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Tortured Women

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I love the cruelty: Sticks in the tits, fire at the sex- and the wonderful mean idea with the fire-ants in and on her pussy. Will they ‚only‘ apply their acid or do they bite as well? I hope, the stick is hollow and will guide the ants inside.
I admire, when people treasure, what nature offers.


Love the last pic! A female torturer and a female victim. The prisoner has such an erotic facial expression, rather coy but not fearful. She seems to almost be daring the henchwoman to brand those arrogant nipples.
Or she's trying some reverse psychology on her torturer.... which generally doesn't work out very well.

Thomas Chaser

So, I had a third installment in the saga ready to go, but Anastasia (the victim) was not available for filming. So, I gave the studio two options. Due to time differences, there's a delay in communications, and they should be filming it as I write this. When I know which option they took, I'll let the board know. Meanwhile, here's a teaser of my favorite scene with Anastasia getting an involuntary physical exam. I made this from raw footage, so the commercial version may be different.

Did I not follow up on this? The third installment has been filmed and uploaded to the Cruel World site. http://deadsexyclips.com/0001134/preparing for surgery 3 full hd-p-961.html

I cast CRY, a veteran performer in the CW stable, as the victim in this one and she really came through with an excellent performance. She inserted nuances that I hadn't imagined, such as her tongue coming out during intense electrocution. Small details can really make a movie much better, and she really did a good job with the role.

Here's a one-minute teaser I put together from raw footage. The commercial version may be different. If it is, then consider this to be bonus footage.

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