow down her cheeks and warm piss trickles down between her legs. "Oh please!"

Another snap with the soft sounds of quick footsteps approaching. And then--suddenly . . . !:eek::eek::eek:
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